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  1. There are 7 ships in Christmas Day so I imagine most things will be open and might close in the evening?
  2. Thanks in advance for any help. Can you tell me if they still have a light breakfast available each morning in the Ocean Plaza area? Also do they still do the Salad bar in the Ocean Plaza area for Lunch? Which Dining room is anytime dining? Many Thanks
  3. Is there a way of asking for a Virgin Miami Vice and and then a shot of the Liquor you want to add to it?? Maybe thats the solution? because you can have as many unalcholic drinks as you like and the shot would be one booze drink, add to mixture and your done!
  4. I get all the opinions, we love the havana area, no kids under 12 allowed during the day, our own bar is better than 5 rows deep trying to get a drink or a waitress. We have a group of 30+ going all with havana rooms its going to be our party that week! We book the Havana interior (they have interiors, balonies and cabanas and our group has a mixture of all). its so nice not to have to fight over lounge chairs or wonder off to have lunch and we can come back to our area. We dont always book Havana but if its available we will.
  5. we picked the Marriott Courtyard in Miramar district, it was cheaper and central enough can uber $4 to old San juan, has a small pool etc
  6. Go Havana everytime, so nice having that pool space for not so many people plus it has its own bar too.
  7. I have stayed in an Havana Interior on the 7th deck, it was wonderful, the semi private use of the Havana pool during each day is totally worth the extra cost! We used to book balconies but since the havana we have done interiors except Alaska and find them great we sleep better. If you have a chance take it! the vista isnt my favorite ship but that is my favorite area of the Vista wish it was on every ship.
  8. We are sailing in May for 7 nights from San Juan and want to know which nights are cruise Elegant and also which dining room is Your Time Dining? Thank you in advance.
  9. Thank you all for your responses and I am meeting soon with my fellow passengers to discuss our plans so far in the running San Juan - 2 days Forts, Old town, rain forest, bio luminescent kayak tour St Thomas either catamaran over to st John or taxi to Magens bay for the day St Maarten island tour and beach break to Orient Beach or taxi to Maho beach to see the planes? St Kitts Cockleshell beach day taxi to and from or Carambola South Friars bay beach or Shipwreck beach, taking in the atlantic/caribbean sea St Lucia - defintely a cruise tour due to some troubles over there. Pitons catamaran cruise tour Barbados - Boatyard or Rockley Beach San Juan - dock at 7am and flight is at 4:45pm trying to decide what to do? when is the latest you can get off? We go on lots of cruises but I wanted to make this one about beaches because I heard they are beautiful in all these islands, this is first of three cruises this year and our 13th cruise overall. Thank you so much for your input.
  10. is it possible to go in cab to Maho beach and see the airplanes and then get over to Orient beach to spend the day at how far apart are they? what approx is the cab fares from place to place and back to port (carnival fascination). Thank you in advance for any information. 😊
  11. Hi Everyone, Looking for those that have done this cruise its the 7 day from San Juan on Carnival Fascination. we are going in May and its port intensive! San Juan Puerto Rico St Thomas (do we stay here or go to St John?) St Maarten St Kitts St Lucia Barbados Looking for beach days and not to complicated we would like to relax but also take in some of each island we need to know the must sees and the blah its ok to miss. We don't necessarily want to do excursions every day, some days take a cab to a beach/town? we snorkel but are not zipliners or hikers etc, we do like seeing animals and stuff like that we are in our mid 50's. Thank you in advance for any replies.
  12. I just booked the Carnival Dream for a Christmas cruise out of Galveston 2019, I have never cruised Christmas is it good? we just thought of getting away from it all, me and the hub. I have also never cruised on the Dream so what can you tell me about her and should I have picked the 7 day vista instead of the 5 day Dream? is the Dream even based in Galveston all the reviews are New Orleans?
  13. Does anyone know a reasonable way to get to Timothy Hill to see the scenic views? Anyone know how long its takes to get from the Cruise port and back in a cab and the costs? Is it possible to do this and still do a beach somewhere on the way back to the ship? Thank you in advance for any information you may have.
  14. Thank you very much, I just wanted to add a new cruise booked this week. Woohoo!
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