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  1. Or at least have a small humidor room fore or aft on a lower level away from the major public areas. That would be nice for the masses.
  2. I get what you are saying. I'm sure you are ok with waiting it out a few years until you cruise again. You are not alone with that thinking. But it will be at least a couple more years before we are out of this pandemic.
  3. I took the offer of double deposit back in early June for a September cruise cancellation. They finally applied the FC. 5 months later. I have a 10 day that will get canceled. Not sure what I will do this time.
  4. Read the guidelines. In no way is it saying they are separating family members. This is about protecting people in high risk groups. And it's a "guideline". Not mandated. Hello... there is a pandemic going on. Sounds like you are just whining here as if this is something permanent effecting you and your future cruise plans. That I find ridiculous.
  5. I've had a few cancellations this year, and did a L&S for a November sailing I had because I was tired of the cancellations. I'm just waiting to see when cruising starts back up. I plan on booking something this fall but only after they start sailing again. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
  6. I would say that without a vaccine, you are in a high risk group. And it would be wonderful for you to be back sailing the ocean blue but not without restrictions to ensure your safety. This Covid thing is BAD.
  7. Here is the article I saw on the subject a few days back. https://www.travelweekly.com/Cruise-Travel/EU-issues-guidance-for-cruising-return?fbclid=IwAR1g907n5wFwQ9B7NfNZ67A6QjgYu7qCzrXu-Dn7zSlWdb5QlyCE3av1imk. Here are the guidelines - https://www.healthygateways.eu/Portals/0/plcdocs/EU_HEALTHY_GATEWAYS_COVID-19_RESTARTING_CRUISES.pdf?ver=2020-07-01-115942-557 This only applies if you cruising in the waters of the European Union. If not.. then it doesn't apply. The age factor comes into play based on inclusion of the high-risk group. As long as the pandemic continues, special prec
  8. You don't have to worry anymore. CLIA extended the band on cruising into September. https://cruising.org/news-and-research/press-room/2020/june/clia-announces-voluntary-suspension-of-cruise-operations-from-us-ports Disney updated their website. I hope you get 100% back.
  9. I think it's a manner of timing and select sailings. Because the email I received back then noted the ships and sail dates. It didn't include any sailings past May. You might find information out on other Disney boards if others received emails. I think you need to receive that in order to avoid penalty. Not all cruiselines are being flexible. For example if you have a non-refundable deposit on Royal Caribbean, you lose that should you cancel. The only option to get it refunded is if the sailing gets cancelled. They offer people to do a Lift and Shift where you could move your
  10. What the heck? Did you ever get an email from them about temporary adjustments to the cancellation policy? I wonder if they stopped doing that? Or maybe it wasn't for all sailings? In mid-March, before they decided to cancel our cruise, they sent us an email with select ships and sail dates listed (Ours was in it). In the email, they noted they were doing a temporary adjustment to the cancellation policy and that it would be a 100% credit. It didn't say anything about a fee. The time to use the credit was within 15 months. This email came about 6 weeks before sail date. Some peop
  11. You wouldn't lose it all if they sail if you are willing to take a future cruise credit. You should have up until the day before embarkment to decide. If you are willing to cruise in the future, you might be able to go that route and apply the 100%. It's like riding it out and taking the 125% future credit. I imagine they are still offering that option. This is sort of like the airlines. You can't get a refund unless they change the flight or cancel it. They want you to take a credit towards future travel.
  12. Disney is real slow on making decisions to cancel cruises. I had one booked for May - Hawaii Transpacific. It was only a couple weeks out before they finally pulled the plug. Prior to that, we just had to wait it out for weeks even though Canada closed its boarders to ships. Disney wouldn't update their website but once every few weeks. It was quite annoying waiting for the decision. Right now they did an update June 8th. Odds are will be another 3-4 weeks before they extend the dates. With the bans on travel still in place for those entering into the US, I'm not so sure they will be
  13. I bought 100 around $17 when the market tanked years ago. Decided to pick up some more when it dipped below $9 yesterday. It eventually will go up in time. Not sure why posters are changing the topic to daily gas price. They did the same thing on the RCL board and the topic of stock shifted course.
  14. Disney is doing something similar. They are offering 100% FCC to be used within 12 months for cruises through May. Rebooking can occur up to the sailing date.
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