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  1. That is not how herd immunity works. Herd immunity is what is needed to stop the spread at epidemic rates, it does not mean it stops the spread overall. For cruises that are only a week long when there is still a pandemic throughout the rest of the world, any spread on the ship can go on to infect many others. The safest way to prevent this is 100% vaccinations, and even with that there will be some spread. As for natural antibodies, I wouldn't consider yourself completely immune. It looks like more and more that Delta is less sensitive to neutralizing antibodies. And, the longer i
  2. NCL’s website has now been updated to reflect this, in the FAQ section of the Sail Safe page.
  3. I also think if this was EU Pathway policy since April, yes NCL could have and should have communicated things earlier but it's also the responsibility of the passenger to know what is going on around them. NCL was probably waiting until closer to sail date to notify passengers knowing how quickly things change. And they could still change again! And if it does and NCL re-issues a new notification, passengers will be upset the "NCL changed their minds again" even if it isn't up to them! It's a lose-lose. I'm on a Jade sailing in August and have made sure I keep up to the date on the situation
  4. I agree with you that it's poor communication and NCL needs to do better. I don't think this qualifies as a bait and switch, however.
  5. We will be in Corfu on the same day, also looking fora similar excursion. If you find anything but need a few more people, let me know!
  6. My cruise from Athens is in under 30 days. My return flight (on British Airways) has been cancelled and we have yet to be booked on another flight. I called NCL a few days ago and they said they're working on rebooking "hundreds" so it may take a few days... waiting anxiously.
  7. Similar story here. We are flying Newark>Montreal>Athens on Air Canada. For these flights we have to pay to select seats or leave it up to chance. The way back is Athens>London>Newark on British Airways and seat selection for these are free of charge.
  8. The bids are gone and I can rebid, that's fine. I was more concerned about something happening to my reservation without me knowing. I'm hoping it's just a whacky mistake!
  9. I just received this message in email regarding my bid on my Jade sailing: "We have noticed a change in your reservation and, as a result, have cancelled your Upgrade Advantage offer(s). To see if your new itinerary is eligible, click here" Has anyone else received this? I went into my profile on ncl.com and do not see any changes and am wondering what it could be. No one I spoke to by phone seems to know
  10. Many of us in the August 1 and 8 cruises have received our flights through the air promotion so it would seem that the cruises are on. We gave also received upgrade invitations. Because NCL is sailing with limited capacity we think cruises that have met that mark are just being removed from the site. for August 8, the whole sailing disappeared for a few weeks and limited categories just reappeared, shortly after final payment.
  11. That's the answer I got at first too but then contacted Guest relations about it since you I had a reservation and it was THEIR fault that it was canceled. After a few back and forths they finally caved, acknowledging that it was on them that I had to book <90 days out.
  12. I would keep pushing. When my Joy sailing was cancelled out of Montego Bay they said they’d be extending Alaska sailings (on the then Bliss) to include the air promo up to 60 days before. I still have the voicemail where the person from Guest Relations said that. I had it added under 90 days - but then cancelled it to join the Jade.
  13. I booked Jade after my 8/15 Gem DR cruise was cancelled. Do I risk if and switch back to Gem or stick with what’s more likely, the Jade?
  14. Agreed on they need to make a decision for their first sailings. There’s no way to please everyone but not coming hot with clear guidance won’t please anyone.
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