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  1. Or 5,000+ on some RCI or MSC ships. And what on earth would be the point?
  2. But it's not your medical records. It's the fact you've had a vaccination, and why would you not give your consent? If the system works with Yellow Fever vaccines, why should this be different?
  3. But why is it going to be a data breach? This seems to be worrying about a non-existent problem. Global turnover for Cunard this year isn't going to be immense.😀
  4. Not terribly enticing, I agree, but I think I'd be more worried about catching Norovirus. But I suppose if everyone really,were meticulous...
  5. You seem terribly concerned about people here illegally. Have you encountered many on Cunard cruises?
  6. I cant think there are many of those. Apart from anything else they'd be worried about getting back in at the end of the cruise.
  7. I wonder if there really are more naredowells. Delightful to see that word written down for the first time. What are you registering for with the FCO? And shouldn't it be the Passport Office? And what about children? And surely it is for the benefit of everyone that even naredowells are vaccinated? But I'm not quite sure what point you are rally making, except that there are more bad people than there were.
  8. Paper ones? Presumably it was much harder to check on authenticity also. And really, I know Cunard cruises are wonderful, but how many people are going to go to the trouble of forging a document to say they've had a vaccination, when they haven't, just to go on one of the ships. Why not just have the jab?
  9. What is the problem with this? In the 1970s, I went to Italy when there was (most improbably) a small pox alert in North West London, where I happened to live. I had the vaccination, got a piece of paper, and waved it at anyone who was interested at frontiers, as I went by train. It really wasn't difficult. Now small pox really is a deadly disease, but the process was straightforward. So, why should this be different?
  10. I would have thought one of the major concerns about the spread of infection was the crew living at rather closer quarters than the passengers. Perhaps the unused inside cabins could be deployed to enable the crew to have a cabin of their own?
  11. Well, I always used to say jokingly that one of the reasons we booked the QG was that one should never book a cabin one couldn't face being confined to. I feel that is truer than ever now.
  12. I'm defeated by the arithmetic here. If ships are sailing at 50% capacity, surely fares will have to double to cover the loss in income. Makes the position look even worse. However, perhaps ships, such as Cunard's, with a high passenger space ratio, would be able to sail with a higher % than, say, Marella, where passengers have less space.
  13. In fact the casinos on the Vistas were made much smaller, presumably because they are little used on the European cruises, and provided a good site for the single cabins.
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