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  1. I wish they would do the drink package like NCL does. I know they say it's free which it isn't unless you were looking for a stateroom higher than the bottom level. I like they offer these "free" offers and the drink plan is better over all.
  2. Google trip insurance. Insurance is by the person not the cabin. You might be able to get just trip cancellation insurance.
  3. When I first started cruising in 1991 a cruise was the best way to travel. Any and all food and entertainment was free. You paid for drinks and that's it. Now, granted you still don't have to buy any food or drinks if you don't want to for a fee. It's seeming more like an airline flight. Oh you can get on the plane and get there but... your carry will cost you, your bags will cost you, choosing a seat will cost you. Please just give people the option of the... everything is included at this price and be done with it.
  4. If you don't do online check in prior to the cruise and end up getting to the ship late they can stop you from sailing. There is a report sent to CBP an hour and a half prior to sailing. If your info isn't on there and you show up you might be out of luck.
  5. You can't use JUST a passport card even on a closed loop cruise. It would only be able to be used as an ID instead of a license.
  6. It states everyone in the cabin needs to buy it. You are the only one in the cabin.
  7. I work at a cruise port and each company is different and each ship is different. We see this happen every cruise. I tell people the best idea is to get another official copy of your BC and keep it in your suitcase. That way if you forget at least you have another one in there.
  8. I would get rid of... Faster to the Fun (really not worth it) The spa treatment as you can usually get longer on land for less money. (plus on Carnival they try to sell you all kinds of stuff) Chef's table ( do two steak house nights instead and drink wine from your package)
  9. I brought Rock Star (16oz) on all of my cruises, they never even hesitate. As long as it's not alcohol or a crazy amount, they don't really care.
  10. It's interesting that the people who say.. how can drink 15 drinks in a day and you shouldn't drink that many anyway because you would be so drunk. If you get up at 9:00 am... maybe have a bloody mary or mimosa... then drinks through out the day and go to bed at 12:00 midnight.. that is 15 hours... 15 drinks... 1 drink per hour? So that limit of 15 doesn't mean everyone is drinking 15 drinks in a short amount of time.
  11. Nobody on this board knows anyone's situation. My husband was in the hospital with a brain injury for 2 months. His child support wasn't being paid that time and then due to his injury he is no longer able to work. His child support wasn't being paid by me because it is not my child, nor was he allowed to see her. I decided to take him on a cruise for him to have something to enjoy. Did he still owe that child support? yes. Should I not be able to do something nice for the both both of us? Yes. So... before you judge people who are cruising with owed child support, they may not even be paying for that cruise.
  12. Asking Carnival doesn't necessarily give you the correct answer on that either. I do check-in at a port and often we hear... but Carnival said.... or my travel agent said. It is actually Customs and Border patrol that decides. With that said... He will need his birth certificate, his photo ID and a letter from his parents, notarized, stating he can sail with that family. This can be a hand written letter, it doesn't need to be a specific form.
  13. I will check when I get home tonight to see what the exact amount I have.
  14. I agree booking another would be ideal but that is not possible in our situation. Also, I don't have a $1000, I believe I have $500 or so. I would have to check if someone was actually interested in them.
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