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  1. What is the Voyage Goodwill OBC?
  2. Thanks. It came with the booking from the latest promotion.
  3. What happens with non-refundable OBC. Currently my husband and I have $500 each. If a name change is made, will the new person get the $500?
  4. The last I heard about this, it was free. Maybe someone on the 2019 cruises can confirm.
  5. I think it is the cruise lines that put out those warnings. Think about it--if a vendor is late getting back to the ship, even once, they would be out of business. I would, of course, never take a new, untried vendor when timing is critical. With regards to the Tattoo, many reports/reviews say that they have gotten back to the ship 30 miles to 1 hour before the buses.
  6. Well dang, I'll have to keep thinking about how to spend that OBC. Thanks for the information.
  7. Have you checked your roll call to see if someone has already started a tour group? If not, look at some of these: Exquisite Scotland, goscotland tours, Sláinte Scotland Tours.
  8. Does the Regal sell any Apple products on board? OBC to burn!!
  9. In FL the porter said "We will make sure your bags make it onto the ship. Would you like to make a donation?" I really wanted to ask if they are a charitable 501(c)3 and how much does the charity get from my donation. My husband almost had to sit on me to stop me!
  10. Thanks everyone--exactly the info I needed. Ell52--I'll look at Paris first, then London. The catch was that we were going to stop in Bayeux on the way to Paris from Le Harvre.
  11. So what is the process? A letter to Princess, a phone call, an email? Is there a form to complete? How soon is "as soon as possible"?
  12. I love your photo of all the colorful umbrellas. Whee was this taken?
  13. How far in advance should this be requested? How did it work? Did all of the people with this request have to leave the ship at the same time?
  14. Princess has a 12 day 8 port cruise leaving Southampton on September 1, disembarking in Southampton on September 13. You would just have to find a way to Dover.
  15. I checked out the link above and did not see anything about a stop near the port. Also, when you go to the BigBus website, it does not show a stop near the port. Can you help me find that information? Thanks.
  16. We will be dong something similar. We will be renting a car from Hertz in Le Havre and dropping it off in Bayeux. Bayeux Shuttles have 1/2 day and full day tours of the beaches. They also have a shuttle to MSM. We will then take one of the frequent trains to Paris.
  17. Instead of guessing about a health problem, email the access department to get a correct answer. A customer service employee won't know and will give any answer they feel like at the moment.
  18. Thanks all. I am just thinking ahead--we will be in London and taking a bus to Southampton. It might be a pain to deal with luggage and a 12 pack of cans. There is one advantage of schlepping cans is that I could get Pepsi.
  19. Is Princess Coke or Pepsi? Can you buy cans, not fountain drinks at a bar? If so, how much is a can? Thank you.
  20. Who was the company so no one here makes the same mistake?
  21. There is also excuisitescotland.com, www.tours-from-edinburgh.com, slaintesctland.com, www.wowscotland.com, www.getyourguide.com, www.goscotland.com, https://www.timberbush-tours.co.uk/private-tours/ OP when are you going?
  22. Thanks GuernseyCruiser, your post is very helpful. Is there a list somewhere of private guides/drivers? Does the Visitor's Bureau have a list? Or do we just google then check with TripAdvisor?
  23. Why do you need to let the safety video play when you have t go to the muster drill anyway?
  24. Are they the "friendly" curtains or are there bones to keep them straight?
  25. Yes, to shorts and yes to Hawaiian shirts. Enjoy your cruise, it is amazing.
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