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  1. I usually book something early out, but like many have said, I make sure it is cancellable. If a better deal comes along, I can take advantage of it and cancel the first. Usually, though, the best deals are early.
  2. There is a difference. In Cafeteria style, all food is behind shields and an employee serves you. No self-serve.
  3. I love the Bitter an Blanc Dessert (It's a white- and Dark- chocolate bread pudding); if it's on the menu get it! I also love the Steak and Eggs at the Seaday Brunch, which takes place as the name suggests, on Sea Days. Check your Hub app or Fun times for Afternoon tea - it's usually on one or more sea days. For the comedy shows, get in line early - once they reach capacity they will turn people away. The early shows are family-friendly and the late shows are adult-only (language and topics at these are not for the easily offended). A "don't miss" activity for the not-easily-offended is QUEST, which is like a cross between an adult scavenger hunt and I-dare-you contest. You don't have to participate, you can just watch, but again, fair warning, it can get pretty outrageous. It usually takes place in lieu of one of the adult comedy shows. We enjoy the trivia contests that take place during the day. Times and topics will be in your hub/Fun Times.
  4. Carnival offers dining options so people can get what they like. While many love the buffet, we rarely use it; we enjoy being served. So we eat in the MDR for breakfast (early casual seating on port days) and brunch (extended seating and expanded menu on sea days - don't miss the the Sea Day brunches- the Steak and eggs is a highlight of the cruise for me). And we do fixed dining MDR every night (we love the "no decisions" aspects of cruising - no discussion of "what time do we eat?" - All we do is show up at "our table" at the appointed time and are greeted by our familiar waitstaff.) Of course you may choose Anytime dining with flexible time and seating , or eat dinner from the buffet if that is your thing. Mid day or later at night we may get a Guy's burger, a pizza, or a deli sandwich. Some Carnival ships have "skyview" or "picture window" staterooms. These are located at the front of the ship, and, instead of an ocean view, have a large window overlooking a "hidden deck" which you can reach just a few steps away from your cabin door. These rooms are a great value as they have lots of natural light, but are listed as interiors. DH and I also like the value of porthole cabins, which have natural light but are also listed as interiors. Carnival does provide bathrobes, but you have to ask your steward for them. Your steward will also be happy to bring you extra pillows or a blanket. I like the quality of Carnival's bedding. If you want to save money on drinks but don't think the Cheers package is for you, you can make most drinks a double for just $3 more. Cheers may be a good deal for you do not drink much alcohol, as specialty, virgin drinks, coffees, energy drinks, milkshakes and the anything on the soda package are free.
  5. We have an Alaska cruise (leaving from Seattle) booked for July 2021. I have a booking on hold for March 2022 for a short Caribbean cruise out of PC - have to decide by tomorrow if I will keep it - price is very good, and I figured I can change it if need be. We cruised Feb 29 -March 5 this year just ahead of the quarantine. I will be more than ready to cruise by Summer 2021.
  6. I personally love the smaller ports and smaller ships. As the article says, there is still high demand for the smaller ships.
  7. We are still planning to do our Alaska cruise July of 2021, I am looking at a booking short Caribbean getaway March 2022. $100 down and $50 a month until it is paid. Painless.
  8. I'm with you. I recently donated all my shoes with heels. I figured at my age there's not a single possible scenario where I'll have to wear heels.
  9. This is what DH wears as well.
  10. If everyone loves YTD, why is early dining always the first to fill up?
  11. You don't need Cheers for Bubly. It is included with bottomless bubbles.
  12. We did this cruise several years ago. I highly recommend it.
  13. We're staying in Brunswick, Ga the night before the cruise - About an hour from the port.
  14. A one-time $5 fee per person for the duration of the cruise
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