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  1. Not to highjack this Live Review.... has nothing to do with the carrying the phone itself. Part of the cruise experience for us so disconnecting. Phone stays in the safe, if we even bring it on the cruise.
  2. We are in total agreement with preserving the coral. The thread we read made it sound like whistles were just blowing all day. We were just trying to seen if anything had changed since the last time we were in STT 5 years ago. Which sounds like it has not. Thanks for replying. L2F
  3. We are heading to Sapphire Beach for the better part of the day. Then head up to Paradise Point on way back to ship.
  4. We always head to Jack's Shack or a little further down. Want to get away from the crowds but also want an umbrella and chair/lounger. Organized Chaos..... heading south, are there any vendors down there that rent umbrellas/chairs? We always heard nope. Thanks
  5. Hello. I did a search and really didn't come up with anything. I read recently on one of the cruiseline pages here on CC that there has been a person wearing a security shirt walking up/down the beach blowing a whistle for people to get away from the coral. Now not debating people shouldn't be touching the coral. But I imagine hearing a whistle been blown all day would kind of ruin the day for people hoping for a quiet day. The last time we were in STT was 2015. We are considering going for our next cruise. Is this still going on? Or is there more to the story than a little blurb I saw on another thread on another topic? There was no reference to when this happened. I know when we were there in 2015, we didn't experience any whistle being blown. Thanks L2F
  6. OP or to anyone... I looked on Carnival website and some other places and couldn't find this update. The screen shot in post 1. Was that on Carnival website. All morning before this post, I was looking. Is there a secret Carnival news link LOL. Thanks.
  7. bup1224 - Is the Floating Market ever re-opening? Or is it closed permanently? Thanks
  8. Back in 2010 we used Mark Morris. Markstours. He was great. Not a set tour. More of a private tour seeing the specific things we wanted to see. Looks like he is still in business. I don't frequent the Jamaica boards so can't speak if they're any recent reviews. Hope this helps.
  9. Thanks everyone for all the replies. L2F
  10. l2f

    Driver for the Day

    Thanks so much Hatteras51. L2F
  11. Thanks. I know we are quite a few months out. Usually that has gotten us nice prices at Hampton.... not so this time.
  12. l2f

    Driver for the Day

    Hello, A few years ago we were at a port where taxis were expensive. It was actually cheaper (based on what/where we wanted to go) hire a private driver for the day. We went to see the sights we wanted to see, then spend the remaining time at the beach. Driver stayed with us at the beach. This worked out also as the beach was a bit from the port. I haven't seen any threads here for Aruba about hiring a driver. Has anyone done this and if so may we ask who you hired. Thanks in Advance. L2F
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