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  1. I booked a spa mini suite on the Encore. Now my reservations says "Club Balcony Suite". Anyone know anything about this?
  2. Got an email that my January 3, 2021 15 day cruise is now a 18 day cruise starting December 1, 2020. That a pretty big change. Wont work for us.
  3. Home Departure City - tampa Arrival/Destination City - new orleans Airline(s) used - Delta Number of Connections - 1 Outbound Flight departure/arrival time - 7:00am EST/11:26 CST Departure City - new orleans Destination City - tampa Airline(s) used - aa Number of Connections - 1 Return Flight departure/arrival time 4:36pm CST / 10:19pm EST Deviation: Paid $25 each for 4 people to fly in a day early. How many days out when you were ticketed- 52 These are not perfect times. Leaving a little early and arriving back a little late but they are pretty close. I would have booked non stop but it would have cost much more than free.
  4. sent a email as advised above. Got tickets within hours. thanks for the help.
  5. I am on the dec 8th getaway also. No tickets. A ny one know the air dept phone number?
  6. I am on this same cruise.I haven't got my airfare. When did you get yours?
  7. We booked right before the trouble began. We asked for airfare arriving a day early. We were charged the $25 each and then it was mysteriously refunded. We have been waiting over a month to get the airfare put back to day before. Today my husband was told we cannot even cancel the cruise because of the problems. We don't sail until December but I am having doubts about this ever being corrected.
  8. We brought one. No problem with on and off ship. HOWEVER, the sand near the beach was not very deep. They have just brought in sand and put it over rock. We could not secure the shelter very deep. With the breeze it was nerve wracking that it would take flight and hit someone. Might or might not bring again.
  9. I found the buffet to be much nicer. The fruits and vegetables were much fresher and I noticed a little more variety in the fresh fruit. For example the tomatoes were more like the ones we found in restaurants in Italy.
  10. Thank you everyone for the replies. All good suggestions. My main concern is with the possible ban is NCL not listing excursions because they are anticipating cancelling.
  11. Are those for Cuba or the other stops? There are many listed for my date but only one choice in Cuba.
  12. we are booked on the Sun to Cuba in September. I know the Cuba cruises may be cancelled. Only one shore excursion is available for Cuba for out cruise date . It is $569 for two. Anybody have any insight? Have all the excursion for Cuba been pulled in anticipation of not going there? Anyone see more excursions on different sail dates?
  13. I am considering a cruise from montreal to ft. Lauderdale. two day are cruising on the st Lawrence seaway. Does anyone know if the casino is open?
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