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  1. I cancelled and will receive a $900 FCC. I'm just curious as to how long this is taking.
  2. Did anyone take the FCC on your deposit? I paid $900 and am hoping I hear something or at least get notice in writing that I'm getting the FCC.
  3. I booked and paid a $900 deposit for a cruise sailing out of Barcelona this September. We decided to cancel and I called and was told the full refund will be allowed with their new cancellation policy. Has anyone cancelled when just the deposit was paid? How long did it take to be received? I searched on the boards, but couldn't find anything pertaining to a deposit only refund. Thanks!
  4. My October cruise has been booked for months. On the roll call, someone said they were to board on October 6th and that is also no longer listed on the website. The first cruise leaving Hamburg is is October 18th.
  5. I was just checking the MSC website and our 4/10/2020 7 night cruise departing from Hamburg is no longer displaying as an option. There is a cruise departing from Rotterdam on 10/2/2020 that is docked in Hamburg on 10/4, and arrives back in Rotterdam on 10/9/2020. Anyone have any thoughts/details?
  6. Question as a stockholder newbie: Would the Carnival announcement bring NCL stock down? Would it even affect NCL stock prices? Thanks for the insight!
  7. I'm on this same cruise...well, would have been. I'm holding out for a couple weeks hoping NCL will cancel. I already have a 2021 booked so I'd rather have the full refund.
  8. We booked a tour through Overlord to Bayeux and Honfleur. Watching some YouTube videos of MSM, there's no way all of us are making the climb to make the visit worthwhile. Thanks for all the suggestions!
  9. Thank you all! Majority wins! There's another flight from Tampa that has a 2 hour layover in FRA, so looks like that's the one to book.
  10. I'm looking at a flight on Lufthansa from Tampa to Hamburg. The layover is one hour in Frankfurt. Is this enough time? Would we have to clear customs in Frankfurt before arriving in Hamburg? Thanks for any information!
  11. Hmmm......I found pictures of the steep walk up to the Abbey, which is fine for me and my husband, but not sure about the other 2 couples (70's). Might have to have a plan B. Thanks for all your comments!
  12. I do realize the trip each way is close to 3 hours, however it's on our list of places to must see!
  13. I have been to Normandy from Le Havre, so I would like to tour Mont Saint Michel when we arrive in Le Havre in October. We are in port from 8:00 AM - 10:00 PM. Has anyone taken a private tour? I'm looking at Overlord Tours since I used them touring Normandy. Thanks for any suggestions!
  14. I stayed at The Pig in the Wall. Excellent boutique hotel, right across the street from the port. Excellent reviews on TripAdvisor.
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