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  1. Just like we teach the kids, whatever you do don’t leave drink unattended [emoji23] Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  2. Nope, and I'd think most would be happy to take RCCLs offer to reschedule, I see your point, just pointing out that there are instances where other lines have done something different. The Oprah cruise was all female, except those who booked before the charter. They openned all activities and speeches up to all onboard and the early bookers got a good deal and the men had a unique experience. The couple I knew enjoyed it a lot. I was surprised they didn't refund their money and tell them its been chartered.
  3. IMHO they should give those already booked the option to stay on the chartered ship, warning them of the reasons they may want to reschedule and offering them the same insentives to do so if they can. The charter can be told there will be some straglers b/c you didn't book it early enough. Holland America did this and a handful of lucky husbands got to go on the Oprah girlfriends cruise and enjoy their minority status.
  4. Out of curiosity, which ship made it and which larger ship cancelled? I'd have thought big ships and small equally likely to make it since Coco Cay, generally has the same arrival times, and RCCL makes the call about docking or not or has standards both captains follow in those regards. Maybe it's harder to get a second ship there regardless of size if weather is bad? Or captains have some say over trying to go to Coco Cay on a rainy day or sailing a bit away from rain b/c guests might prefer drier at sea day.
  5. That's interesting. I would have guessed they'd cancel all ships if weather was bad, partly b/c of waves coming up over the dock. (Would the shape of the dock and pathways make Coco Cay much more likely to be canceled than Labadee in similar conditions?) So if sail to Coco Cay on Majesty size ship, more likely to make it than Oasis class? I think shape of ship and surface area exposed to wind factors in. We couldn't dock in Nassau on the Bliss once on a windy sunny day but seemed like all the other ships made it.
  6. 7/1/2020? I guess that means the link doesn't get updated quickly. This shows Oasis alone on June 30 and moving to July 1 would be sharing with Grandeur and Mariner, unless they flopped to June 30th.
  7. What date will you be in Coco Cay now? I'm curious only to see how quickly the information in this link is updated and how accurate it is. http://crew-center.com/perfect-day-coco-cay-bahamas-cruise-ships-schedule-2020
  8. The RCCL website can't be trusted. What is the date? I'm positive it will NOT happen. Again, they aren't even putting 12k pax on the island via 2 Oasis class ships all through 2020.
  9. So, the real question is why aren't they using the port to it's full capacity? Stockholders up in arms, lol. Three non-oasis class ships (especially if one is Empress/Majesty) or two Oasis class ships seems possible. They could get top dollar on every cabana and beach bed option w/o needing to resort to much in the way of sales.
  10. Yes, I think the OP knows now that it will only Brilliance there and damn near spooky quiet. 🤣
  11. I think it's fee now instead of a la carte so wondered if the rules changed.
  12. I wonder if they are quoting it that way to make the bogo 1/2 off work and it's really similar to what accustomed to. (82 + 41)/2 = 61.5 X 1.18 = 72.57 Would have to see the totals from 2 that bought to be sure.
  13. Weird they don't keep the listing apples to apples, either at double or max. Anyway, looks like the first capacity test is not until Nov and they could still change an itinerary. With the island finishing up end of Feb, and goals to ultimately dock up to 12,000, I'm surprised no Oasis ships docking together in all of 2020. They must not think they could handle it yet (maybe need more venders operating?) or they'd have Oasis dock with Harmony instead of sailing around on at at sea day April 25th (Nassau the only port on 3 night sailing). 25-Apr-2020 Harmony Of The Sea
  14. You paid $150 to get the cabin selection you wanted and to lock in a rate that could have gone higher (that's how I look at it). You mention two cabins, are they together, if booking today with available inventory, any right next to each other with the right occupancy? If really want to "game" it and sail for the lowest price you can in particulary type of cabin, but not risk higher prices and not getting to cruise (ie waiting until later to book), book a lower level cabin than "hope" to sail in, but something you can stand. Often you can upgrade upon prices falling below you pai
  15. I would honestly like to see them "test" it so we could find out if it's such a big deal or not. If it got decent reviews, maybe stagger arrival and departure, all these capacity concerns would go away. Ultimately going to get there but currently no Oasis class ships scheduled to dock together in 2020. http://crew-center.com/perfect-day-coco-cay-bahamas-cruise-ships-schedule-2020 This link shows ONE ship on April 30th. I don't know how accurate it is but does anyone know (sorry this is OT) why Oasis would show up as capacity of 5,400 and Symphony/Harmony
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