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  1. We were on the Spirit last week (1/16 -1/23) and had a great time!! Couple things: There is one plug next to the desk -- bring an extension cord/plugs. The closet is big and had about 5 shelves (some were pretty deep). "Dresser" with about 4/5 drawers (kind of shallow). The hairdryer stinks -- it takes forever to dry your hair. The bathroom is tight especially the toilet area. Nice shower - good water pressure. Hallways are spacious compared to the Epic. The back area of the ship (above the kid's pool) has stadium seating that isn't very crowded and easy access to Raffles Buffet). The apple enchilada dessert is the best!! Oh and those pretzel rolls!! Putu at Shanghai bar is fantastic -- very professional and friendly once he gets to know you. Jimmy at Champagne Charlies is all around great. Mario (sparkly glasses) always had a smile on his face when he greeted us. Pablo the guitarist is fantastic!! Popcorn at Henry's Pub - great during the football games. The crew was very very friendly. I would go on this ship again in a heartbeat!
  2. So excited to hear about 9202! Researched on the internet and didn't read anything nice about this room. Thank you for the positive review. Just curious, was the room noisy since it is under the Splash Academy? Thanks!
  3. Just curious... I booked a BX on Spirit and when I looked on NCL's website the next day, we were assigned a room number and have maintained that number. We booked about 10 months prior to our cruise. Is this the actual room number, or is it there as a holding place? Thanks!
  4. My husband ordered flowers from proflowers and they were delivered to our hotel room. We didn't open them, slapped a luggage tag on the box, and voilà they showed up with the rest of our luggage. We enjoyed the flowers all week. We went out of Miami on NCL. So, not sure how RCL works. We asked a bunch of cruise line employees to make sure we weren't doing anything wrong. Everyone said they didn't see a problem. Good luck!
  5. Been on both and we really liked the Eastern itinerary better. In fact, we are going on IOS for Thanksgiving. Loving the extra day too.
  6. What are the benefits of purchasing a Posh pass? We are in a balcony and plan to use it a lot during the trip. Would it be worth purchasing the pass? Thanks!
  7. When deciding on care for your animals, make sure to check out all options: 1) Relatives: Usually the cheapest and hopefully reliable 2) Friends/neighbors: The next cheapest, but you need to make sure that they have the time to give your dog attention a couple times a day. 3) Pet sitter: The prices vary, the services vary, and the reliability can be great or only o.k. There are some great ones out there. 4) Kennels: The prices vary. When checking these out, make sure to inquire about the amount of time outside of their run. This varies greatly. You could pay $15 a night, but they are only let out to go to the restroom 2 times a day for 10 minutes each. 5) Daycare/boarding facilities: The prices are usually more expensive, but you get what you pay for. Your dog is active all day with both people and dogs (all dogs screened). They get a lot of attention, love, and play. Make sure and check out all options. Dogs need at least two visits per day to get some exercise and to go to the bathroom. Plus, a dog at home all day will get bored and some things may become play toys. Best of luck.
  8. We will be on the Freedom of the Seas April 11, 2010. We were on the Liberty in January and the kids loved the ship! They talk about it all the time. April 2010 seems so far away though!
  9. We did the Bon Voyage package (about $35 or so) and the kids and dh loved it. Our room was very festive. We even took some of the decorations home for the kids to decorate their rooms. The best part ... we received a door sign. Since there were only two signs on the doors and we were mid-aft, it helped us find our room. Enjoy!
  10. I ordered the Bon Voyage package and it was great. Our room was very festive and the kids loved it. The best part is the sign on the door. It made it very easy to find our room! We took home what we could get off the ceiling, lamp, etc. We plan to use it to announce our next cruise to the kids. It was worth the cost. Enjoy!
  11. I'm sure this has been asked a few hundred times, but I can't find the answer through the search engine. Could you book a cruise through RCCL, watch to see if the price decreases a bit, and then when you think it won't go down anymore, move it to a travel agent? Could you book through the WOW event then transfer to travel agent? When I booked our last cruise through the TA, she mentioned that I could get a reduction if the price goes down only if RCCL allowed them to credit our account, or something like that. Needless to say, the price never went down, just up, so I never had to contact the TA for a reduction. Thanks!
  12. We had this problem too. We had a dickens of a time hearing the announcements. We went out on the balcony to try and hear them (we were above the walkway), but it was hard there too. We tried the knob when the announcements came on and it did nothing. It provides music in the room and then when the announcements came on, the music stopped. The announcements did not come through the speaker in the room.
  13. My daughter (6) used the hot tubs in the H2O area of the Liberty. She went in and I stood next to it. She had to be supervised. No problem. I saw a lot of kids with a supervising adult in the hot tubs. Enjoy!
  14. We were on the Liberty in January. We have two little ones who wanted to spend all their time at the H2O zone. Here's what we experienced: We found it difficult to find a table only one day (1st day at sea) and it was at breakfast. At times the buffet area was "crowded", but there were so many stations, we just walked to another and didn't have to wait. We used the elevators often and found the wait time manageable. We did have longer waits after performances let out and in the morning trying to get off the ship. Other than that, it really wasn't that bad. We loved the ice show. It was fantastic. Make sure to get tickets and to get to the show early to get good seats. We found the ship to be easy to navigate. The layout was sensible and I think we got turned around only once. The Pub was a disappointment. It is very small. I'm a cider drinker and they have it on the menu. However, when I asked the waitress, she said they don't carry it. I was bummed! Our cruise was very international. There were a ton of foreigners. I'd say I heard more foreign languages than English. It was really cool! I found it fascinating seeing two people whose first language is not English conversing with one another (i.e. a Russian gentleman speaking to a French waiter in English). I loved that my kids were exposed to different languages. The ship has some really neat places and activities for teens. Let me just say that I saw teens and tweens here and there, but I think they prefered hanging out with friends and the arcade. Our table for dinner was in the side section off the main dining room. It was quiet, we had excellent service, and we could go in and out with out having to go through the main dining hall. Overall, we had a fabulous time. Our kids ask us almost everyday when we are going back on the ship. Have a super time!
  15. We were on the Liberty in January. Our waiter was fantastic. The first evening he asked all kinds of questions about our children's taste. Every night he had a fruit bowl waiting for the kids. He would offer a couple suggestions (usually from the adult menu, but always said we could have the chicken fingers, etc.) and the kids were happy every dinner. He took such good care of the kids. If they liked something, he would bring out a second helping (they loved the strawberry soup and the berry soup). He really cared about them eating healthy food that the kids liked. They ate steak, chicken, lamb, turkey, salad, veggies, fruit, etc. I was so glad the kids didn't eat hot dogs, chicken nuggets, and mac n' cheese for seven days straight for both lunch and dinner. The kids were very happy with their meals. BTW my kids were 3.75 & 6.75 during the cruise.
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