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  1. Thanks for posting this list. I've only sailed once as D+ and got a bottle of wine and a beer, which was nice. So if I call C&A I can chose beach towel or slippers instead of the bottle of wine? Are there any pictures of towels/slippers? Is the beach towel nice to have, long? Thanks.
  2. They have good reviews on TA but nothing since July. Thanks.
  3. I think that's a helpful image, especially now that I get which way things face. Is there something similar for the bungalows?
  4. Refresh my Coco Cay memory b/c I'm pretty sure I read about this before. I know you don't have be be in a suite to book a bungalow on coco. Do they have two sets of Cabanas to rent; one set in suite area which can only be reserved by suite guests, and another set of Cabanas available to anyone to book online? I thought non suite pax could book some sort of Cabana on Coco Cay so maybe there are suite cabanas and 'avail to all' cabanas?
  5. I can't really justify buying it b/c last cruise couldn't even use 3 DL drinks offered since brought wine onboard and don't really like beverage package wine. It's similar to buffet prices on land, if I find one with good enough quality to compare to a regular restaurant, I'm still better off at the non-buffet place where I can order a meal and bring home 1/2 for leftovers. The pricing is going toward only really big drinkers can justify getting it, and that's fine too, we all make decisions based on how much can drink, RCCL can do what they want, their ship. Perhaps their sales will just show up as larger percentages off now........... we've seen that before. I do sort of think a diamond member may bet the biggest bang from booking BW balcony so get sodas already, and coffee from the DL, and 3 drinks per night outside of the DL.
  6. Sorry, that just stinks. I had something similar on Carnival Freedom for a port of call that docked and couldn't get over taking so long in a hot line, nearly missing our private excusion hookup after allowing plenty of extra time, just to "ding" out and walk off. If Oasis class I'm walking right off and smaller ships I'm in a hot line thru hallways, something is wrong. I'd hate to see any RCCL ship be similar to my experience on Carnival freedom which I blamed on Carnival manpower working the machines. After 45 minutes they openned a second line. I haven't been back despite some things being very nice on Carnival. Can understand tender wait but not a line to get off the ship more than maybe 10 mins.
  7. Probably a dumb question but if not staying in a suite can you book cabanas/ bungalows? Does it open up to non suite guests ahead of boarding ? Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  8. Not really related but did anyone bring up the website recently and for a second think, did I go to Ncl site?....... Epic Escapes sale Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  9. Closer to reasonable prices and if already booked may be able to move up to a slightly better cabin. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  10. How much are clamshells versus umbrellas? Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  11. Very sorry for the way you have been treated. Fear mongering and bullying at the highest levels nowadays incites discrimination of religious freedoms. https://www.bbc.com/news/amp/world-us-canada-45340275 Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  12. Perhaps if they charged a reasonable price for bottled water they'd have to find a place to store it and the bottles they already need for refreshment, deluxe packages and diamond perks eat up lots of storage space as it is. That mega food episode on Oasis made it seem like there isn't a lot of extra storage space. Since the water is drinkable on the ship and once can refill using clean cup, I don't really have a problem with them charging a lot for it.
  13. It is nice that they allow it at all and maybe easier on staff if can’t check it. My question is will it hold up the line opening that 12 pack of water and shaking every bottle? Smuggling was part of the reason I think they banned bringing water onboard Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  14. If need to cancel (no payment made bc of SDP) is there some charge if don’t cancel soon enough? I skimmed something but didn’t see a reference. Anything like 3 days notice or 3 hrs? Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  15. Is there a way to see muster station for cabin on reservations for oasis class ships? Sent from my iPhone using Forums
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