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  1. Could be. Or it could be that I hadn't yet had any coffee.
  2. What about Abu Dhabi, though the actual port is probably called something else?
  3. The earliest in the alphabet I have been to was Ajaccio on QE, but there is an Australian port I should have thought they had all been to.
  4. One last thought: as Cunard actually had a govt. contract for transporting immigrants from Austria - Hungary, isn't it likely that at one time they had an impresssive building in either Vienna or Budapest. I'm sure you can track something down.😀😀
  5. Seems fine to me, a little weak perhaps, but unobjectionable, and it wakes me up.
  6. One thing that emerges from the greatly impressive list you have compiled is how attractive so many of the buildings were. I suspect in places with lots of emigrants, Cunard did have offices, distinct from Tommy Cook, but they were simply the size of ordinary shops, and no longer identifiable.
  7. Somewhere else that has probably been obliterated is an office in Syria. Thousands emigrated from there pre-WW1, including a couple who died on the Titanic. You would have thought the shipping companies must have had some sort of presence there to shepherd them across Europe to the Atlantic ports.
  8. I thought they must have had an office in France and am relieved you found some in Paris. Le Havre and Cherbourg were both so badly bombed that any premises there may have been obliterated.
  9. The Cunard Hungarian American Service actually turned round at Fiume. I can't find anything there, but it's hard to believe there wasn't quite an impressive set of offices.
  10. What a strange building: the top and bottom halves don't look as if they belong. Like several of the others we have seen, it seems to have been for sale some time recently.
  11. Quite often, I have found they have Beef Wellington as a menu item one night near the end of a cruise, which makes it much more manageable. Otherwise the alc amount easily would feed at least three. It's very nice though.
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