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  1. Ah that's good to hear, thank you! Do you know if both ciders are included in the AI drinks package? Many thanks, Anita
  2. We're sailing on Regal Princess next month on a Baltic cruise and would be grateful if anyone is able to advise which brands of cider are available on board. Thanks :)
  3. Thanks Annieuk & Terry for your help - looks like it's safe to book a table for each week to ensure we get to try each menu! :)
  4. Hi, we're on Azura in November and I have a couple of questions about dining: - Does anyone know the frequency of menu rotation in Seventeen. I've seen previous posts saying alternate menus each day and another which says it changes every 4/5 days - what is usual for 14 night Caribbean cruises? We'd like to book twice but would like to try each of the two menus. - Is it true that for the 2 nights in Barbados, there is not the usual two dining times and it's more of a casual arrangement? Many thanks :)
  5. Hi Rob We have also just got back from the 16/6 sailing and like Claire, we had a great time! There were 2 formal nights and I'd say approx half of the men in the MDR had dinner suits, so you wouldn't be alone! We always like to dress up on formal nights and were pleased that lots of people had also made the effort. Have a great cruise! Anita
  6. Hi there, as far as I know, it was possible to board earlier, however not sure exactly what time they were letting people on board at Valencia. On departure day, we were given the usual numbered luggage tags and we were number 91 out of 88-99. Although the ship arrived at midday, they said it would take a bit of time to clear border regulations and they would get us off ASAP, however the first group were only 10 mins before us so I guess you should expect at least an hour. Not sure if those with pre-booked tranfers and carry off luggage got off any sooner. Hope this helps! Anita
  7. Hi everyone, We're back from our cruise out of Valencia and I'm pleased to say we had a fantastic time :) - I'll do a full review soon, however just wanted to give an overview of the 'Departure from Valencia' experience The embarkation in Valencia was not as bad as I expected, we checked in about 4.30pm and there was a small queue, but only about 10min wait (some people who boarded in Malaga had a much longer wait). We then boarded a bus to another dock within the port where the ship was waiting. The bonus of a late departure was that the rooms were available as soon as we got on. Bit of a delay getting the bags as I didn't know travel irons are now prohibited :confused: and my case was held up with security - I'll certainly know for next time! Got our soda packages sorted as soon as we entered the ship and booked the excursions we wanted in Rome & Pisa the same evening (small queue at excursion desk, however too early to book on TV in room as account had not been updated but did not want to risk waiting until later that evening in case the trips we wanted were sold out!) Although we didn't end up booking for Portofinos as we enjoyed the dining room food so much, there was always availability as it seems that the Spanish don't go in for the speciality restaurants - so Carol, it shouldn't be a problem for you to book on board. We had 2 teenage girls of 15 & 16 with us and they liked the fact they had a whole new batch of friends to make on the last night in the teen club! It seems they may have taken on board feedback about the Malaga day, as there were the usual destination maps with info about Malaga, however as only 700 passengers left that day, there were only 3 excursion options available (not the Mijas one we hoped to do after seeing it on the website :() but instead we made the most of a quiet ship that morning and had the solarium pool almost to ourselves! The Windjammer was the only restaurant open for lunch, so we couldn't visit Johnny Rockets as planned, however had lunch about 12.30 which was fine, although glad we didn't leave it until 2.30 as the queue with all the new guests was out of the door by that time! A couple of minor downsides to departing from Valencia is that your interactive TV account shuts down in Malaga and doesn't come back again, so the last few days spending could not be monitored as easy! Also whilst we were at the pool, the side of the ship was hosed down and the swimming costumes & t shirts we'd left out to dry on the balcony were more wet than before we put them out - but I've given feedback about these 2 things and they weren't a spoiler! On departure day, rooms needed to be vacated by 10am, however the Imperial Lounge was set aside for those leaving in Valencia and you could leave hand luggage safely in there whilst enjoying the ships facilities. Arrival was 12pm and we were off the ship by about 1.15pm. All in all, I would say the small number of disadvantages to embarking in Valencia were insignificant compared to the excellent time we had and it seems that RCCI are taking on board feedback all the time to improve the experience. We enjoyed it so much we booked next year's cruise whilst on board!
  8. I agree that the Celebrity packages are better, we purchased one in April and an added bonus is that speciality coffees were also included on both the classic and premium package! I can't understand why RCCI are making it so complicated? We join AOS on Sunday, however they are still offering the usual soda & wine packages, so we'll probably get the soda package and pay for beer, wine & spirits as we go.
  9. Thanks everyone for your helpful comments, especially jessicalorene for sharing your recent experience. I think I will be booking our Rome excursion as soon as we get on board - assuming a smooth embarkation process in Valencia!! I did wonder how they would work the fact that there would be 2 sailaway days and 2 last nights, however it looks like that's all geared for Malaga departures, so we'll just have to make the best of it and have fun anyway :)
  10. You're right Bobal, I've seen this on a few med cruises and next year they are doing the same with Splendour of the Seas Greek Island cruises where you can embark in Venice or Bari. I agree what you say about drink packages, as they confirmed no-one can book them in advance from Spain, however anyone starting the cruise from Malaga is able to book shore excursions etc in advance. I guess they need to update their online systems for booking extras to enable more than 1 point of embarkation if that's becoming more common!
  11. We're cruising from Valencia on 3rd July on Adventure and would be interested to know how other cruisers have found the experience of departing from Valencia? We have cruised on Navigator 3 times, including once in the med and it's a little frustrating that we are unable to book trips etc online as we have done in the past. As AOS has two boarding points (Malaga & Valencia), we have been advised that as Valencia is the 2nd boarding point, RCCI do not have the facility to enable pre-booking, but that they will hold back a proportion of trips, restaurant & spa reservations. Is this true and do you have to get organised as soon as you board to get the trips you want? Many Thanks, Anita :)
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