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  1. HokiePoq

    Early flight out of San Diego

    Nightmare in San Diego The airport is very close, as close as any we've gone to after a cruise. However.... When we arrived, customs held us up until 10:30 although we'd docked on time. Our flight left at 11:30. People did not report as they should have as many stayed on for the next cruise. Names we called and we waited and waited. Finally we were allowed to leave. We literally ran for the exits....could not wait in the line for the elevator...carried luggage down the steps.....ran for a cab....made the gate at the airport after running for it just as it was closing. Tore up my knee doing the above and had to have surgery after I got home. Trip insurance refused to pay as I could not and did not report it until after I got home and could not prove it happened exiting the ship. Never been held up like this at any other port. Disastrous results for my knee. Book the later flight.
  2. HokiePoq

    Tender Unloading Accident on Maasdam

    Terrible news. I imagine this will impact tendering versus skipping port decisions. On a Celebrity cruise in Australia, a lady I knew fell between the tender and the dock. Had the crew not had a grip on her she would have been crushed between the two. or drowned. The sea was very rough that evening. Very sorry about this tragic accident. As others have said we don't have all the information.
  3. HokiePoq

    Constellation collision with Costa ship

    On Cruise Critic? Clicked above and saw a few comments but I think you are seeing something I haven't yet found. Wow, that is not good. I wonder what the damage is.
  4. You are right. We are elite on Celebrity and Platinum on NCL as well as four star Mariners. The others were MUCH easier to attain and have far better benefits. The only significant benefit for me at least is the laundry which i am looking forward to on our upcoming cruise. Perhaps instead of saying the Mariner status is too easy to attain, a better approach would be further benefits for those with high numbers of days.
  5. HokiePoq

    New CC format horrible!

    I can't locate "thread tools" which might have had the search feature. I am getting a digest for my subscribed threads which is good but don't see where to subscribe to any new ones. I always do that with roll calls so as not to miss any posts. And I can't find the place to check "don't show signature". I know they bug some people and I try not to post it unless it's relevant. Don't want to delete it as it's a record of where and when I've sailed.
  6. Can you review what the problem was? Who was the captain at the time? We've spent 90+ days on the Veendam and have always had the best of experiences. Not an apologist here because I know things can change with changes of leadership. This is especially true of captain and hotel director. A lax either one can send things down the tubes pretty quickly. I apologize for not knowing what the problem was...was that on another thread?
  7. True. We are mass market cruisers who have booked an Oceania cruise as friends have raved about it. They won't cruise another line even though they've never tried other lines. I am looking at my booked cruise which is going to cost over 20K for two in an inside cabin. (And we just got a price increase email for future bookings) I can book the same length cruise in an equally exotic location for about half of that on one of the lines we have high status with. Thinking twice about keeping this booking.....although I do want to try Oceania but since we've already been to many of the ports, the particular one we've booked may not be a good value for us.
  8. HokiePoq


    This will be a real plus for me. Only time DH ever helps with laundry is on a cruise ship!
  9. HokiePoq

    3 strikes and your out

    I was just going to pipe in with Celebrity did this to us. It was a one of a kind Asia cruise taken for a charter by Austrian physicians in this case (maybe they outbid the wine people, lol). I had arranged my own land tour and to reschedule that with another cruise cost us thousands. Chartering makes a lot of $$$ for the lines and apparently it means more than good will toward the passengers. We got zilch from X. They only offered $200 OBC IF you booked a "replacement" cruise which was in no way like the original. Haven't been with them again...might one day after I cool off but never one so costly. OP, I am sorry for all your problems with this. I (obviously) would be angry as well.
  10. HokiePoq

    CCL Shareholders stock

    You have me beat...I bought at $35 and have gotten nice OBC since. Well worth it for the OBC if one sails any of their lines.
  11. HokiePoq

    The Elbe river 2018 - not just water levels

    We went in June. The Astrild was wonderful...great food, crew, cabin...everything. I totally agree with you about Prague. I was very disappointed. Our hotel was not in walking distance and there was no shuttle bus from our hotel. The included tour was miserable....standing for five hours while the guide talked on and on to fill the time. Others have loved Prague but it was so crowded you could not see anything. The Poland extension was fabulous and made the trip worthwhile for us. There is only one period of scenic cruising. We didn't know we would be able to cruise the entire way until half way in when rain the Czech Republic raised the level so we could continue and enjoy the scenic cruising. We were lucky in Wittenberg....just happened to be there on the day of Luther's 500th wedding anniversary. There was a big festival along with the usual tour there which was a very good one. And our Berlin hotel was not in walking distance to the museum I wanted to visit although one hotel they use is right next to it. We booked our first Viking cruise after a relative raved about the hotel being in the midst of everything (Paris) and advertising similar to that. We've been on three and have had only one hotel that fit that description...the Krakow one on the Poland extension. If booking this one, early is definitely better, OP.
  12. HokiePoq

    Hurricane Florence

    Live right at the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay. We had high tide and torrential rain today, supposedly not connected to Florence....also a waterspout. Not liking the ground getting saturated ahead of this storm. You are right about the Navy. They know when to get out of Dodge.
  13. HokiePoq

    Hurricane Florence

    Looks like Florida will be fine so have a great time! We've cancelled our Myrtle Beach week and are watching closely in coastal Virginia. Not looking good either place.
  14. When did the 250 limit start? We went several years ago on a ship's tour and there were a lot more people than that there. It is well worth doing OP. Agree with those who said get your TA to intervene. It's a two hour drive from Malaga. Although a private tour might be just as good or even a lot better, that distance makes me want to do the ship's tour.
  15. HokiePoq

    Hurricane Florence- Insignia cruise now

    Having a cell phone and having it work constantly on a cruise ship are two different things. I have enabled my plan to work overseas at a daily rate but it won't work on the ship. Having it do so is not worth the expense and trouble when you can get on wifi with it and other devices. We always tell our kids to email (which we check daily) and give them the ship phone number in case of emergency. To the OP: As everyone has said, O will not put your loved ones in danger. Bermuda should be okay but they will watch for the rough seas and modify if necessary.