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  1. I'm on the Getaway on 11/24, and I think my husband received an upgrade e-mail within the last week, and we just crossed the 60 day mark on 9/24, so you might get yours in a couple weeks. --Michael
  2. I think (and don't quote me on this) that Italy is the only country enforcing cruise line bubble excursions. So, unless I'm mistaken (and I very well could be), you'd be fine in other countries' ports. --Michael
  3. Hey Scratch, Hubby and I are looking for a hotel to stay in near the port of Piraeus, so I'm trying to figure out which pier the Getaway. I'm going to assume they'd use the same pier every time they dock (possibly a faulty assumption), but could you tell me at what pier they were parked when you embarked? Thank you very much. --Michael
  4. Scratchtherat, I'm subscribing to this, because I'm on the November 24 sailing. I'll also be on the lookout for our videos. --Michael
  5. Hello everyone! We're going on the Getaway November 24-December 5, 2021. There has been a hiccup with our return flights. We're supposed to disembark the ship on Sun, Dec 5, and spend a night in Rome. Then we were supposed to fly home from Rome to Chicago via Dublin on Aer Lingus on Monday, Dec 6. Now there's no flight from Dublin to Chicago on Monday, Dec 6, so we'll have to spend the night in Dublin (there are much worse problems to have) and fly home on Tuesday. I just want to know when the tests are given on the ship to see if that will work all the way through until I get home, or if I need to get another test in Dublin. Any insights? (And if you're on this cruise but not signed up on the Roll Call, what are you waiting for? Head on over now and sign up!) --Michael
  6. Just watched a video from La Lido Loca (check him out on Youtube). The criteria for being orange is: More than 0 cases of COVID or CLI (COVID-like infection) among passengers on the ship but less than 0.10% of the passengers (not sure if it's passengers or passenger capacity) anytime in the last 7 days. So if you were on the ship and it went to orange--it will automatically be orange for 7 days because even that one case will trigger the orange color for seven days. OR, they could have missed a filing of the form for COVID reporting, or it could have been late (due by 10:00 or 12:00 eastern time (I can't remember from the video)). Crew cases must be zero to be orange--if crew have a case, the ship goes directly to yellow. --Michael
  7. Ah well, being only three points away from Platinum Plus was nice while it lasted... --Michael
  8. Excursion limitations will be the only thing that will make me enjoy my cruise less (but I'll still go). I am scheduled on a cruise from Athens to Rome in November 2021, going to Greece, Cyprus, Israel, and Italy on the Getaway. One port will be a repeat for me, as will the embarkation and disembarkation ports. But the one repeat is Santorini, which I love exploring on my own. We'll probably stay on the ship that day (sigh) and I will probably stay on the ship in the two Israeli ports (not interested). The others, I'll see what excursions we want to go on--we have a truckload of FCC to use, so we can afford excursions on this trip, if they have anything interesting. --Michael
  9. Hello everyone, I just called NCL today. I had been booked on a cruise this past June, which was obviously canceled by the cruise line. We took the FCC on everything; however, I had used a $50 gift card that I had received from my brother to buy OBC. I emailed NCL on May 3 about this purchase because I no longer had the gift card for them to refund to for the $50, asking if they could mail a check. I received a response that a check had been requested. So I called today to see what information I could find out--not being pushy at all, just seeing when I could expect their check. The person I spoke with put me on hold and then got back to me and told me that checks would begin being issued when they were able to get back in to the office, which currently is looking like sometime in September. It's not a big deal for me, as I can afford to have $50 tied up for a while, but I just wanted to pass this information along to people, in case their entire cruise is awaiting a check (I don't expect there are many, but there might be a few). Some people might choose not to believe it, but that's the only information I can provide. I hope everyone isn't going too stir crazy these days, and I hope you're taking care of yourselves--we all want to be on a cruise ship as soon as they'll let us (or there's a vaccine)! --Michael
  10. Hello! I'm wondering where the wine cellar is on the Star. The deck plans say it's on 6, but when I go to the actual deck plan for 6, it doesn't show anywhere. Just curious. Thanks. --Michael
