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  1. Yes you are right. Qantas has stated no Jab no Fly on international routes. They are copping a lot of flak from some who fell it is their right to have a choice.
  2. Good news. Still hope for me and our refund. Only been waiting 18 weeks for a refund on a cruise HAL cancelled as they sold the Veendam.
  3. How many crew would be on board maintaining these HAL ships?
  4. Have just started using them again at one of major supermarket chain in Australia. 15c ea.
  5. Had a cruise booked Sydney to Asia in Jan21. I doubt this will a goer so I cancelled my cruise in March and received a full refund to my Credit Card in early May.
  6. I am booked on a cruise to Europe in June 2021. I am not confident that I will be able to travel in and out of the country. Our leaders are talking 2022 before we have unlimited travel to all parts of the world. We are very fortunate that like our brothers in NZ we have escaped the worst of the virus and our borders are shut at present.
  7. How are our Kiwi bothers and sisters. We OZ&NZ have been fortunate in the present crisis. We have cancelled one cruise to Asia but have our fingers crossed for Europe inJune 21. Hope you are both well John
  8. I cancelled a cruise for Jan 21 through my travel agent in Brisbane. She told me they would only give her my deposit in FCC. She suggested i ring HAL AUST and they would organise a refund. I rang this morning and was told by HAL i had a FCC for the deposit amount. I asked for a refund and she said OK but got the standard 60/90 day reply.
  9. Many restaurants will charge a surcharge of 10% on Sundays as staff can earn up to $40 per hour which is double their normal rate.
  10. I read it twice and am still a little confused. are HAL giving OBC for the value of your outlay for the cruise, shore excursions and any other precooked activities and wine packages
  11. Love your reports of the WC. is the light rail near the docks running. Last time we were there they were rushing to finish it for the Olympics.
  12. Agree. I live in Australia and the fires have been devastating in many areas of Australia. In many of the areas the emergency is over and the residents are working to rebuild their homes and communities. Australia is open for business and they are asking people to visit the effected areas to help rebuild the economies.
  13. When we in Rio a couple of years ago there was a light rail system from the wharves to the city. Made life easy.
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