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  1. Thanks. I don’t even mind dressing up a tad. That can be managed with khakis, nice shirt and spots jacket. It’s the full suit, shoes, tie, etc. only used one evening that I could do without.
  2. Apologies in advance for stirring up debate on formal wear once again! Going on HOS shortly. As our trip includes pre-cruise travels, am trying to minimize luggage and as such, would prefer not to pack a suit. Don’t mind formal wear and have dragged some to all our cruises but this time, it would be more convenient not to. So, for a man, will khakis with a nice shirt and sports jacket stand out too much on RCI? Last cruise with them was over 8 yrs ago and I remember formal wear not being that intense, even then. Has it changed? Any thoughts appreciated.
  3. Couldn’t pick MTD wailistvwhen we booked. Just late dining wait list.
  4. Hello all. Haven't sailed RCI in a while. Booked late on an upcoming HOS cruise and could only get early dining. We're waitlisted for late but would like MTD. Where should I go once onboard to try and see if we can indeed change? Thanks.
  5. Thanks. Are reservations tough to get? Can you just show up and wait if needed?
  6. Hey all. Booked in a Junior Suite on HOTS. I read that reservations are required for the included Coastal Kitchen dinners. Can you reserve times before boarding or can you only do that once you board? Thanks for the info.
  7. Then we’ll be forced to spend another day in the south, delaying our return to the snow. That would be terrible. 😉
  8. Good other. May I ask the car service you used? If you were happy with it, I wouldn't mind checking them out.
  9. Thanks. Would that be a challenge on Harmony? Haven’t sailed an Oasis-class ship in years. Is their logistics still as good (was amazing at the time for the amount of folks). Also, is RCI accommodating to folks with their own flight arrangements?
  10. Hey all. Would the above be too close for a flight out of MCO after a Harmony cruise? There are later options, just none that are direct as the 11:35 flight.Thanks!
  11. Thanks all. Procrastinating has a price. While hesitating, we first lost the cabins we wanted on NCL Escape and now MSC Meraviglia. We have therefore booked Harmony of the seas. Two non connecting junior suites side by side. Thanks for the help!
  12. Not worried about my 17 and 14 year old not following rules while on-board. They are well behaved kids. Nor are we looking to leave them unsupervised the whole week. This is just about them having their own room to sleep. Are you suggesting that even if I was told on the phone we could do whatever we wanted once on-board, they would somehow enforce the booked cabin assignment if, say, the cabin steward notices? Are you saying MSC is that strict about it?
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