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  1. Was on Navigator in April - also only offered the fixed menu online for prepurchase. We booked it the day of embarkation and it was all a la carte pricing. They do not offer Hibachi tables but do offer some delicious hot rock dishes that we took advantage of. Izumi was not busy - however this was back during the 5/9 rotation, so maybe demand was different.
  2. Only Mariner and Navigator. I am interested to see if they will add it to remaining Voyager class ships, as it doesn't look like they are to Freedom or Oasis class. The thing is, the drinks take semi-skill and knowledge and time to make...so I while I absolutely loved it on the Navigator and spent many nights there on the 9-night, I know they had a hard time keeping bartenders happy there. They just don't want to learn it and do all of the prep that it takes to run a successful, semi-authentic tiki bar.
  3. I would definitely say Seattle versus Vancouver/Anchorage. You have that seasonal nonstop on Frontier and close by here in Pittsburgh, we have a daily nonstop on Alaska Air, which is amazing. If you did end up doing the one from/to Vancouver, as others have said, the Amtrak Cascades is a nice, beautiful and cheap option to get to Seattle.
  4. I would say no more than any other cruise. I sailed over Easter (ending on Easter) and we had a ton of kids, even with it being a 9-night (before it switched to 3/4). There were times where there were a lot of kids in the hot tubs, especially on the pool deck. On deck 12, one above, less so. And those ones are bigger!
  5. Alaskan Brewing Co. has some great beers! I love their Icy Bay IPA and Freeride Pale Ale. Would be great if they had some of those!
  6. If you do the 3-night package, you can also probably use at least one of your D+ BOGO dinners. Why not use the package the 1st night and then 3rd, 4th, etc. and use the BOGO on the second? There's nothing about the 3-night package that says it must be used the first three nights, only that one needs to be used the first or second night.
  7. Oasis repositions to Bayonne in early May 2020. Allure has drydock for her amplification in March/April 2020. Harmony is obviously stays in PC. Navigator does short 3/4 sailings. Mariner is in PC doing the same. Freedom stays in San Juan. Liberty stays in Galveston. Independence does the short sailings from FLL. Explorer seems like she's also in dry dock for March/April, after sailing 5/9. Obviously Voyager stays in the Pacific. Adventure does 6/8 from FLL. So it seems like it's mostly due to the fact that Allure and Explorer are dry-docked at the same time...can anyone confirm that?
  8. Isn't Dazzles essentially the same thing as Music Hall? Bands, DJ, dancing? Maybe just more focused on those cover bands and not a genre of music.
  9. My Time Dining likely begins around 5:15 or 5:30 and yes, you can absolutely select the same time for everyday, as long as that time is available, which, if you do it early enough, it will be. And if you do that, you are pretty much guaranteed the same table and wait staff every night. Each time I've time MTD for a larger group, we've kept it at the same time and always had the same table and wait staff. When I've done it for 2, however, I've picked different times and so the table was not the same.
  10. Not always. I have been to quite a few more well-known tiki bars and they actually have Bamboo Room's vibe and decor inside, with it being darker and dimmed lights. With that being said, if Royal had an area like the Waterfront on NCL -away class ships, it would be perfect for that type of area. I appreciate their attempt so much and I think they needed a bar like this, but maybe make a few tweaks.
  11. Seems like a lot of these upgrades are what we expected. However, besides the major additions like Playmakers, the slides, Abyss, El Loco and BBQ, the rest seem like just simple replacements: On Air into Spotlight Karaoke - seems like the same concept just adding a couple private booths. Dazzles into Music Hall...isn't Dazzles essentially a Music Hall in its current iteration? Pool/Sand Bar into Lime and Coconut...besides a different menu, I don't think there was anything special about this on Navigator. It was just a pool bar. The DJ was out there some afternoons, but aren't they always out by the pool on ships in the afternoon? And they only had 1 outdoor party...the nightlife was not happening there on Navigator like advertised. I am also not surprised they aren't adding the Bamboo Room. I am a tiki fanatic and essentially lived in this bar on Navigator. Was it busy...no, never. I disagree with the poster that said it was closed or had bad hours...they seemed appropriate for the demand...and they would close at 12 if they weren't busy which is understandable. It seems like passengers just don't understand or appreciate the tiki culture, but the biggest thing is it takes time to make these drinks. It also takes more dedication as a bartender. I know on the Navigator, our bartender said they have problems getting people to work in the bar because the drinks are so complicated and nobody wants to learn. And also, they get incentives based on how many times they swipe a card and since the bar isn't busy, it adds to that difficulty in staffing.
  12. You should see Freedom sailing out of there year-round, with the exception of January/February 2020 due to her drydock, where she will undergo the Royal Amplification.
  13. Confirmed. The gym is much smaller, port side aft. No saunas or steam, just a steam for spa use (with treatment).
  14. Great pictures and comments so far! Quick question regarding embarkation: I'm on the Vancouver to Hawaii sailing in September - when I sailing out of Vancouver one way to Anchorage, we did customs & immigration right in Canada Place as a part of checkin. Did you also do that? Wasn't sure if that is standard if the ship is remaining in U.S. ports for the duration of the sailing or not?
  15. That menu looks like a nice combo of both concepts. But I get how they want to stay on brand.
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