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  1. Yes. My unique polar icecap cruise on the Veendam was cancelled. I looked and couldn't find another that we hadn't already done. I'm not going to put myself at risk for something I've already done. I worry that we've been on our last cruise. Not interested in seven day cruises to places we've been one or many times.
  2. I have one booked for all of 2021 on Azamara to replace my cancelled Veendam cruise in July 2021. Another cruise booked in 2022. You are right.....one can only hope. Didn't have to put a lot of $$ down on the two that are booked, so I am paying for HOPE. I hadn't realized just how much travel meant to me. It means a lot.
  3. We were on that, too. We just got a cancellation email. Is that what you got? I'm thinking your email didn't say anything about a substitute? We mainly booked for the polar icecap cruise prior to this one but our booking was for a back to back and the British Isles itinerary was quite nice as well. You are ahead of me, five to three cancellations.
  4. That was our cruise as well. Had been so looking forward to this one as it was unique. You are so right. Any Europe will not do. I'm thinking only a small ship could do this itinerary to the polar icecap. Have been having a pity party as two other trips have bit the dust this year leaving zero trips this year and that was the one I'd planned for next year. I know this is a first world problem but I'm still bummed.
  5. Your luggage has had an adventure even if you didn't. I came on this thread to find out about your luggage. Glad to hear it's scheduled to be repatriated in August. They better not sell it with your luggage onboard! Has it been transferred to another ship?
  6. I am afraid you are right. We sail for itinerary and now the only way to find something unique is to go with an upscale line. We did the Alaska, Caribbean, Med cruises in our early cruising days. Some may sail just to ride around on the ship but we want to see different places. The small ships did that. So many good memories of the Veendam, Maasdam and Rotterdam cruises to great places. More $$ for less cruises (if we can cruise again) seems to be what is coming.
  7. I think a merger or at least reciprocity is a good idea. Carnival has been backward in reciprocity between lines. After being dumped yesterday from a long awaited unique cruise, we booked an Azamara cruise. Pleased to see reciprocity with Celebrity. We are accustomed to a sale here and there. To see four at once makes me concerned about the survival of the line. That was a huge amount of bookings to trash all at once with no replacement of itinerary. Now I read certain Grands are being moved. Our itinerary was a one of a kind....never to sail again if there are no more small sh
  8. We were on Veendam July 2021 and got the email cancelling us. Heartbroken as it was a unique itinerary and Veendam is our favorite ship. We spent 90 days on Veendam and also have enjoyed Rotterdam and Maasdam. Not sure when the effective date of the sale is or if any will be attempted before the sale. We weren't switched, just dumped. Hope you have better luck.
  9. We got that blasted email too. Our 37 day polar icecap/around the British Isles cruise for July 2021 is cancelled. Haven't checked to see how much cruise credit we'll get, but will there be any cruise I want to go on again? Read an article somewhere that cruises would all be short when they resume. I will not fly to Europe....scratch that....anywhere for a seven day cruise. Pity party underway here. Yes, I know this is a first world problem but I am still bummed.
  10. Wow! That is far out. Now I'm worried about July 2021.
  11. That matches what my TA was told. They did make an exception for us to book in 2022.
  12. Sounds like they will take them pretty much anytime to get a booking at this point in time, doesn't it? We booked February, 2022.
  13. My understanding was book by. Mine expires 12/31 this year. I'd forgotten I had it but fortunately received a call from NCL. When my TA was booking for us, she was told it had to be used by but they would make an exception. We booked for 2022 and used the certificate which I really appreciate. She was told that if I cancelled I would lose it. Whether this is a written policy or whether it depends on who you talk to, I don't know.
  14. Yes. OP, you have done your best. Let the cruise line burst the bubble.
  15. I'm with you....love the older and smaller ships, especially the Veendam. We have 37 days booked on the Veendam for next year...if it happens. Wonder what they will do with bookings for whatever ship or ships they sell. Bigger ships can't get into a lot of ports we've been to on the Veendam previously. Never got to sail on the Prisendam but understand that was the case and perhaps Veendam has been scheduled for some of those itineraries.
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