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  1. I applied back in 2016, so out of luck.
  2. I found out about status match prior to 10/2018 on CruiseCritic and immediately applied and was matched to Black based on my RCCL Diamond status. I didn't know the rule that you must sail in a certain time-frame to keep status. Fast forward to this year when we're booking a 2020 MSC cruise. I am now bumped down to Classic and my husband is now Gold based on our current Diamond Plus status on RCCL. So annoying!! I don't get the one-and-done rule of applying. Why?!
  3. I want to take a taxi to L'USINE – Labrasserie, a brewery in Chicoutimi that based on my research is about 20 minutes from the port. Are there taxis available? Do you know if they take CAD and credit cards? If anyone has any other local breweries as options, please let me know!
  4. Yes, it's all laundry options. So strange....!
  5. I just checked the website and looks like they removed the Ship Credit option. Now it states "Laundry & Others".
  6. I found only one tour company; Tours Aventure Fjord et Monde Day Tours and they do not offer private tours, just 3 big buses. Is the city walk-able from the port? Any ideas what to do on our own or guides offering private tours? Thanks!
  7. I booked Hotel Chateau Bellevue, 16 Dell Porte St. Hopefully we'll be good to go for checking in and getting out of town!
  8. Just found out that the Grand Prix Cycling will be taking place on the day we disembark from NCL Gem in September. From the map, it looks to me that the race is right in the heart of the city. Has anyone by chance had any experience with this race? I'm just wondering if this will cause issues attempting to get to our hotel. I think I'll book a tour to Montmorency Falls and Island of Orléans for the day. Hopefully it's a very early race start!
  9. Make your own Downey Wrinkle Releaser: Put a dryer sheet in a spray bottle and fill with water. Viola!
  10. Are you able to buy Gift Certificates/OBC through MSC? I couldn't find on the website. Since the Fantastica package is no longer an option, and don't need the $800 drink package, I'd like to have OBC ready to spend! Thanks!
  11. What is NA? Is the easy drinks pkg the free water and coffee?
  12. I was just going to book the Preziosa with the Fantastica package for October, 2020. It's a week cruise out of Germany if that matters. Will this cruise get the Drinks on Us promotion? Is this a package you have to purchase? I cruised once with MSC 8 years ago so not at all familiar with them! Thanks so much.
  13. Any word on what will replace the Epic 4/5 day cruises from Port Canaveral in 2020?
  14. Points newbie here! I have an inside cabin on TA booked this September and would like to use my points to buy a dining package, but I don't think that's an option? Any ideas of how to do this if I buy OBC? I have just over 48k points. Thanks!
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