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  1. Oh yeh, mustn’t forget to get plastered hey? That’s what vacations are all about.
  2. Well spotted Birdie and Sue, and nobody ever tells you. It was quite frustrating the time we got caught with this one just assuming we were going to get laundry.
  3. caneable

    Santa Marta

    Unfortunately I couldn’t get the link to work, but it is quite some time ago now. On the flip side, MVPinBoynton produces an excellent series of cruise blogs and has excelled in Santa Marta on their Ocean Riviera - March 2016 page. Sorry I’m hopeless at posting links. Just go to thepreismans,com and select recent cruises and you should find it there!
  4. Thanks Barmy, (is that something to do with Grimsby Town?) thanks for the info on Sergio, I’ll give him a try.
  5. Having spent over 25 minutes in the last two days listening to the raucous, abrasive Muzak on the NCL customer service line waiting for a never present representative, I finally decided to request a call back. I filled in the required info, hit the submit button and, hey presto, my details didn’t fit the required format! WHAT THE HELL DOES THAT MEAN! This company does seem to go out of its way to wind up customers, even the positive ones. Does anyone know if there are any staff working at NCL or have an alternative number for talking with them? Have a nice day😀
  6. Off the wall a little here, but recently visited Barcelona and did a great “Treasure Hunt” walk with XVentura. It took about three hours from 11 am to 2 pm and was based around the life and times of Columbus. It took us around the Gothic quarter and into small out of the way squares we would never have found by ourselves.
  7. We were in Barcelona a couple of weeks ago on a land tour. Talking with a locally based tour guide it seems that there’s quite a bit of concern about heavy cruise arrivals on same days. That maybe why there are some switches. However if Barcelona is important to you, you may find that a train ride to the city is a good option.
  8. We cruised b2b on the Sun in Spring this year. While they did repeat shows on each leg of the b2b, they didn’t repeat within each leg. Some visiting artists did two separate shows and one of the bat entertainers did an afternoon At Sea day did a mid afternoon set, but the ship’s company presented different shows each time.
  9. Thanks all for taking the time to reply. We’re very familiar with NCL Freestyle dining but suspected that there might be significant differences. Like that RC includes shared table options as that’s usually the fun way to go.
  10. If in on MTD, can I book a separate time in the main dining room for each evening of the cruise?
  11. Thanks spookwife, and am I right in assuming I can book in any time for any night?
  12. Maybe I’m being a bit simplistic here, but I’ve just copied this from the RC website “Choose My Time Dining and eat when you want each night between 6pm - 9.30pm. Just reserve a table in our main restaurant beforehand – the earlier the better. For parents, choose My Family Dining and let us serve your children (aged 3-11) swiftly before whisking them away for fun and games - leaving you to finish your meal at your leisure. A pre-paid gratuity will automatically be added to your reservation for My Time Dining or My Family Time Dining. Times vary from ship to ship.” So does the last sentence mean that if I want to choose My Time Dining, will I be charged an automatic gratuity charge even though I’m dining in the general dining room, or is that only for families wishing to have their kids whisked away?😱
  13. Safe travels scuba cruiser have thoroughly enjoyed following your adventure.
  14. Think we’ll settle for being able to photograph like a scubacruiser! Thoroughly enjoyed your posts here. Currently sat in departure lounge, Manchester International (UK) waiting for flight to Buenos Aires via London Heathrow. Thanks for all the great prompts for life on the balcony around the Horn.
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