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  1. They are not expecting ships to limit passengers on board. they are expecting that only small ships will dock there
  2. No, just found this image. I have had mine for probably 15years. Will keep looking. My daughter wants some.
  3. Yes, many things have changed on Carnival since we first cruised in 1998 - some changes can be seen as losses, some as gains, and some as just different. At that time, there was fixed dining only, and not as many dining options (free or upcharge -we had the MDR and the buffet.). No comedy club. No Serenity Deck,. No Dive-in Movies. Gratuities were paid in cash (a real hassle - remember the envelopes and having to have cash in the right denominations). Dress codes have relaxed, and "formal night" is now "elegant night." this is a welcome change for many but not for others. Embarkation and de
  4. We have 2 cruises booked for 2022. Grand Turk in March and Alaska in July. I am not sure if I can say "excited" yet, but we are definitely looking forward to both,
  5. Several years ago I found some one-piece flat plastic hangers, and have been using those for travel. They don't break like the huggables, have rounded corners, and are good for wet or dry clothes. I searched online to see if I could find at least a picture of them, but they don't seem to sell them anymore. I'm glad I still have mine - the yare virtually indestructible. this picture is the closest i could find.
  6. Don't care for Pepsi, but Sierra Mist is better than Sprite.
  7. I fully agree. One thing I love about cruising is not having to make decisions. There's no "what about dinner" discussion (which we have nearly every day at home); just show up at "our" table, no wait, and be served by our familiar serves who anticipate all our needs and preferences.
  8. As I work in academia, we usually take a short cruise over my spring break to just unwind for a few days. We are scheduled on the Elation in March of 2022. I am looking forward to not having to make a single decision for anyone except myself in the immediate moment for several days.
  9. We prefer fixed dining. I love not having to decide what time we want to eat (especially when traveling with others.) I love not having request a table and wait, I love showing up at my table and being served by a team who greets us by name and knows our preferences.
  10. Its the colored ink that presents a danger,
  11. I get very few from the lines I have sailed (I get emails from them, though). But I get at least one a week from Viking (whom I have never sailed) and sometimes get two different brochures from them in the same day!
  12. We had the most fun with Adam, the Tie-Dye Piano Guy on Conquest a few years ago.
  13. We cruised just before Covid shut everything down (disembarked Mar 5, 2020) , so the cruise fever is not too bad yet, but almost ALL our travel has been cancelled. Because I work on a modified academic calendar, we usually do a LOT of traveling in the summer. We had to cancel our trip to Seattle to see my son, our trip to New Orleans for my class reunion (which we also has to cancel) , a beach trip with our Florida friends, and a trip to RI and New York state to visit friends and family. We're missing our fall break getaway (since my university eliminated fall break). We're getting stir
  14. 90s Imagination (our first) 00s Westerdam 10s Carnival Magic 20's Remains to be seen
  15. Our favorite homeport is Port Canaveral, because it is convenient and efficient. We can drive to port and they offer a variety of ships and locations. They have the embarkation and debarkation processes down pat. We like the accessibility and simplicity of Jacksonville, but they offer only one ship with limited itinerary.
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