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  1. Diamond Princess ~ depending on the "type" of cruise i.e. golden week had a lot of Japanese sailing but the Sakura sailing was a more even mix of passengers. I can't speak for Chinese but yes to Australian. The last cruise was our Sakura sailing and in addition to Australian accents and Russian heard throughout.
  2. I did both tours - for me the volcano, gardens and museum was more fun. We did the Chiran/Kamikazi museum and I was a little disappointed with Chiran but then I wasn't sure what I expected ~ however, the Kamizaki museum was interesting. The volcano is no big deal because I have one on Hawaii island but the gardens was interesting and had shops and a museum of Kagoshima/area as well all included in our tour stop. The museum was interesting because it was on the way back to the ship in a small area - you had hands on activity, ice cream and local shops nearby, koi in the pond in the front and the area was more residentialish. If I had to pay to do one again, my choice would be the volcano, gardens and museum. I didn't get enough time to do the gardens area.
  3. Thank you! Appreciate both responses - I try not to ask questions that may have been asked but was getting confused. I also appreciate the confirmation that we can use the OBC now to reserve the excursions and will let the others traveling with us know. Just one last question - confirming that we can reserve separate but that we will need to coordinate to be sure we are on the same excursion (in case they offer more than one time?) and then on ship when we check in we should be sure to be together to get on the same bus. Thank you all!
  4. Because each of us have $500 in OBC to use. I read one thread that said you cant use OBC to book the excursion ahead of time. Then I read another that said you could so I was gonna wait cuz I was confused..... but I am really having second thoughts but since I can't figure out how to work it out where I use the OBC rather than a credit card to reserve, I decided to wait....hoping that they may add if the tour was popular enough.
  5. I would definitely message rodim to get more details because those places to visit sound great but when we were there this past April from 2p to 8p, it didn't seem like a lot of time so we didn't go on a tour. We used the ship shuttle ($5-10) and got dropped in town near Gukje Intl Market and Yongdusan Park and wandered around BIFF and the Ja-Gal-Chi Fish Market area. The last shuttle was at 7p back to the ship and this totally felt like we didn't have enough time to wander, eat and shop. a) guestimate about an 1/2 hour to an hour for immigration (at least) unless you are going on a ship tour (lines were somewhat fast though). This would bring you to 3:30p. b) then consider that the ship wants you on board about at least 1/2 hour before departure so that would be 8:00p. This gives you 4.5 hours to get to where you want to go and return plus time there. So enough time to visit all those sites - probably not unless he went on a tour and can share that with you. As Busan is a stop almost always done by Princess - I may consider messaging rodim as well because after a while there is only so much you can see in the drop off area.
  6. We flew into Narita Airport - there are a lot of wifi locations that you can pick up that are relatively inexpensive (even better if you are able to reserve online) and yes works everywhere. The one we had also provided a customer service contact number if we had any problems. We used it mostly for data and txt not phone calls. Sorry don't remember how much we paid. Picked up our first day there and dropped off before we checked in for our flight. No problems.
  7. I flew on Delta once and left my jewelry on the plane, was crying because it was from my Grandmother who had recently passed. They not only let me back on but everyone helped me find it. Very generous of them. I also once forgot an umbrella in the overhead bin, but didn't realize it until I was finally home. And then I also forgot my prescription sunglasses on the plane - different airline - never got it. Even after filing a claim with Lost and Found. So Now, if I am at my final destination I just wait until the last to get off so I can calmly get organized and check the area. Also if you are flying to or from another country you may need to fill out customs forms and stuff (sometimes using your passport) and could easily put the passport in the seat pocket and forget it.
  8. Hope your venting went well and you feel better.
  9. I usually exchange $200 before I leave so I have ready cash. Easier for me than trying to find my way through the airport terminals after I have just landed - one less thing I have to stress over when I just arrive. I do exchange at the ports and/or train stations money exchanges. Most of the large stations have one, however, I tried to use a Visa Debit card at an atm that had english capability and it would not let me get yen. I was able to find an exchange window and change money in that manner. This was all at the train station in Kanazawa.
