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  1. I just requested a refund....and they are claiming up to 90 days. Dear Xxxxxxx, Your Request for the booking XXXXXXXXXX has been submitted. Regent Seven Seas Cruises will begin the process to initiate a refund. If we have questions about your refund request, we will contact you with the email address or phone number provided in the request form. Refund requests will be validated, and refunds will be processed within 90 days of the request. Sincerely, Regent Seven Seas Cruises
  2. Your money in their pocket is a free loan for however long they can drag out your refund.
  3. That is rather odd. Navigator’s 16 nite NYC to Miami voyage on Oct 30 is omitted, while Mariner’s 16 night LA-Lima on Oct 29 is advertised. Mariner’s LA-LA on Oct 22 is missing too. Perhaps the unmentioned itineraries do not meet Regent’s definition of “exotic”.
  4. My former TA enquired about us possibly delaying final payment. For a 16 night cruise, it must be paid 150 days in advance. Regents said sure, we could take an extra 30 days, but must pay a 15% penalty. We passed on their generous offer. As I previously posted, last week my TA left the agency for reasons I do not know. Right before I made the final payment, she informed me we would see $1000 Ship Board Credit in our account, after the invoice was updated. Of course it updated and there is no $1000 credit. And the TA that now has our booking does not see anything. She also has
  5. Well, we are now paid in full. After paying, our TA informed me that this Friday is her final day. I didn’t pry and wished her well. I sure hope whoever picks up our booking is competent. Come on October, I need a vacation!!
  6. Hello, I cannot seem to find it. Would someone post a link please? thanks
  7. We booked this cruise almost a year ago, while the pricing was at its lowest. I do not think that they will drop so low as to warrant bothering my TA and offsetting the cancellation fee.
  8. With final payment date approaching, I am more than a bit anxious. I am still waiting on a refund from Celebrity. We are booked on Navigator, Caribbean bound in late Oct, and I have read so many differing thoughts my head is spinning. A crystal ball sure would come in handy now. According to FDR, Regents and Oceania will make a phased return later this year. https://www.cruisecritic.com/news/5340/ Any guess which vessel will be first?
  9. https://www.fox13news.com/video/664230 They have the right idea ⚓️
  10. Celebrity is doing nothing to instill any confidence in sailing with them on 4/11. While I do appreciate this is all new territory, theIr ever changing refund policies, and un-cancelld cruise dates makes me apprehensive. Also, 30 days from midnight March 14 is not April 10.
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