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  1. I personally don't find an extended balcony to be a huge difference. I always book my cabin to have other cabins above it. Anything else risks noise from music, moving chairs etc... but then again a sound machine and earplugs always help.
  2. I contacted Grand Lucayan resort via Facebook Messenger/FB page and they were very helpful. They begin selling day passes for 20 dollars at 8am.
  3. was the day pass something you could buy ahead of time or purchase upon arrival? Thanks
  4. There are many options on amazon. just type in "soda can plug". One even converts the can to a bottle top.
  5. That was my point… I don’t have Allstate insurance yet I was able to download the app and use it to get points and Carnival gift cards.
  6. I just downloaded the app on my phone. I don't have allstate insurance. It worked fine and was easy.
  7. I don't know what I'm missing. I cant find the gift cards under "redeem", and I'm a member. I found a few giftcards but they weren't many and not grouped as in "travel", etc. Where did you find them? Thanks
  8. having known someone who died of lung cancer I'd like to think that the cruise was a dying wish "last hurrah" for her.
  9. that's fantastic! Saving money is a great skill to have at any age.
  10. Thanks, I'm going to call again at a later time. I think sometimes it just depends on who you talk to on the other end of the line....
  11. hmmmm... not sure why you put "smh". A local government change in the county's school calendar is about as legit as it can get. My daughter is a 4.0 student that would in no way be harmed by missing a week of school. So I don't have any concerns about her education, thank you. I'm trying to make her happy by changing our cruise since she doesn't want to miss school. She's already going to England next July on a school trip so this is a financial choice for me. If I can avoid spending more money then that would be great. So yes, I could imagine if Carnival made exceptions for passengers who can prove they have "legitimate" reasons.. They'd have happy return customers. Thank you for taking the time to reply to my post...
  12. I did call to look into my options and was told "no" on waiving the 50pp fee... thats why I'm looking elsewhere
  13. thanks lol - she's a straight A student... but the school has a rule about absences effecting final exam exemptions. Which really doesn't make sense to me. If you have the grade to be exempt that should be all that matters.
  14. I purchased the insurance through Carnival. I didn't even think of that. Did you purchase Carnivals or something better?
  15. In Jan. we booked a cruise for Aug. 25th 2019. Last week we found out that our county has voted to send the kids back to school on Aug 12th instead of after Labor Day (this is a total surprise). My oldest doesn't want to miss a week of school because it will affect her ability to be exempt from exams. To rebook in either June or early Aug (cant do July) it will cost us an additional 976.00 minimum plus the 200.00 cancellation/rebooking fee. Has anyone every had any luck getting this fee waved? I'm looking into rebooking because of a local government change so I'm wondering who I should contact at Carnival to see if I can avoid paying the 200.00. I'm wondering if they would be at all sympathetic... We are considering just cancelling the cruise altogether if we have to pay the 200 and plan a different vacation. It's not what I want and I would hope it isn't what Carnival would want but and additional almost 1,200.00 because of the school calendar change is just more that I was bargaining for. Thanks for any input.
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