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  1. If he is not a mingler, then he may not enjoy he teen activities. My DS-16 did not want anything to with it and hung out with his siblings 20 and 21. Other than casino, bars, etc, he can do whatever the older ones do. And as far as the "bars" go, there are some that are more like piano music with a bar. He can sit and listen, just not drink. There is a late night curfew for the under 18's, around 1 am. Lots to do, he will be fine. Enjoy!
  2. If I am worried about missing the ship, or we are taking a far-off excursion (from Cozumel to the mainland) then we take them. Usually we take a ship's excursion or just wander around the shopping area or go nearby (for example taking the taxi to Paradise Beach in Cozumel) then we only take our passport cards and leave the book in the safe.
  3. Agree with others that you should consult your doctor. But, that said, in my family we have one who is terribly prone to motion sickness. Car rides, amusement parks, anything that *might* make someone queasy makes her miserable. She walks onto a cruise ship and doesn't bat an eye. No issues at all. Another family member never has any issues on land, but the first night of a cruise is always rough. After that first night's sleep she is fine though. Green apples, Sprite, crackers, mint gum, the usual remedies help and sleep helps, even an hour's nap. So you may be pleasantly surprised. If you are concerned, I would pack the wristbands, some OTC Bonine, and maybe get the patch but hold off using it until the ship is underway.
  4. I think it was $99 and came on a flash drive. It had about 50 "stock" photos of the cave - some close ups of the cave and others of plants and sea-life. Very nice pictures for your scrapbook or Facebook. There were two families in our group - there were about 61 of just our family and a similar number of the other family. The photographer accompanies you through the cave, so every time you come around a bend, put on a big smile and she will get you. If you blink, just ask her and she will re-do it for you. At the high point of the tour, they will group you together for a nice group picture, plus another at the beginning with the Rio Secreto sign.
  5. We liked Mega but we are pretty easygoing. It’s a good place to pick up incidentals for cheaper than the ship (sunsceeen, bandaids, etc). They have a pharmacy but unless you need Rx stuff (or forgot something) the prices are similar to home. We bought a canvas bag for about $8 and some hats for about $4, and quite a bit of candy and small snacks. It it was a good stop if you are over there but I don’t know that I would make a special trip.
  6. melissa84

    Paradise Beach

    We were there in December and just did the $3 chairs + $10 food/drinks and it was great. We got there about noon and left about 3:00 and it was perfect.
  7. Yes, they provide life jackets and wet suits. Lockers are provided and free. I don’t know why you couldn’t wear your special goggles, you could probably wear your glasses as well. It is a rough path to walk down to the river. Not awful, but not paved and smooth. We had some weak/non swimmers in our group and they were fine. The life jackets are *very* buoyant and you would have to work at it to drown. It’s very easy to just bob along in the deeper parts. Definitely budget to get the flash drive of pictures. They will have lots of pictures of your group plus beautiful professional pictures of the cave itself. The ferry over over wasn’t too bad but it was bumpy coming back. If you’re prone to motion sickness you should keep that in mind.
  8. Great review and pictures - thank you! Glad you had such a good time, we are on this same itinerary in August. Also, I noticed your husband's shirt in the first picture - Go Frogs!
  9. A few things that we have found helpful (YMMV of course!) A pad of post it notes and a pen/Sharpie and highlighter. When travelling with a group, it is nice to be able to leave a note on someone's door - "meet us at ___ at 5:00", "gone to the pool, back at 3:00" etc. There is usually a pen in the room but an extra comes in handy. A canvas bag or small daypack - to carry on excursion/port days. Mom always ends up being the keeper of everyone's stuff, and a tote bag makes it easier. Also handy to take towel/book/sunscreen/goggles/water bottle etc to the pool and back. A water bottle - someone upthread mentioned a Tervis, we like the bottle kind where the straw locks down to prevent spills. We fill them with ice water at the buffet and carry to the pool and in port. Being hydrated helps to counteract the alcohol and sun. A few plastic grocery sacks or ziplocks - nice to put wet/sandy stuff in when packing. A light sweater or sweatshirt / jacket - the casino and theatres can be chilly, especially when you have been out in the sun all day. We've found that we don't need the over-the-door hangers, our regular travel dopp kit style bag works fine. A binder clip or two is handy, or a small roll of tape, but not a deal breaker. The main thing is any kind of OTC medication you might take at home - bandaids, neosporin, tummy medicine, allergy, headache. You don't need the whole medicine cabinet, but it's nice to have the regular things available. The ship has all sorts of sundries for sale, but the prices are high. If you get hurt, the medical center can provide you with supplies, for a price. I once fell in port and skinned my knee badly. I had small bandaids and Neosporin, and the medical area had large adhesive bandages for $0.75/each. I bought a couple and that kept me happy until I bought a box at the next port. Don't stress. If you forget something, it will be ok.
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