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  1. Last week, DeSantis criticized the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for announcing that a no-sail order on cruise ships would remain in place until Nov. 1. On March 26, the governor sat down with state officials to discuss the importance of the industry, calling the order “baseless.” During the meeting, DeSantis asked the CDC to reverse the no-sail order that’s been in place since March 14, 2020. “If there is one thing we’ve learned over the past year, it’s that lockdowns don’t work, and Floridians deserve the right to earn a living,” said DeSantis.
  2. Fly to Anchorage. It's a ridiculously long flight so build in an extra day to rest in Anchorage and/or allow for your luggage to catch up to you should it get routed improperly. It happens. Take the train to Seward. It leaves very early in the am. Another reason why you don't want to arrive in Anchorage at 11pm and have to be on a train in 5 - 6 hours. You will be exhausted. Plan for breakfast on the train. (dining car!) Purchase the upgraded seats on the train (Goldstar). The seats are on the top level of the train and include breakfast. Try the reindeer s
  3. Honestly, I can't recommend one side over the other. All views are amazing and (as another poster mentioned) you rarely are in one place on the ship for very long and you can always move to another location if needed. Enjoy your planning!!
  4. I vote for the float plane. The plane ride is gentle and amazing. It will be an experience you will never forget. Regardless, at some point during your cruise get up in the air. Either by float plane or helicopter. The views from the air are outstanding.
  5. I just returned from Alaska. The information they are giving out on the Alaska .gov website is indeed very confusing as I just lived through the confusion. Several family members traveled together and some on different days. We all (as directed) had a negative Covid test done 72 hours prior to traveling. Cost: $154.00 per person Alaska had us create an account with their Alaska health portal. We uploaded our negative tests to the portal. Also had to tell them the color of our skin, which I refused to do. All of my family me
  6. Yes, personally I would still use a TA. I have cruised many times since 2002. My TA is my representative when dealing with the cruise line. If there is any issue, she (my TA) is highly skilled at getting the cruiseline to respond to my needs. Case in point: currently, I have a Future Cruise Credit that is only showing 50% of what it should be. RCI has made a mistake. My TA is dealing with the cruiseline. Without a TA, you are unrepresented when you have to deal with the cruiseline. Similar to a buyer and a seller using the same real estat
  7. Regarding Rutgers: Students planning to attend the fall 2021 semester may request an exemption from the vaccination requirement for medical or religious reasons. Regarding employees: "Dr. Cohn reminded everyone that under an EUA, vaccines are not allowed to be mandatory. Therefore, early in the vaccination phase individuals will have to be consented and cannot be mandated to be vaccinated." Source: https://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/acip/meetings/downloads/min-archive/min-2020-08-508.pdf
  8. Not sure how this might play out for cruises, but here in the USA - it is against the law to require someone to receive an experimental vaccine. ie: A doctor working in a hospital can be strongly encouraged to take the Covid-19 vaccine but he cannot be fired for refusing [as long as the vaccine is still in an experimental stage]. But once/if FDA approved, the whole game changes. If a cruiseline eventually requires a vaccine, they are going to lose a lot of business from non-vaccinated loyalists. The current COVID 19 mRNA "vaccines" (specifically Moderna and Pfizer)
  9. I have cruised a lot. Always booking through an agent. I have a great agent. I never have to deal with the cruise line. I just communicate with my agent. It's all about customer service. Find a good agent. Make some inquiries with a few agents that people you know have recommended. See how you like the agent and his/her style of service. My agent is so accessible. Phone call, email, text message or Facebook message.
  10. It is extremely tacky and shows a lack of training.
  11. I booked the Unlimited Dining Package on my upcoming 9 night cruise for $25/night. ($225/package)
  12. I think that it is perfectly acceptable to tip an additional amount above the service charge that is included when purchased online. I think it is really important for people to fully understand that they have been charged a tip already. Be as grateful and generous as you can be!
  13. Service charge is included when booked online. This is the tip.
  14. 1990 Operation Desert Shield 1991 Operation Desert Storm Veterans who served during 1990/1991 will be on the April 19, 2020 RCI Liberty of the Seas. Connect with us! ...and the 30th Anniversary of the war is knocking on our door! 😮
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