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  1. Tigerman00

    royal caribbean web site

    I really don't understand why Royal have a "contact us button" and never email you back, and I mean never,ever. Not only bad manners but very frustrating ! K
  2. Before we get all excited, lets see the pricing . They will milk us dry on this one !!
  3. Hi anyone know an economical place to park in Sydney for 5 nights, does not have to be that close to the Quay. I can drop everyone off and bus it back ?? Ken
  4. Tigerman00

    Pacific Aria

    P&O are kidding themselves with these prices, I am not a great fan of P&O but if the price is right we would probably book one of the new ships . K
  5. Tigerman00

    Royal Caribbean 15/16 deployment.

    I agree that another Voyager class ship does not do it for me . However, according to my friends currently on the Rhapsody this was announced today. Don't know who by or if its a rumour. K
  6. Tigerman00

    Royal Caribbean 15/16 deployment.

    Just announced on Rhapsody that Explorer of the Seas in replacing her , here in Oz . K
  7. Well done, you always contribute in an informative manner. K
  8. Tigerman00

    Rhapsody - man overboard

    Maybe it was a maintenance worker who "fell off" ?
  9. Tigerman00

    Port Chalmers bus rip off by RCCL

    RCCL in US dollars. We spoke with a mini bus driver who told us they are not allowed to do own tours and must go through the port and pay them 15%. Look, it was a great cruise but small things get to me . K
  10. I was recently (last week) on the Voyager of the Seas in Port Chalmers NZ. Berthed next to us was the Sun Princess, both ships were selling bus transfers to Dunedin. RCCL $22.00 and Princess $15.00. What a rip off by RCCL. Then they have the hide to conduct a walk to raise money for charity, why not donate the extra $7.00 they charge, also I believe that when a company claims that you will be in Dunedin the bus transfer should be included. Ken
  11. Tigerman00

    Departure Cards

    We do have some and fill them in at home, but what I am saying is the mess that it causes especially at Circular Quay, is stressful for a lot of people. They fill them in standing up or at the desk. If you were able to fill them in on line all the writing would be readable and clearly printed.. Just my thoughts! K
  12. Hi, I have been thinking that departure at the cruise terminal and airports would be a lot smoother if you could fill in and print out the departure cards prior to arrival at the port or airport. Why could this not be the case, Australia is so far behind the times !! Just my Opinion . Ken
  13. I think you will find that they are going to swap Rhapsody, Radiance and Voyager for different ships of similar class. With the exception being Radiance will be replaced with a smaller ship . K