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  1. There is a snack bar where you can purchase food while you're waiting
  2. We were just on the NCL Bliss. We did sign-ups on the roll call and had about 25 people interested in playing. The person that organized the meet and greet contacted the cruise line and they reserved a conference room for us for three of the sea days from 1 PM - 3 PM. It was a lot of fun; a very good way to spend a couple of hours. Mike
  3. As I remember they were single line Game Kings with typical cruise pay tables (6/5 Jacks etc.)
  4. We were also on the ship in October. Video Poker was very limited; one bank of six machines. Drink service was good. Mike
  5. Some of the refurbished ships that added the Steakhouse, such as the Sunrise, don't have bar in the restaurant.
  6. You can use cash in the casino. When you win, you print out a ticket just like a land-based casino. Good luck
  7. You have to careful with the wording Carnival uses for their casino offers. If it says “once you qualify” it means you have to earn the card through your play on that cruise. On a 7 day sailing you need to earn 1500 points to qualify. There are offers where you receive the card as soon as you get on board, but there won’t be any mention of qualifying in the offer. Mike
  8. What time do you have to get off and on? Mike
  9. Thanks Bea I'll check the harbor cam when I get up tomorrow to see if you're in. Mike
  10. Good morning, Bea Any news on what time you're due into NY tomorrow? See you tomorrow, Mike
  11. I'm sailing on the Meriviglia. Do the machines print out tickets or is the money put on your cruise card like on Carnival? Thanks, Mike
  12. Hello, I've seen some videos of the Steakhouse on the Sunrise, but I haven't seen a bar. Can anyone say for sure whether there is a bar in the restaurant? If not, which bar services it? I'm interested in where to get the high-end scotches. Thanks, Mike
  13. You still have to cash out your card balance at the end of the cruise at the casino cashier on Carnival. When you download money from a slot machine onto your card, it stays there, it doesn't go to your account. You can withdraw accumulated money from your card at anytime. Mike
  14. Don, John Heald once responded to my question about Carnival resuming year round sailings out of NY. He said due to operational and weather issues that had no plans to sail from NY in the winter. Mike
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