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  1. I believe I was told that this is the union for NY...International Longshoremen's Association Local 1814. I know it is for the dockworkers, maybe porters also. I really am not sure.
  2. Have only sailed out of NYC...I tip $ 2-3 when arriving. BUT--always tip more when debarking..as said on other threads..having a porter in NYC when getting off is a big help!!!
  3. I always go to MDR for embarkation lunch....nice a quiet and relaxing !!!
  4. Yes---you are right..--and this is why I want to see what the outcome was !!! Also, If RCCL "settled" with the family , would be interesting to know., as surely it will effect the entire cruise industry .
  5. If true...sad indeed....though not as disappointed in the actual removal of themes ..but rather the apparent money induced cut backs.
  6. If indeed there will never be an official/media update, I will be disappointed. Surprised it has not been in local family paper or PR paper and then picked up up other sources.
  7. MANY years ago...we did have surcharge --booked very early, then surcharge added months later and then , as I recall it was removed before our sailing as crude prices stabilized.
  8. GG..so glad you are happily booked. Enjoy every minute!
  9. Congrats !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and so glad the "weight has been lifted" ! and my sincere prayers for your treatments and recovery.
  10. I do use a lanyard...I get my card punched at desk upon boarding and when I get my CAS cards..machine and drink..just add them to the lanyard.
  11. Just got this added to my November 2020 reservation through CAS. 12 days--7 ports Did pay and extra $44 total for 2 of us due to price change. A bargain !!!
  12. My DH has a shrimp allergy. When we went to Teppanyaki the hostess asked us first before we even said anything. When the chef came out..he knew already and clarified with my DH. It was not a problem for us .
  13. Halifax had some bad damage and many without power !!!
  14. I hear ya !! But the times I was asked to step aside I actually did not walk past the line..but rather the hostess at top..kind of sent me down..almost like I had people already waiting for me in DR. I do not know why this happened..but after a few days, I guess they knew me very well...as I ate breakfast, lunch and dinner there ! AND I totally agree they MUST stop saying you can book online for the MDR. It causes so much confusion and problems onboard!
  15. On my last few cruises, as a Platinum Plus sailing solo, it seemed I was treated very well in MDRs. Though nothing was ever said by me or hostess, I was always given a great table when available and twice it seemed I was seated faster than others when there was a line (not given a beeper, but rather asked to step aside and seated quickly).
  16. Yes indeed. The north Atlantic is not always at it's best this time of year and this storm will not help at all !!!!! It will be interesting to hear some reports !
  17. I stopped going to the Lattitudes parties a few cruises ago. They were very crowded making it very hard to get a drink or snack. .And really nothing of interest was said or done ! Plus I believe they started to cut the time down...to 45 minutes (which was almost as long as I waited outside the venue to get it !!! LOL)? Hoping any changes will be good. !
  18. Yup !!!! Go and enjoy. Last few cruises, DH didn't want to go...so I went !!! Loved it !!!!
  19. I never realized the bid strengths changed !! Interesting....
  20. GG..so glad you are home safe. I agree with your view on the NCL corporate handling of this. It is surely time for a change at the top !!! Try to enjoy the rest of your day.
  21. I feel so bad for all who are on board and for those who were looking forward to tomorrow's cruise. And I hope everyone makes it home safely.....
  22. FYI--The Hurricane Notices on top NCL site is gone... being updated ????
  23. Yes..I can believe it. And unfortunately this scenario will be repeated on many cruise ships over the next days. While I surely can understand the anxiety and stress of the passengers, common sense would dictate that NCL is not at fault for any of this.
  24. Our first cruise , over a decade ago, was to Alaska. Only saw killer wales in the far distance, but did see eagles, seals, otters, and a bear catching a salmon ! (PS- it was salmon "season" and the small streams were "frothing" with the salmon activity !)
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