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  1. I have cruised a lot. 

    Always booking through an agent. 


    I have a great agent. 

    I never have to deal with the cruise line. 

    I just communicate with my agent. 


    It's all about customer service. 

    Find a good agent. 

    Make some inquiries with a few agents that people you know have recommended. 

    See how you like the agent and his/her style of service. 


    My agent is so accessible. 

    Phone call, email, text message or Facebook message. 


  2. I think that it is perfectly acceptable to tip an additional amount above the service charge that is included when purchased online.  

    I think it is really important for people to fully understand that they have been charged a tip already. 


    Be as grateful and generous as you can be! 


  3. "A Crown & Anchor Society member can be added into a relationship with other family members in the same household and receive equivalent tier status; however Cruise Points will remain according to actual cruises taken and calculated using the Program level accrual system described above. Pinnacle Club member tier status will not be awarded to dependents if earned by their parent and/or guardian. Pinnacle Club member tier status can only be earned by an individual, spouse or significant other by one of them accumulating 700 Cruise Points or more in the CAS program. For all tiers except Pinnacle Club, a relationship is defined as a spouse or significant other and children less than 18 years old. For Pinnacle Club a relationship is considered a spouse and/or significant other. Children will be taken out of a relationship with a parent or guardian upon their 18th birthday date. If it is found that a dependent or child is not immediately removed from a relationship upon their 18th birthday and accumulates a higher tier status outside of this time period, the dependents record will be adjusted back to the appropriate tier status." 


    The above is found under General Terms and Conditions in this document: https://dlxffu6hwewxp.cloudfront.net/cas/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/CAS_Member_Benefits_Grid_APRIL-2019.pdf



  4. As mentioned, the issue is customs. 

    You could literally have multiple thousands of people processing through customs. (at the airport) 

    If there are any issues and thousands of people are slowed down - therein lies the potential risk. 


    You are probably okay with an 1130 flight, but you should walk your luggage off of the ship at the earliest time and take a cab to the airport. 


    Keep in mind that you have to clear customs as you are leaving the ship also. 

    Usually smooth, but if there happens to be an issue - therein lies the risk. 


    What type of issues have I seen on the ship with customs? 

    Some questionable passengers and customs was not going to allow anyone off of the ship until the issue was resolved.

    Another time there were people (can't remember if they were passengers or cruise employees) who were caught with drugs and it slowed down the disembarkation. 


    No relaxing for you on disembarkation morning. 

    Get up early and prepare to hustle. 

    You are not all clear until you get through customs at the airport.  




  5. My opinion (only): 

    They need to eat their loss.  It's not a great loss.  Not in the big picture. 

    They didn't give the packages away for free.  


    They can move the loss into their "advertising" column as the fiasco has certainly brought them a lot of attention and "advertising".  


    Show good faith with their clients and honor all $18/day packages that were sold. 

    To not do so is going to hurt their reputation. 

    In this day and time, reputation is very important. 


    This was not just a glitch.  Glitches are identified immediately and stopped.  This was a communication issue and other issues.  It is multi-faceted.  There is no easy fix other than to eat the loss and move forward in the sea of cheers from their loyal customers. 


    When they honor:  The cheers will be loud.  The advertisement value will go through the roof. 


    All is good. 


    Let's do this RCI. 

  6. I have received a "free drink package" so many times as a booking incentive. 

    It is not a big deal to the cruiseline. 

    And it (the offer that ended recently) was not free. 


    I am standing on the premise that this drink package special offer was not a mistake. 

    It was a marketing ploy that actually benefits both parties. 


    It alone probably generated multiple millions of people going to their website. 

    They normally pay for that in advertising dollars. 



  7. I know this is an incredibly subjective question, but I'm wondering if a "zipline snob" will enjoy the Ziprider in Icy Strait Point? We (me, DH, DS12 and DS14) are lucky enough to have been ziplining in some amazing places - our favorites being Costa Rica and Hawaii. The downside is that we're now kind of spoiled when it comes to ziplines - it takes a lot to WOW us. I'm wondering if the Ziprider has that WOW factor? If it helps, we did the zipline at Labadee (RC's private island in the Caribbean) last year and really enjoyed that - ziplining over water gave it a novelty factor that made us feel like it was worth it. Would love any thoughts y'all might have. We are planning to do a whale-watching tour that morning, and I was looking for a second activity for the afternoon. Thanks!


    Yes, it is amazing.


    It often sells out, so be sure to book with your cruiseline ahead of time.

