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  1. Where can I see my boarding time?
  2. Has anyone traveled on bahamas air using Air2sea? Could you see your reservation on bahamas air?
  3. Just off the Edge today. What do you want to know? Small casino. Low minimums at tables. Never met a casino host. Tried to ask about points told they don't know. All the staff was super friendly and were glad to be working. We are use to NCL were we always get comps at the end. Edge is beautiful ship.
  4. thanks to all. The upgrade for $12 per day showed up in my cruise planner today. This seems to confirm my package. I bought the upgrade so now I know my package is confirmed.
  5. If you have the always perks where does it show on your reservation? I am on a casino cruise and have not gotten a clear answer on this. thank you
  6. Has anyone with a bahamas air reservation through air2sea been able to bring up their flights on the bahama air site? I want to make sure they have my known traveler number.
  7. She said she tried to take mine on the plane. It never made sense since my picture is on my bag.
  8. True story We did this once. Went from a NCL cruise ship to a carnival docked next to it. Should have been simple except someone took my luggage by mistake. You know how it says "bags look alike check yours"!!!. My luggage tags have my picture on them. The woman took my bag all the way to MIA and they wouldn't let her check it cause she hadn't packed it. I know this sounds crazy. She was going to send my bag to our home. Well I need my clothes for the next cruise. I made her bring it back to the port where I was waiting.
  9. no one said anything about FCC. I am suppose to get a refund. Agent said refund would be to credit card. But email did not say anything about refund. That is why I am worried.
  10. I just cancelled a cruise. It was a casino cruise that I had made $400 deposit that I was to get back as on board credit. I received a email from christine duffy saying I could cancel. I was assured that I would receive a refund. I just got the refund confirmation. It says nothing about the $400 dollars only that the taxes and fees will be refunded. I says not to call..... Does this seem correct?
  11. I booked a spa mini suite on the Encore. Now my reservations says "Club Balcony Suite". Anyone know anything about this?
  12. Got an email that my January 3, 2021 15 day cruise is now a 18 day cruise starting December 1, 2020. That a pretty big change. Wont work for us.
  13. Home Departure City - tampa Arrival/Destination City - new orleans Airline(s) used - Delta Number of Connections - 1 Outbound Flight departure/arrival time - 7:00am EST/11:26 CST Departure City - new orleans Destination City - tampa Airline(s) used - aa Number of Connections - 1 Return Flight departure/arrival time 4:36pm CST / 10:19pm EST Deviation: Paid $25 each for 4 people to fly in a day early. How many days out when you were ticketed- 52 These are not perfect times. Leaving a little early and arriving back a little late but they are pretty close. I would have booked non stop but it would have cost much more than free.
  14. sent a email as advised above. Got tickets within hours. thanks for the help.
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