  10. Internet and Phone We use verizon and when I tried to use it even on land I got a $25 charge, even though I signed up for the international monthly plan at $40. So I gotta check with them what was happening. I am sorry I don't know the cost of the Princess Internet as we get minutes included now but I did purchase an additional amount at $40 and used it my almost 400 minutes on the last two days of the cruise - evening of Aomori, sea day and morning of Yokohama debarkation. I had about 16 minutes left. The internet service was very slow and in some cases didn't connect with some sites. We did get a WIFI at the airport but this was mostly for data and not for telephone calls and didn't use it on the ship
  11. Sorry I didn't finish the reply - was at the airport and then called our boarding in the middle of the response. But Yup - CubFan63 also summed up the rest of our cruise and I concur with most of what was said. I did ask for shrimp cocktail and caesar salad every night - no problem, but I had to ask. On our cruise there were a lot of Aussies and Brits, on my deck and dining were also a lot of Russians. Most of the Japanese passengers ate in the other dining room.
  12. I used the princess internet and sometimes it seemed to work and sometimes not. British airways did nit work that sea day i posted and all the brits on the ship trying to print boarding passed were not happy. I didnt hv too many problems but it was slow. The princess ap is great on the ship as it saved internet minutes but allows u to txt other people. Bad thing was the stateroom account did not show the shore excursion charges only ship related charges in the stores or bar.
  13. It is our last day on the Diamond Princess Japan April Flowers cruise which departed Yokohama on 4/20. This cruise is from 7 nights going from Yokohama, Kanmon Strait, Busan (Korea), Sakaiminato, Kanazawa, Aomori, sea day then back to Yokohama. Embarkation - was really fast. The line wasn't very long at about 11am and there were 13 positions to check you in. This was a transit cruise in that there were back to back people on the cruise but still impressive. Only drawback was the embarkation photographer who rushed us through. Make him take another picture (different pose) if you feel you are being rushed because you probably are. The weather at most of our ports was cold and wet -- Sakaiminato was not really rainy but Kanazawa and Hadokate was. Very foggy weather. Aomori was great as the weather cleared very nicely to end the ports. There were shuttles to the ports: Busan $10 lets you off near BIFF Square/Jagalchi Market/ Starbucks. Sakaiminato $5 lets you off at the Sakaiminato Station Kanazawa $10 lets you off at Kanazawa Station Hakodate $10 lets you off at Hakodate Station Aomori $5 lets you off at APSAM a short walk to Aomori Station As most of our departures were late - there was a lot of anytime anywhere dining. The immigration on board ship to go to Busan seemed unprepared and took long (about 1/2 hour wait) before they figured things out. On shore - then there were stations for immigration which was another wait of about 1/2 hour. The immigration on board ship to go to Sakaiminato was much better organized as they gave you a specific time to go to a station to wait to get off and then there were 13 stations for immigration. All in all both going and coming seemed to have gotten much better than our last cruise 2 years ago. The highlight was the Hirosaki Sakura Festival - OMG well worth all the horrible weather we had during the other ports of call. Made the trip worth while. Gotta consider doing it again in hopes that the weather is better, but the people were always friendly and helpful. Nice trip.
  14. I don't know where that is but be sure you have the information written down because it was shared with us that some taxi drivers do not know any english. Even in Japan we had this issue some time and actually got dropped off at a wrong location in town because I think we tried to say it wrong. It would be good if you have google translate to assist in communication. I am sorry I am not familiar with the skywalk - we were dropped off by a cruise shuttle to the BIFF area/jagalchi market and just walked around that area. Good luck.
  15. On board Diamond Princess - you must take your passport with you to get off the ship if you are not doing a ship's tour. There are inspectors on the ship and they periodically ask to see a person's passport. Note that if you are going from Yokohama to Aomori and not stopping off in Busan or any other country, you should not have too many issues. We went from hakodate to Aomori and got off the ship at 8am (ship docked and let people off at 7am). No problems - just showed cruise card getting off and again getting on. Ship shuttle goes to APSAM which is within walking distance of the Train station - most of the independents went to Hirosaki Castle for the Sakura Festival via the trail - JR station in Aomori and Hirosaki were extremely helpful.
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