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  1. A few years ago, it happened to us the other way round. It was originally going to be La Spezia and was changed to Livorno after we had booked. La S. is not a very convenient port for Florence, but is a really delightfully attractive port in itself, an ordinary Italian town with a nice waterfront, and several places to get ice creams. If I were to choose a trip from there, I would choose Lucca, which is reasonably near and only takes half a day. But we found it delightful to wander around. i assume Cunard goes whoever there is space for less cost.
  2. I inspect the proportion of one's waking hours spent in the cabin is related to the size and lightness of the cabin. I always spend a considerable amount of time in mine, but discernibly more when we have a Vista Q4 than in a P1.
  3. Presumably to give those fortunate people who go on QM2 WC every year a bit of variety.
  4. I think it's worth every penny for a view of the sea, if not an actual balcony. The Atlantic is endlessly changing and fascinating. I'd hope for n upgrade to (or pay for) an Ocean View.
  5. In my experience, inevitably, Cunard err on the side of caution. They cancelled all Turkey calls a few years ago, in response to what seemed very minor dangers. But obviously they won't want to risk their passengers or ships. Sure they are sensible enough to alter their itinerary if they deem it risky.
  6. Sorry, wrong ship. Its is the CR on QV. Might have something in Sir Sam's on QM2?
  7. It can be quite leisurely, though, if you tell them your deadline, I have found they are often much speedier. Even so, there's the pub, or Café Carinthia, or the Chart Room, or the pool bar place, if open, or room service, all of which seem more agreeable, though of course the choices are much more limited.
  8. Presumably, Cunard would be wary of putting their flagship in the least danger. Or they could be plotting a major insurance scan, which it is probably libellous so much as to, suggest, so I'm not.
  9. As far as I remember, the crux was it was the first night of Med. cruises, when, for whatever reason (?late flight arrival times?) people might not have fully unpacked. Could the same apply with Alaska cruises?
  10. I'm not sure I understand the relevance of this, but would say I think quietness a good thing in toffee. I hate it when you can hear your neighbour chewing the stuff. If only I did have teeth...
  11. I quite agree. They pride themselves on passengers having to wait no more than ten minutes at security, though I'm sure they sometimes fail, the security staff are polite, and airside, there is a pleasant café/bar from which one can watch the planes landing and taking off. It actually seems like an airport not a shopping mall. And, of course, it has huge significance in the history of UK aviation.
  12. I think on most voyages the dressiness of Gala Nights is much the same, i.e. pretty dressy. What tends to vary more is the dressiness of non-formal nights. Passengers on a warm weather cruise with an early evening departure from port are likely to look more casual than those in mid-Atlantic, I think.
  13. I know this is a joke, but I have been worrying about it for some days. Recently, we have had one MP murdered near her constituency office, and many others subjected to daily death threats. We may dislike or disagree with them, but they are elected, and making light of plans to murder them seems rather harsh. And it seems harsh that Guido Fawkes who was merely the unfortunate one to carry out an aristocratic plot should be the only one remembered. Sorry to be so bleak
  14. The change in the law about credit cards applies to the UK. Australia does not seem to have legislated thus.
  15. I imagine it’s purely a matter of luck what you get.
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