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  1. That's the fleet report, which shows where the ships are. Rich does this every day (thank you, Rich!) It isn't meant as a continuation of this thread.
  2. Thanks for posting this. It's the last sentence that got my attention. What a patriot! (And how did he not know there were American citizens on board--did he think everyone on HOLLAND America is Dutch?????)
  3. Ugh, the "Master Chef Dinner," with the waiters juggling rolls and veg. It went on FOREVER. We always escaped to the Pinnacle on the last night because of it. I doubt there will be requests to bring that back. But I'd like to see the Dutch night come back.
  4. Or the reminder that the casino is open and "taking donations."
  5. IS HE KIDDING?????????????? I was joking when I said that I hoped he would let more than just the Florida Fifty disembark. No other state that took passengers limited it to people from their state. Is there any way for HAL to appeal this?
  6. For all you do here, I think we can give you a pass on this one. 😍
  7. If ever there was a time for comfort food, this is it. I use a lot of my mom's recipes, but not bread pudding. HAL's is better than hers. (Sorry, Mom)
  8. I just looked. More than a month and NO posts on the smoking thread. Didn't think that would ever happen!!! Does anyone know how to find the infamous "may I take a blender onboard" thread? Or the ever-popular "Bless your heart" thread?
  9. I hear you. I am not one to bash the media, but reports are often incomplete or inaccurate and then people "Interpret" them. The coast guard statement seems to be about sick people on board, with no mention of the 2 HAL ships with "healthy" passengers on board. So we can't take that as proof that NOBODY will be allowed off the ships. And if you want to see media hype, go to the home page of the Weather Channel--not my idea of a source of news--and there's a headline about "We are stuck on this death ship." 🙄 So let's not add to the hype here.
  10. There aren't enough tests to test everyone. Tests still are being reserved for people with actual symptoms. And I'm not sure anyone knows how far into the no-symptoms-but-infected phase you have to be to show a positive test. Yes, some infected people will get through, but with the infection everywhere, would they make that much difference at this point?
  11. So is the issue with a foreign ship about security or jurisdiction? Something else?
  12. Thank you, Copper. I hope that's accepted. That will get a lot of the passengers on their way home with minimal contact with locals.
  13. Thank you for being a nurse! Since you're beer capital USA, I have to ask. Does Tim Shaefer "the beer chef" still have a restaurant there? He got his start here in NJ and I still miss his restaurant and the fabulous beer tasting dinners.
  14. Sorry to laugh, but your comment about your dad was funny because a good friend complained to me just yesterday that her parents in their 80s and not living with her keep calling because they've run out of something they deem essential like food coloring for icing, and she has to be the bad guy and say "no, I'm NOT going to the store for that." Governor Murphy is right. We're a strong state, we'll get through this!
  15. This made me think of that old commercial, "Pardon me, but do you have any Grey Poupon?" Sorry to be irreverent, but it is April Fool's Day. Let's hope this is a simple transfer of something that Zaandam needs and Rotterdam is supplying.
  16. Thanks for the report, Rich. In any other year, a list of so many ships not going anywhere would look like an April Fool's joke. Thanks for the funny, Jacqui. I tried to think of an April Fool's text to send to my SIL, but everything that's happening is more surreal than anything I can make up.
  17. Might there be some behind-the scenes discussions to sway voters who appear to be on the fence?
  18. If they could disembark the passengers, they could use passenger cabins to spread out the crew.
  19. Yes, slap a big piece of paper on the kitchen table and start drawing!
  20. Do you mean the red carpet through Lake Gatun? It must have taken some serious planning to make sure other ships were well out of the way for that dash through the lake.
  21. For all we know he does have some solutions/suggestions to offer. There's a lot of negotiating behind the scenes, and we will probably never know about most of it. If I went into negotiations with potential plans, I wouldn't talk about it in my press releases. "We could do this or we could do that..." and then it isn't done and people will ask why not and say he failed to make it happen.
  22. Somebody said that, but it may not have been an official statement. It could stem from the fact that they didn't move any ill passengers, a move that makes sense in so many ways. By not moving any ill passengers, they did create a "sick ship" and a "healthy ship," but there's no guarantee that someone who was moved hadn't already been exposed. In his latest message, Mr Ashford said that new cases were decreasing, but no specifics. So we don't know how much the numbers are going up on Zaandam. And you're right about the quarantine clock on Rotterdam. There's no way to be sure if someone was incubating but asymptomatic at the time of the move.
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