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  1. OP, thanks for sharing your experience. Says to me to put as little $$$ as possible into any future bookings. We just made a new booking using a future cruise certificate that was ready to expire. Hopefully we can go, but if not, will only have that to lose.
  2. Not me. We have been to six continents on cruises....tried to make it seven but only got as far as Miami before Argentina closed its borders. We like the onboard experience but cruise to see the world. And meeting wonderful people is a bonus in doing it, not to mention taking one's bed and bath along with you. Land tours may take you to places a ship can't....but not in as much comfort. I always knew the day would come when we couldn't cruise....thought a health problem would occur for one of us, never envisioned the current situation. Rejoice over every cruise we've ever taken and will cruise again as soon as it is safe to do so.
  3. CDC made an extensive guide to reopening which was trashed and replaced with a short document and not done by CDC. McDonald's put out a much longer one on reopening. Perhaps we can all agree that these citizens need to be returned home immediately.
  4. Is this what you had shipped prior to the cruise or everything? Not good. Hope it won't be too long before they can dock and ship it.
  5. Wow! Thanks for sharing this. I purchase insurance through our TA and it has been rolled over to a different trip several times. For our recently cancelled trip we received a full refund without requesting it.
  6. Perhaps because we don't want them to declare bankruptcy and no one ever gets a refund? It is my understanding that the Carnival Corporation is arranging loans which we can hope will go to refunds....and to maintaining the ships and crew on them.
  7. I love the Veendam. It's just the right size for me. The crew has been fantastic each and every time we've sailed. It took us on Voyage of the Vikings....through an ice field, on the Amazon Explorer, and we hope to sail for the 37 day Polar Icecap followed by British Isles cruise next July. We also liked the sister ship Maasdam but the Veendam holds a special place in my heart due to the many great times and the expert skill of its captain taking us through icebergs in Greenland and same captain taking us through sand shoals getting into the Amazon. The big ships can't do that!
  8. Hurtigruten required such a statement to go on our Antarctic expeditionary cruise that was cancelled in March. In addition everyone was to be examined by the ship's doctor prior to embarkation. All that is before COVID-19.
  9. Exactly. Happened on a Royal cruise we were on and probably on others we don't know about.
  10. Yes, it is. Only time we've had to do that was sailing through the area frequented by the Somali pirates.
  11. OP, please tell us how this turns out. I am so sorry you have gone through so much stress. Our own son called us in Miami after we'd gone to sleep and demanded we return home. So glad he did. We'd be quarantined in Argentina rather than on our bucket list Antarctic expeditionary cruise right now. They can afford first/business class if they are in a Neptune Suite. I hope they got good advice from their concierge and are on the way home now or soon. Please keep us posted and God bless you for being a concerned daughter.
  12. OP, I'm so sorry about your luggage. I read about that and wondered how anyone could proceed without the right clothing. I still wonder how they did it and if they were able to land. We should be on the Midnasol right now. Never heard a word about the cancellation from H but I think that was the responsibility of the third party we booked with. Ship was sailing and we were in Miami ready to fly to Argentina when the border closed. Thank goodness we didn't get on that plane.
  13. Reading the above I realize just how blessed we are to be at home. We traveled as far as Miami to fly down to Buenos Aires for the March 15 Mindasol voyage. Argentina imposed their fourteen day quarantine the very day we were to fly to BA. We had just cancelled due to extreme pressure from our son....who turned out to be right. He did not want us quarantined overseas. Shortly after we cancelled, the whole trip was cancelled as everyone would have been sent to quarantine. We have a travel credit from the cruise and a credit for the land portion from our agency. Will have to work something out with the airline I am afraid, which is likely a loss since the policy is use it within a year of issue. I doubt we can find anything by July if travel is even possible by then. Rebooking is problematic as we had a special and price is double what we paid.
  14. Heading to Antarctica on an expeditionary cruise next week....no way to cancel and probably no need. The virus situation has taken a lot of the joy out of going however. Have a 37 day HAL cruise scheduled for next year and hope all will be resolved by then. Also have a trip to Israel (land based) booked for December. Wait and see on that one.
  15. It has worked for me several times in the past....but now there is new leadership and/or policy about pricing. Maybe that's the difference. Before the current worsening of the virus crisis, I was ready to book a pricey NCL itinerary. Didn't do it because I didn't want to risk being stuck in that inside I usually book (and have been in on occasion) given what happened with Diamond Princess. It may also depend on how large the ship is. The times I've been able to upgrade for low cost were all on one of the larger ships during weeks that are less popular. Would never count on an upgrade during holidays/spring break, etc.
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