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  1. Pischina

    Carnival Pride Water Slide

    Yes, the water slide is fun fun fun!!! And there were more adults than kids in line when I was there!
  2. Pischina

    Been too tired for an excursion??

    We did them in Puerto Vallarta, and it did not feel at all like a roller coaster. There is very little incline (or decline, whatever), just enough to make you fly like the wind. I had not anticipated being so scared, and I am not afraid of heights. I could not figure out why I was so scared and no one else was! But I think the position we had to be in was a little awkward for me - right hand holding the holster in front of me, left hand above and behind my head for breaking. Somehow this made me feel incredibly off balance. And it was a lot faster than I had expected - but there was definitely no "falling" feel like in a roller coaster.
  3. Pischina

    Been too tired for an excursion??

    On my August cruise to the Mexican Riviera we really booked up on excursions: Day one: Zip Lines, and horseback riding Day two: Beach day (but no resting on the beach for us!): jet skis, boogie boarding, parasailing Day three: Dolphin swim, and Snuba diving I can say we slept very soundly the day of the zip lines, but otherwise it was fine. I'm 40 and though I used to be in shape and run road races, now I only sit at a desk for 18 hours a day since going back to school four years ago, so I am in no way in shape! I was excited about the zip lines, but ended up being scared out of my mind when it came down to it. I was on the point of hysteria to tell you the truth, but I saw no other way than to keep going until it was over. However, everyone else in our group, from age 10 - 45 or 50, they all loved it. I am sure I am one of the small percentage of people who just can't take it, everyone else had a great time. If you think you want to do it, I say give it a try!
  4. Pischina

    Alcohol really in drinks???

    Yup! When we first boarded in January we loved the DOD so much we had two each during lunch... and ended up having to take a nap before sailaway! Hubby refused to drink any more DODs after that - we stuck to Bloody Marys, which were also very good but smaller :D . Seriously though, I would say generally the DODs are very full of alcohol, but sometimes the bar drinks are not - I never had a drink at the bar that I was disappointed with though.
  5. Pischina

    Alcohol really in drinks???

    There is Definitely alcohol in those drinks! You will not be disappointed!:D
  6. Pischina

    Travelers Checks

    I do it the same way as Dolphin Lover. My bank gives them to me for free and since I prefer to pay cash in port I just get TC's in $100 denominations and cash some the night before port. That way I have a very small stack of money going through airport and hanging out in the safe, and I can get all the $1's I want to take into port. And no fees like the ATM and credit cards charge you.
  7. Pischina

    Carnival dinner "Showtime"

    In our case, for the Pride we had early seating and for the Spirit we had late seating - and we were never late and usually the first ones at our table. On the Spirit it wasn't the timing of it that was annoying, it was the volume level of the maitre'd's announcements - and they went on and on and on. It was cranked up to the highest level, startling everyone and interrupting all conversation as you could not hear anything over him. We also had two nights when a crewmember sang a song. I much preferred the dancing waiters.
  8. Pischina

    Carnival dinner "Showtime"

    We had it every night on our Pride cruise last August. It was always during dessert and we really loved it. My daughter loved dancing with our waiters. But in January on the Spirit it was REALLY LOUD:eek: and we were almost always still eating our main course. Also, the speeches by the Maitre'd were ridiculously loud and annoying. There was a man at our table who had a hearing aid, every time the maitre'd or the music would BLARE up he would jump a foot - along with the rest of us, but he looked like it caused him pain. We did like "Would you be my girl..." because how can you not? and I liked the last night's song. But otherwise it was bad. So I'm just saying, sometimes it is different on different ships. We totally loved it on the Pride, but it was a whole different experience on the Spirit.
  9. Pischina

    Cruise DVD

    I believe the actual cruise DVD is around $40 (someone correct me if I'm wrong) and there are port/excursion DVDs for $25 or $20 preordered. They will play the DVDs on your cabin television over and over so you will know if the DVD is something you want to buy or not. We usually read and relax more than we participate in activities so I have never bought the cruise DVD, but I will buy a port DVD if it shows an excursion we did, or if it shows interesting things about the port that I would like to remember or share with others. Or as another example, in Ixtapa we did the dolphin swim and there was a video from the dolphin center we could buy for $70... but the cruise cameraman was there so I bought the port DVD instead for $20.
  10. I believe I saw a booth that did that for 22 cents per picture. This was on the Pride and the Spirit.
  11. Pischina

    Dolphin Swim in Zihuatanejo

    Good, you will have fun! My photos from the Ixtapa dolphin swim are up now if you clink on my link to Webshots you'll see some of what we did.
  12. They probably made a good choice. Our guide said there was 100% employment in Manzanillo because of the port - I don't know if he was correct but it sure did look like a lot of work! Many people say that Manzanillo is an "ugly" place... I wouldn't exactly say ugly, it's just very industrial where the ship docks. But you only have to travel a mile or so down the road before you see all the beauty. I would definitely love to go back to Comala one day.
  13. Okay, I finished the photo album for Comala. Click the link in my signature and then find the album for Comala. It is filled with pictures from the "Magic Pueblos" tour - I took a picture of everything I saw!
  14. I don't remember what time we left, but I believe we returned at 3pm. There is not a lot to do right in Manzanillo, you would have to take a bus into downtown which I hear is small. We were tired and went right back to the ship. You do spend some time in Comala though, which is a beautiful little town with a big church and some nice inexpensive stores. I was very happy just spending time there and don't think we missed out on anything in Manzanillo. I still haven't uploaded my pictures from this part of the trip yet because I took so many, but I'll get to work on those right now. Check my link below tomorrow morning and hopefully you'll see an album for Comala then!
  15. Pischina

    Half Day in San Diego-What to do with luggage?

    Luggage Express is available in San Diego, we just used it when we got off the Spirit a couple weeks ago. Not all airlines use it though (Delta and American do), and I think there may be a problem if your flight leaves very late. Our flight was at 3:20pm though and everything went fine. We walked off with our backpacks, had breakfast across the street and took a taxi to spend the day in Old Town. It was a very nice, relaxing day instead of camping out at the airport all morning/afternoon.