  11. As well as all the gatherings during the Memorial Day weekend.
  12. I've heard that Royal Caribbean will be conducting their muster drill through their app. It would be interesting to see if Norwegian could do something like that. --Michael
  13. It will force me to take all the steps! Eschew the elevators! (If you physically are able to) --Michael
  14. If you're doing a mock booking, it'll be that way because they don't know that your companion will also have FCC, even if you enter their name. Once they are notified of this officially, both passengers will have the discounted rate. That's what I found out by mock booking, then actually booking the new cruise (we booked using an NCL person on the phone). --Michael
  15. While I will continue to sail NCL, not everyone has access to items 2, 3, and 4 in your list above--only the people who pay for the Haven and/or have the correct loyalty level can access those items. --Michael
  16. I called today about the $50 Norwegian gift card that I applied to purchasing OBC. I'll need to contact a certain e-mail address to see how I get that money back. Since I had her on the phone, I also asked her about our CruiseNext deposits, and when they would be available to us to use as deposits on the cruise we want to take. We want to book before May 15 to take advantage of the 20% reduction on a future cruise. She said it could take up to 90 days to get the CND back onto our account. I was a little taken aback by that, but I also asked it we could book the cruise and use FCC for the deposit and then, when they show up in our account, call back and use them on the cruise. After talking to a supervisor, she said we could do that, but to make sure not to pay in full so we can use the CNDs. So we're going to book the cruise using our 25% FCCs, then the CNDs, then use our 100% FCC to pay the rest of the cruise and the excursions we want. --Michael
  17. Everyone, We were notified that our FCC were on our accounts as of May 1, and they're just as described above: 100% FCC on our cruise fare, govt taxes and fees, our prepaid gratuities, and our drink package gratuities, plus a 25% additional FCC on those items. We had bought the standard protection plan through Norwegian, and we'll be getting an FCC separately for that (not sure if it's 100% or 125%) There were only two things we didn't get back: There was a $150 OBC given by NCL because they had to change our itinerary slightly and reduce the number of hours in a lot of the ports, but since this cruise isn't happening, that's no longer an issue, so we don't get to take advantage of that. The only other thing I need to follow up with them on is that I received a $50 Norwegian gift card from one of my brothers and I purchased OBC with it, but I don't have the gift card anymore for them to refund it to. I'll see how I get that OBC back. Our original cruise was the 14-day Above the Arctic Circle (Norway) cruise; we're planning to substitute it with a 12-day New Zealand cruise in February 2021. With the 20% discount if we book it before May 15, we'll have ~$1,500 left over in FCC, which I think we'll use for excursions. It will allow us to go to Hobbiton and several other excursions! --Michael
  18. Our cruise was cancelled Friday, April 24, and they told my husband when he called Saturday that it should appear on Friday, May 1. We'd like to book a cruise in February, but I hope it doesn't take a long time. We're getting antsy to book this one, because it's very nice! (New Zealand from Auckland to Sydney) --Michael
  19. Thank you so much! Now I'll have to recalculate what our FCC will be and see if it can get us a bigger cabin! --Michael
  20. Then let me ask you another question: I had heard the DSC and the FAS gratuities on the CANCELLED cruise were returned in cash. But I'm wondering if they were included in the FCC calculation. Any info on that? --Michael
  21. Hey there! I had heard you couldn't use the FCC for Free at Sea gratuities or the prepaid Daily Service Charge. Are you saying you were able to do so? If so that's great, because when mock booking a cruise we want to go on (we don't have the FCC yet, but should get it Friday), I calculate we'll have about $1200 of FCC left after booking the cruise. If we can use it to pay the ppd DSC and the FaS gratuities, that would be great! We'll try to book this weekend, and give you our experience... --Michael
  22. Exactly. That's why corporations do this. To hang on until they can't anymore, if it comes to that. Any prudent corporation would do just that.
  23. Our cruise to Norway for June was cancelled yesterday. We're going to take the 125% FCC and are looking at a cruise in February 2021 to New Zealand. If that one is cancelled or we feel it's too soon to cruise (and if Norwegian is still taking the Peace of Mind route for cancellations), we'll cancel and hopefully have the 125% amount for a cruise further out.
  24. Actually, I read (via a youtube video) that Carnival Corporation will be asking everyone to wash their hands at sinks where the staff can see you before entering the buffet, and that buffet food will be served to you by staff. I'm guessing, but pretty sure, that this will become the industry standard. Perhaps they'll install sinks or require that passengers use the hand sanitizer before they're let into the dining rooms, too.
  25. Thank you. Didn't think it would be in that section. I tried searching the website using the search function and nothing came up. Thank all of you for the information. --Michael
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