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  1. pizzalady1

    Canadian Rockies

    The Rocky Mountaineer pairs with HAL for Canadian Rockies cruise/tour. You could do a NCL cruise along with the train.
  2. pizzalady1

    money exchange

    I have read that larger denominations are best and try to get clean, pristine bills.
  3. pizzalady1

    Private Tour process for exiting ship

    There are money exchange counters right there in the terminal. To exchange USD to CUC you will get $87 CUC for every $100 USD (there is a 10% fee on USD plus a 3% exchange fee). When you are leaving Havana, you can exchange your remaining CUC back into USD. You will get $97 USD for every $100 CUC (3% exchange fee again).
  4. pizzalady1

    Scooters ? Inside room

    I was on the POA last December and the scooter would not fit in the balcony room because of the bed layout. When I was done with the scooter for the night, I parked it in the hall and called guest services. They sent someone to pick it up. They stored all the scooters in a large meeting room nearby guest services and charged it overnight. When I needed the scooter in the morning, I again called guest services and they brought it up.
  5. 1. The cruiser did not ding in on the ship 2. They make numerous announcements calling the name of those cruisers who have not dinged in 3. Then an officer goes to the room and opens the safe, giving you passport to the port agent.
  6. pizzalady1

    Majesty Dry Dock??

    Glad to know. We sail in January and would be a little unhappy if we were immediately before or after a dry dock.
  7. I read on another post that the Majesty will be in dry dock in early 2019. I can't find this ship on the RC schedule. Does anyone know the dates and what they will be doing? Thanks.
  8. pizzalady1


    OK, so it is done in an ad blocking software. Since I don't have that type of software, it doesn't matter that I don't understand it. Thanks anyway!
  9. pizzalady1


    Please talk down to me-- I don't get what you are saying about the albums.Where are they and how to I start one? I have a few pics I can upload, both cruise and non-cruise related! If everyone floods the feature with dogs, cats, cute kids, etc, maybe CC will eliminate the feature. Also, POA1--where do you put that line code to not display the side bar?
  10. Can you point me to the Airbnb you chose? Hotels in Paris are so expensive and I know nothing about locations. TIA
  11. pizzalady1

    Meet and Greet

    This sticky may help you understand how M&Gs on NCL are started.
  12. pizzalady1

    Royal disappointment

    We are going to Cuba in January, but i have done a lot of research. You can exchange CUCs back to USDs at the cadeca located in the cruise terminal, where you most likely exchanged your USDs to CUCs. There is a 3% cost to exchange back to USDs
  13. pizzalady1

    Private tour to edinburgh and Tatoo for 6

    Maybe someone on your roll call would want to purchase them from you.
  14. pizzalady1

    Wheelchair accessible shore excursions for Cuba

    Rather than go through RC excursions, make your own arrangements for an old car tour. Look at www.oldcartours.com or https://havanajourneys.com/ There are other old car tours available, just google "old car tours havana".