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  1. That was my point -the Pizzeria , deli, and grill are less risky, than buffet or even MDR and other restaurants.
  2. As long as an adult is booked in each cabin, the lines don't really care who sleeps where, One you are onboard, you can switch to whatever arrangement suits you - the line will help you with keys. etc
  3. I've never been on a 2 or 3 day cruise, but for 4 or more, the first and the last night will NOT be an elegant night.
  4. From the Carnival FAQ page. "On cruises of three and four days, the cost is $54.95 per person, per day if purchased pre-cruise and $59.95 per person, per day if purchased onboard your cruise ship. On sailings of five days or longer, the price is $51.95 per person, per day, when purchased in advance and $56.95 per person, per day, if purchased onboard your cruise ship." Either way the 18% gratuity is additional. You save at least $10 perday (if two are purchasing) by buying ahead of time
  5. Instead of going through the options at the top of the page, scroll down to the blue area at the bottom, Under "Already Booked", one of the choices is "In-room gifts and Shopping". Click that an one of the choices will be 'Food and Beverages". click that and you will see "Liquor" as a choice.
  6. Yes, each person can carry on at embarkation a 12 pack of CANS of LaCroix, just as with any soda . I believe you can do this at ports as well
  7. Individuals can buy Bubbles without their cabin mate buying it. That rule applies only to Cheers.
  8. Soda is unlimited, Sounds like he will defitnitely get his money's worth from the soda package 🙂
  9. With the Pizza and Guys Burgers, your food is individually prepared and no one handles your plate except the preparer and you - no common utensils or other passengers breathing on your food. This is probably even less risky than the MDR or specialty restaurants.
  10. There used to be a ginger ale in the package, I notice there is not now.
  11. I only drink sugar free I don't like Diet Pepsi either. Pepsi Free is a little better and Sierra Mist Free actually tastes better than the diet/free versions of Sprite or 7-up. I also love Bubly grapefruit, so I get my Money's worth from the Soda package
  12. 262. Now within the range that I normally have between booking and sailing.
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