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  1. I thought the Oasis was going to do a 2 night short cruise, but looking at the inlet cam it's still there. My question is.......is everybody on just for a 2 night stay and it is staying docked?
  2. We are sailing on Solstice shortly too, can you email me a copy of the dining room diagram too PLEASE and Thanks.:):) Lynne tinywabbit@adelphia.net
  3. Well, I must say this trip more than met our expectations. It was a wonderful trip. The Staff and Crew were great and our Cruise Director, Sue, made the trip that more pleasant. The food was outstanding, the best we have had on any trip to include ocean cruises. The ship was only 1/2 full the first week and about 3/4 full for the 2nd week. Our cabin was nice even though a little small, we made suggestions for better use of empty spaces, and really liked having the "French Balcony" and being able to open the door and stick our heads out, especially to feed the Swans/Ducks along the way. The towels could have been thicker so we asked for extra bath towels daily and did have a top sheet and blankets put on our beds instead of the duvet which ended up being hot. Each cabin had it's own A/C and heat, but we ended up running the A/C or just the fan with the door cracked, even when cold out, the cabin stayed comfortable and we like sleeping with it cool. The Kempinski Hotel in Budapest was 5 star and the breakfast buffet was a feast and the rooms were very nice. We walked all over the city for the 3 days we were there. In Paris, the Hilton wasn't that great but the location was. We had good weather the whole time, only one afternoon did we have some drizzle and have to open our umbrellas but as we headed north on the Danube it did get colder and we wore our heavier coats, gloves, scarfs and ear covers........brrrr. I think most of the places we were now have really cold weather and snow. I don't think we would do this type of trip again any time soon, very intensive on a daily basis, some days starting with tours at 8 am, and some days 2 tours in 2 different cities. You really have to be in shape, we wore pedometer and walked between 4-7 miles a day. The guides were all excellent in the group we were in and having the ear buds and receivers was really nice so you could listen to the guide but not have to stick close and could wander and explore if you didn't get out of range of the transmitters. So, all in all I would rate this EXCELLENT. We did see a lot of other river cruise ships along the way, some bigger and some smaller but were not able to go on and explore. We only tied up against others twice so got to walk through their lobbies, one was a newer Amadeus ship which had twin stairs in lobby with elevator on the side. Most of the entertainment was really good, people came on nightly from the towns we were in, we especially liked the nights we had musical entertainers and of course, the wine tasting. For all those who have trips to look forward to, know you will enjoy and have a good time. Lynne
  4. well, after over a year of planning, tomorrow is the big day, we departure for our River Cruise. After packing/repacking many times, got the luggage down to 3 med/large suitcases and 1 pull along carry on and a tote bag. We will carry our heaviest coats, packed the rest. Taking layers but also some warmer things, gloves/scarfs, etc. We'll start off with rain in Budapest but since we are going 1 day early, should have 2 days of maybe only showers after we arrive. Wit.......in Paris we are just going to wander........this is our 3rd trip and since the hotel with Amadeus is by Eiffel Tower, we have not had time to explore that area at all, so will spend those days there. Then, on 11/19 we change to a hotel over in St. Germain behind Cafe Margot where we have stayed before.....a little hotel, not fancy but got a good price/package. We can walk to Notre Dame/Louvre. We will explore that area more thoroughly, and will spend a day in Mommartre which we have not done before. We will have time to go back to things. Our very first trip we rushed around to see all we could, now there are some things we want to go back and see again. Will let you know how we enjoyed this trip......we'll be with my sister/husband and am sure we will have a wonderful time..........Lynne
  5. we are doing the 21 day Buda to Paris which includes 14 days on Amadagio. I have been reading posts from those who have recently taken or just returned from various AMA Waterways trips. Some comments are not good, others say they enjoyed. This is our first River Cruise. We do not expect it to be like ocean cruising, are looking forward to the casualness of the experience. The food comments have not been good. We are going with my sister/husband.....figure the AMA tours will give us an overall view of each town/area and then we can spend the rest of the time exploring on our own. We added an extra day in Budapest, and more in Paris and will change hotels. I guess if we do not set our expectations too high, we will enjoy, although friends who went in July had a wonderful time and did not have any bad things to say about their experience. We are flying over on Oct 29th. I know the trip from Trier to Paris will be long........will remember the comment about checking in with Hilton Honors since we are members to avoid the crush. Any other comments would be appreciated. Wit, I took a look at your pictures from Dec 06.......you were on Amadagio then, it looked nice. Lynne
