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  1. Stumblefoot, We are currently on voyage #3903. My husband and I had a wonderful week of being pampered and indulging a bit. Sadly it ends tomorrow; wish we had another week of cruising. I know we will savor our last night in Hong Kong before AA 126 takes us towards home. I hope you and Mrs Stumbles have a fantastic time!
  2. Currently on the Silver Shadow. CD is Moss Hills and Head Sommelier is Civan Bakay.
  3. TA emailed our tickets this morning. Along with an admonishment that final e docs are sent 14-21 days prior to departure date. Sure hope she remembers the OBC. lol
  4. We are on Shadow out of Hong Kong next month. The advertised included excursions disappeared when we opted to make our own travel arrangements. Not that it matters, as we prefer to arrange our own tours.
  5. Hi Gourmet Gal. For the Apr 28, 2020 voyage you mention from Lisbon to London on the Wind, excursions are not included. If they were, they would be listed in the "Featured Exclusive Offers" section on the voyage "Itinerary and Fares" page.
  6. Thank you Stumblefoot and Jollyjones. Happy New Year!! I have tried to access the documents via mysilversea. But when I select booking documents, I get a blank screen. The other download option, Travel Journal, fucntions properly. As far as I can tell, all of our information has been submitted correctly, and everything has been paid since Sept. TA is away from the office the rest of the week. Not sure if I should contact the travel agency, or wait for TA to return. I have attached a picture of where I am attempting to access the tickets. Is this the right place? Thanks again.
  7. I am sailing in 32 days. I received a silver box about a month ago. I have yet to receive tickets. Should they be emailed to me by my TA? Or found somewhere on mysilversea? thanks
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