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  1. We took this whale watching tour from https://gallantadventuresalaska.com/. and then went to the Raptor Center. We still had time to walk through the downtown area. Whale watching was spectacular, and was on a 6 -pack boat. The second photo scared the bejesus out of me. It seemed that the whale was 2 feet from the boat.
  2. What cabin number did you have?
  3. In 2017 we had 9202 which was an aft facing cabin. The balcony was huge, but it had a lot of soot. We had to take out beach towels to sit on the chairs/lounges. We always get an aft facing cabin and this is the first time we had such a problem. In December, we are moving down a deck and see what happens to the soot issue.
  4. At least check out https://www.discounthawaiicarrental.com/en-us and compare. This agency has been around for many years. We first used them in 2007 and then again in 2017. I have never heard of the agency you are asking about. Did you do a search on CC and Tripadvisor?
  5. Why???? I just answered my own question. Covid of course.
  6. The POA had tons of gingerbread houses in the atrium--very pretty and fun.
  7. pizzalady1

    11 Day NCL

    Have you actually priced out the difference in prices vs the individual cost of the cruise, hotel and the tours? If you google the tour names, you will find companies that offer the same tours with pickup at the hotels, so still no need to drive anywhere. I did a quickie comparison and it looks like the savings would be $500-700. That would buy you an extra day or two and a lot of meals. If you do the 11 day, double check the Polynesian Cultural Center tour with NCL. If it does not include the evening show, you would really miss out.
  8. You can also check out some of the flat rate taxi/shuttles: Hawaii23 Pacific Shuttle go808 express
  9. My TA does a re-fare whenever the price or perks get better. My Hawaii 7 day in 12/21 has been re-fared 3 times since I booked it in April. I think (but not really sure) that NCL won't re-fare if the cabin category is sold out.
  10. Not sure of when you posted this, but the deal is supposed to end tonight (9/24)
  11. You can see all the tours and times for Chilkoot Charters here https://chilkootcharters.com/reservations/
  12. The Iditarod Museum and the Alaska State Transportation Museum are there and are interesting.
  13. Is this the small ship tour that meets up with the Bliss? Tracy Arm is beautiful but the big ship frequently can't get down due to ice. If that happens they will substitute Endicott Arm which is also very scenic. When we went, the small boat got within 1/2 mile of the glacier. The big ship got to the 5 mile mar.
  14. I have never once gotten seasick except for the Kenai Fjords tour. BQ warned us so I even took a Dramamine the night before and the day of. It did not help! I was one sick puppy and I was not the only one. The face color of the day was green!
  15. We were in ISP on 2016 and at the time, did not see any info about the cultural show and tram ride. Are these new since then?
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