  6. well, after over a year of planning, we are leaving in 3 weeks for our Amadeus River Cruise Budapest to Paris.....21 days. I popped back in to read all the new posts and information. Since it will be early Nov. I am sure it will be chilly or cold and we are taking coats, gloves, scarves, etc. and layers. We will be casual in daytime and wool slacks/sweater at night but no dressy clothes. Have good walking shoes as I understand many streets are cobblestones. We are on the lowest deck, midship and always travel with one of those sound machines which should block out any noise. We'll be on the Amadagio. We will stay at the Kempinski in Budapest and Hilton Eiffel Tower in Paris. We got HUF's for Budapest, have euros and figure they should be fine for other countries if credit cards not accepted. I think we are prepared.....we are traveling with my sister/husband so we should have a good time. Lynne
  7. Thanks Wit for your info. We have planned to visit Parliament Friday a.m. then go across to Castlewalk district for the afternoon on Friday. On Sat we have the AMA city tour in the a.m., then may do an optional tour unless we decide to spend it wandering around the city, which I would like to do as I would like to go to the Central Market Hall. Unfortunately do to many flight changes, we are not getting in until late Thursday pm. We booked an extra day and originally were going to get to hotel at noon, giving us 1/2 day free, but we are ending up sitting at an airport for 4 hours so will not get to Kempinski till about 4pm. But at least we will be able to see a little and get a good night's sleep and be rested up for the next couple of days.
  8. We are doing this river cruise with my sister/husband. I have been reading all the posts for months on all the river cruises. I don't think I have seen anybody else posting, but thought I'd start a thread, just in case there is somebody out there. We are flying to Budapest a day early, staying at the Kempinski Hotel and in Paris at the Hilton Eiffel Tower, then changing to another hotel for another 5-6 days. Lots of helpful information on this site. Know it will be cool to cold so we are taking winter clothes, plus layers. Know we will have to wash/hang to dry in cabins. We are using air miles to fly so will get extra luggage weight as we were able to fly 1st class, which is really helpful. Friends just got back from Budapest to Prague on Amacello and had a wonderful time so know we will enjoy. I have printed out lots of comments on Budapest, various restaurant suggestions, etc. One question: Is their public transportation easy to get around on.......bus/train/tram. We will have 2 full days on our own to explore. Lynne
  9. Agabbymama: I heard from Agnes, will set tours up with her the end of July. She is on family vacation and we are leaving in a couple of weeks for a big family reunion at beach in Sarasota. Thanks for your info, know she will make our visit much more pleasant. Lynne
  10. I have emailed her to see if she is available the dates we will be there. I think we will hire her for 2 full days. We want to go out of Budapest one day and tour the city the other. That will leave a day for us to go back to places we want to see more in depth. We will have Thurs/Fri/Sat and I don't think any holidays or closings those days, will ask and make sure. We made a mistake in Paris, took train out to another town but on a Sunday and didn't even think about everything being closed, we had fun anyway.
  11. Thanks for the link to Agnes's web page. I am going to email her and try to set up a couple of days with her since we will have 3 full days, I looked and see she will do out of town tours, and we would like to see other cities. Especially since we will be there early Nov and it could be chilly, will be nice to have our own tour/car/guide. Lynne
  12. Vicky, we live at Hilton Head Island, we have friends in Spartanburg but don't get over there much. Will check this thread weekly for any more comments about Budapest before and after all do their River Cruises. Lynne
  13. We are going on Amadeus and will be in Budapest on Oct 30 for 4 days so hope when all of you get back you will post how the city was and any general comments. We booked this trip a year ago and I have reams of paper on all that Budapest has to offer. We are staying at the Kempinski hotel and hope we can walk, although at the time of year we are going it may be chilly or cold. Vicky, where in SC are you? Another Lynne
  14. we are doing the 21 day Budapest to Paris and added extra day at the beginning and 5 more days at the end making the whole trip over a month long. My TA recommended Amadeus and so far I have been reading good things about it on other posts. We are leaving end of Oct 08. While it might be cool, we are looking forward to it. Everything is inclusive with the package, tips/gratuities are extra, wine is provided at N/C with dinner but you have to buy other alcoholic drinks. This will be our first river cruise. Luckily we were about to use air miles for our flights so will be flying 1st class.
  15. we will be in Budapest end of Oct and have booked our transfer airport to hotel with Viator.com as we prepay it with US dollars and have a voucher, will be met by a guide w/our name and don't have to worry about having foreign currency right away. They also do train transfers and have a lot of tours listed on their website too.
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