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  1. Boo's Mom

    Help with Alaska Cruise

    Hi, Julie. I have cruised in Alaska 6 times. (all on Celebrity) I would recommend a north route or a south route vs any roundtrip. They (north or south) are JUST BETTER! Enjoy the planning!
  2. Boo's Mom

    Operation Desert Storm (1990/1991)

    The next one is April 2020. Desert Storm Reunion
  3. Yes, it is amazing. It often sells out, so be sure to book with your cruiseline ahead of time. They do sell tickets on site, but only if the ships haven't sold out and many times they do. I don't often (almost never) recommend booking with the ship, but this is certainly the exception.
  4. Boo's Mom

    Balcony cabin vs suite

    I agree with the posters above. Consider 2 balcony cabins. Even if you get a suite (unless it was one of the larger suites) you are still going to be tight with 4 people. Depending on the age of the children, find connecting balconies. And don't be too quick to put teens in an (unconnected) balcony by themselves. ie: putting adult names on each cabin in order to make the booking. You really do need to protect them and it can have little to nothing to do with not trusting them.
  5. Boo's Mom

    Alaska Air Times

    Another bump could be multiple hundreds of people waiting in the customs line. I have seen this on several occasions. Just think about (only) 2 cruise ships disembarking that morning. And how many of those passengers are US citizens. And how many are heading home after disembarking?
  6. Boo's Mom

    Alaska Air Times

    Yes, you will have to go through Customs. I would not recommend anything any earlier than 12pm. There will likely be very very long lines (customs) at the Vancouver airport. No need to add crazy stress to your amazing vacation. Even with a 12pm flight, you are still going to have to get off of the ship early.
  7. Boo's Mom

    Preferential Suite Access To Customs?

    Hmmmm..... this isn't accurate at all.
  8. Boo's Mom

    Preferential Suite Access To Customs?

    This is not reality. Once the suite passenger is off the ship the suite perks are halted.
  9. Boo's Mom

    Suggestions? VERY Chatty roll call

    You can try to ignore and continue with legit roll call related posts. Others will likely follow suit. I am sure it is extremely frustrating. All roll calls have their own dynamics. Good luck.
  10. Boo's Mom

    Passport and birth certificate

    Ditto. What Keith said. But if you only have the BC, I would certainly recommend getting a passport. There are risks involved with traveling internationally without a passport. Even though you are on a ship, if something should happen and you need to FLY - you could experience a great delay (or not able to fly). Not worth it, when you put some forethought into emergencies.
  11. Boo's Mom

    Houston vs Galveston

    I would recommend going all the way to Galveston once you arrive in Texas. Even though you have (2) nights, you really only have one good (full) day of exploring. Don't try to do too much. Houston can be overwhelming. Relax and enjoy Galveston. Enjoy your cruise!
  12. Boo's Mom

    Suggestion on what to do in Ketchikan for the day??

    Hire a fishing charter for the day. The guys on the boat will let you do as little or as much as you want regarding the process of fishing. When you catch fish you can have it shipped home! Makes great souvenirs! "fish I caught in Alaska"
  13. Boo's Mom

    UBER in Alaska

    and both Uber and Lyft are operating in Juneau. None of these ports though: Skagway, ISP, Ketchikan, Vancouver, Seward Effective: Aug 2017
  14. Boo's Mom

    Packing light. How to? Your tips.

    Budget funds for dry cleaning/laundry. Pack less clothing and have items cleaned while on the cruise! ie: in the months leading up to your cruise, skip a few dining out meals. It should not be hard to accumulate 100.00 in savings. Use these funds for your dry cleaning/laundry budget! :cool: