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  1. Thanks all. Will be booking the 10 day. I have contact with a US agent so we can compare. In the past we nearly always book the US route Can someone that the beds can be separated in the basic balcony suite?
  2. We are planning to cruise the Galapagos on the Flora in June of 2021. I have a few questions about the booking process and what discounts I might be entitled to as well as a few about the ship. We shall be 3 adults and one 15 year old and we plan to book the lowest category, partly due to cost but also as I would much prefer a proper balcony. Although we have never sailed Celebrity before we are Emerald in Royal’s Crown and Anchor club. When we book on Royal we get discounts due to our status and also further discounts due to our play in the casino. I’m not expecting a casino discount as there is no casino on board, but should I expect a discount due to our C+A status and should I call the Celebrity Casino booking number regardless. Am I also right in thinking my trip on Flora will contribute to my C+A status? I realise these cruises have limited numbers, hence the 18+ months of planning, but how realistic are hopes of price reductions after booking and before final payment? Currently the base price is $8999 per person which we are OK with but would naturally prefer to pay less. I have noticed there are GTY rooms offered but they are not showing as available of our chosen dates. If/when they do become available, is there much of a saving over picking a suite? I notice that sometimes the price includes Quito hotels before and after as well as flights to Baltra. I’m trying to compare costs us doing Quito under our own steam and booking the flights ourselves. Any ideas on the expected weather for June? I see August can be the coldest and see then that sea temps are a chilly 65. Is June better? And is June a particularly good or bad month for seeing the creatures? Finally, we have also noticed Silver Seas are launching the Origin next year. It appears to be a sister ship to The Flora albeit under a different brand? Looking at costs, I think Silver Seas will be about 10% more expensive for an experience that looks very similar. Are there any reasons that you think should make me consider Silver Seas further? Would really appreciate any feedback
  3. Even with quite a few Royal cruises under my belt I’m having difficulty putting a value on the Deluxe Drinks package on our upcoming HOS trip. Before, we have always taken the drinks package and usually buy at the right price. So thinking about $55 a day with tips. For us, we are not huge drinkers during the day but typically go to town in the evening and can knock back a decent amount of wine with a meal. Outside of meal times, I would mainly be on beer where as my wife would typically have more expensive cocktails. We’ve also put a decent value on water and coffee, less so the now not so posh orange juice for breakfast. However, towards the end of the cruise we typically have a very slow or sometimes an alcohol free day. Or at least we would like to but, having paid for my drinks package - no way. I’m luzzing it down my neck even when I might prefer a cup of tea! Then there are port days. Yes, I’ll spend money ashore but my brain is thinking, why am I paying for drinks when I would not have to pay anymore on board. So, I’m not daft enough not to realise that the drinks package is still correct for our profile, except one thing is different.... For the first time ever we are in a grand suite. So, waters and coffees are taken care of. Drinks in the suite lounge and wine with the meal when we dine at CK. Added to this, we would probably choose better wines (than can be drunk with the DP) when dining in speciality restaurants with the 40% discount. So, for the first time ever, we are sailing without the drinks package. This means I’ll be boozing it in Mexico (and feeling rather good some locals are getting my doh rather than Royal), may enjoy a drink free day without guilt and will be smugly drinking my beer, water and coffee, along with my mediocre orange with my a wry grin. Despite all these factors, am I still going to spend more money by not buying the package? I should say, I won’t go out of our way to drink in the SL. We will drink exactly where we would have before but will prob choose the SL on occasions and always before dining at CK. As it happens the old viking crown lounge was one of our fav places.
  4. Does anyone know if it’s possible to change the credit card for Royal Up? I bid 4 weeks ago (for 8/18 Harmony) but I would prefer to use a different card. I can see how I amend my bid but can’t see an option to change payment details.
  5. Fab, thanks. Have been weighing up the deluxe drinks package. Have always had it before but with coffee and waters in the room and a few SL drinks before dinner and now wine when we dine at CK, I think we’ve made the right decision to drop the drinks package. Of some of the nights we are not dining in CK we have one night at Chefs Table so wine taken care of their too
  6. Our first time in a suite too coming up. Can you tell me if the servers on Coastal Kitchen are happy to fetch the free wine/drinks from the Suite Lounge or would one need to leave their table and fetch it themselves?
  7. My first time is a GS and also on the 8/18 sailing. Is CK and the Suite lounge classed as the same place for drinks purposes? Leading to the question of can I get beer or wine at no additional cost served to my table in CK? If not, would it be a bit snide to wander to the SL between courses to grab a glass to bring to the table?
  8. As a regular flying on BA there are ways of ‘possibly’ upgrading this ticket. Firstly, if you are not a member, join the BA executive club and download the app. You may then well see offers to upgrade any time until the day of your flight. As a rule. I would expect the fee to be in the region of $200-$250 one way for a WT to WTP offer. Failing that, ask at checking in. This is known as a AUP and can be offered at the airport. FWIW it’s worth checking what aircraft you are in. If its the A380 then your experience will be far better than if in a 777 or one of the unrefurbished 747’s. WTP is often oversold so it’s a good cabin for a chance of an Op up to business (Club) Either way though, join the Exec club for the miles. In response to another post, Norwegian don’t do business class. They only have economy or premium economy. If you were sold business then you were miss sold! As for Royal dropping Norwegian..... Norwegian have cancelled many of their long haul routes due to either not being profitable or 787 issues
  9. Thank You, We are sailing on the Harmony exactly a week later and also have bids in so I now know the ‘let you know’ window could be as little as a week away!
  10. Would you be able to share details of your upgrade? Like what cabin you were in, what you bid for, how much you bid and whether those bids were regarded as good bids? Thanks Muchly!
  11. 24 hours after they all disappeared, they are all back!
  12. $198 per day, based on 2 in a GS (HOS, August 18, 2019). That was helped by a £375 casino discount and came with $350 OBC ($200 from casino). I thought this was a crazy low price so am amazed at the other much lower prices I’m reading about.
  13. I’ve been keeping a close eye on availability and prices for the HOS on August 18th. I’ve a keen interest as despite booking in an OV Balcony some months ago, I’m confirmed in a GS for less money than the original cost and with $150 OBC to boot. Sidetracking for one moment, after booking we had two price drops, the 2nd of which had us saving the best part of $1000 from the original price. Then just after final payment the JS’s came down in price and it was only $400 ish to upgrade. So still less than our original price. Then there was those crazy GS prices that were discussed in another thread. We was able to change up to one of these for no extra cost and get the OBC! So I’m absolutely thrilled to be in a GS, having never even been in a JS before! Anyhow, of course then one gets greedy and along pops Royal Up. As drinkers and eaters the minimum bids to star service suites looked good. Especially the 2 bed AS which was inviting bids lower the the 1 bed Star loft. So, with bids made (not saying how much as I don’t want anyone guzumping) we’ve been daily checking the availability. There have always been all 4 2b AS’s available, albeit at around $15k. So I’d have been surprised if any were sold this close in, but astounded if all 4 of them have sold since I last checked availability, which was only a few hours ago. But, gone they are as were the other 3 x 1 bed AS and a GTY loft suite. I instantly checked my emails to see if I had snagged one via Royal Up but nothing. What do folk think is going on here or is it simply a case of them really all suddenly been sold?
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