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  1. We have done at least 20+ cruises. Our favorite vacation. But it looks like it has come to an end. With all the requirements now, especially being vaccinated and wearing masks. Doesn't sound like something we will participate in. We had covid and are naturally immune. If they want you to test for covid before boarding, that is fine. We are not antivaccers. I had all other vaccines. Do people realize how many viruses our bodies contain, and how many exists in our world. There will always be new ones. Start eating healthy, make government require healthier foods, no poisons sprayed on our food stop pollution, and exercise people! How many more vaccines will the government demand you to take? I feel for babies and children. I am all for cleaner ships, no buffets, more outdoor eating, even the workers who handle or around the food to wear masks. This should have been done more before. Prices are going to increase to make up for lower amounts of cruisers. Lots of changes coming..........but some basic changes need to be made in the world first!
  2. My husband and I are avid cruisers. Or were. We both had covid, and are naturally immune. We are NOT getting the vaccine. Why won't they just test people to see if they carry the antibodies. natural immunity is better than vaccines. We are not antivaccers. But we are drawing the line on this vaccine. We are at the point where we are deciding if we will cruise again, if forced to take a vaccine. There are also people who can not be vaccinated. Government is just getting to be too much of a control freak. They are terrifying people in to doing what they want. People. Please do your own research on the virus and the vaccines. Don't listen to the media. Don't be fearful. Why shouldn't those people who don't want to cruise because they are afraid, be the ones to choose not to cruise?????? Put the the decision on them, not force people to go against their will.
  3. I never got a survey from cruise critic on this topic. I am seeing like 81% in favor of mandatory vaccines?!!! Nope. I do not agree. It should be like a flu shot. It's your body people, we don't need this type of control over us. I just got over Covid virus. I am 69. My husband and I both had it. Like a really bad flu, but I can understand anyone with underlying problems could be worse, as they would would other flus or diseases. Did you all get this survey, or is this the media trying to lie and put what they want us to see out there? I love to travel, but THIS vaccine is really stepping way out of line. Just like us. We just had the virus. We are naturally immune. I refuse to go take the vaccine (which does not prevent you from getting the virus), when I am already immune. Why would I do that? People need to start doing their own research, and stop listening blindly to the media. It's not an easy task, with main stream media, social media pulling any info off they don't want you to see. Use your own judgement after reading all the facts people!
  4. My question... are we going to have to have proof to cruise? I am not one who believes it should come to this. Should be like a flu shot. NOT MANDATORY! I just had Covid. Naturally. Why would I need a proof of vaccine. I am not getting a vaccine when I just had the real thing. To me this is just a way on control on the people. My husband and I are avid cruisers. Many, many cruises, but, this may be the end of them for us if they mandate proof, which makes us very sad. Looks like we will just go to individual islands and stay.
  5. Maybe the cruiselines are smart to wait until 2-3 years pass after vaccines, before resuming. I, for one, am against mandatory vaccines. No one knows what outcome taking this vaccine will have for a few years. I think mandatory vaccines will kill the cruise industry. Some people are unable to take the vaccine.
  6. so how do you feel about this? I think making vaccine mandatory will finish off the cruise industry.
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