    They do sell tickets on site, but only if the ships haven't sold out and many times they do.


    I don't often (almost never) recommend booking with the ship, but this is certainly the exception.

  8. I agree with the posters above.


    Consider 2 balcony cabins.


    Even if you get a suite (unless it was one of the larger suites) you are still going to be tight with 4 people.


    Depending on the age of the children, find connecting balconies.


    And don't be too quick to put teens in an (unconnected) balcony by themselves.

    ie: putting adult names on each cabin in order to make the booking.

    You really do need to protect them and it can have little to nothing to do with not trusting them.

  9. I The taxi line sounds like the only bump and that will depend on how many ships are in port.


    Another bump could be multiple hundreds of people waiting in the customs line. I have seen this on several occasions.


    Just think about (only) 2 cruise ships disembarking that morning.

    And how many of those passengers are US citizens.

    And how many are heading home after disembarking?

  10. I'm sure this has been discussed many times. I have also done searches but guess I haven't asked the search correctly.


    Trying to arrange airfare for a group of people. In flying out of Vancouver, you have to go thru customs when the ship docks after the cruise, correct? Can you carry off your luggage and get off as early as possible, which might be what time if ship docks at 7:00 a.m.? It seems the earlier the flight the more expensive it is.


    Yes, you will have to go through Customs.


    I would not recommend anything any earlier than 12pm.

    There will likely be very very long lines (customs) at the Vancouver airport.


    No need to add crazy stress to your amazing vacation.


    Even with a 12pm flight, you are still going to have to get off of the ship early.

  11. A current thread (Summit to Bermuda) has a refererence to suite passengers having a separate line to access Customs.


    1) Is this true?

    2) Since when does the US Government provide separate access to its services based on paying more money than someone else? A particular concern since this a national security related preference

    3) Celebrity - if this is true, Celebrity speak up and identify how you arranged this with the Government


    This is offensive to say the least.


    This is not reality.


    Once the suite passenger is off the ship the suite perks are halted.

  12. Some roll calls have been terrific. All kinds of helpful ideas, opportunities to share excursions, possibilities for meeting up for shared interests on board, etc. But others become a chat-fest for an in-crowd who repeatedly post long lists of people joining them for a special dinner, yak back and forth about their upcoming weekend plans, or give ongoing detailed medical reports with a resulting flurry of well wishes.


    The problem is that as new people join the roll call there are hundreds, maybe eve thousands of posts of unrelated chit-chat to comb through. Yes, yes, I know there's a search function, but that can still turn up a lot of flotsam.


    Any tips for handling this? The one time I politely suggested people could carry on their personal conversations off-line by email, I was answered with outrage and snark. I've pretty much given up on one roll call right now, and it seems like most newcomers have too. As one wrote at the end of a post, "And now back to your regular program."


    You can try to ignore and continue with legit roll call related posts.

    Others will likely follow suit.


    I am sure it is extremely frustrating.

    All roll calls have their own dynamics.


    Good luck.

  13. Ditto.

    What Keith said.


    But if you only have the BC, I would certainly recommend getting a passport.

    There are risks involved with traveling internationally without a passport.

    Even though you are on a ship, if something should happen and you need to FLY - you could experience a great delay (or not able to fly). Not worth it, when you put some forethought into emergencies.

  14. Just booked Breeze for the 2-11-18 sailing. Flying in on the 9th to Hobby. Looking for hotel recommendations and if we should spend 2 nights in Houston then get to Galveston the morning of the cruise vs spending 2 nights in Galveston and just getting there the night we fly in? First time to Texas and all input appreciated!


    I would recommend going all the way to Galveston once you arrive in Texas. Even though you have (2) nights, you really only have one good (full) day of exploring.


    Don't try to do too much.

    Houston can be overwhelming.


    Relax and enjoy Galveston.

    Enjoy your cruise!

  15. We are going to Ketchikan, Alaska on the Grand Princess and we have never been there before.


    I was wondering what is their not to miss in Ketchikan?? and what would you recommend doing here for the day for a first time visitor?


    Any ideas / suggestions are very welcome :)


    Hire a fishing charter for the day.

    The guys on the boat will let you do as little or as much as you want regarding the process of fishing.

    When you catch fish you can have it shipped home!

    Makes great souvenirs!

    "fish I caught in Alaska"

  16. Both UBER and LYFT are operating in Anchorage...


    and both Uber and Lyft are operating in Juneau.


    None of these ports though: Skagway, ISP, Ketchikan, Vancouver, Seward


    Effective: Aug 2017

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