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  1. big green

    Ultimate Dining Package

    [quote name='tel2']Wondered what everyone thinks about this? We just signed up for our 9 day cruise in April. I was somewhat reluctant to do so, because although we usually dine in specialty restaurants almost every night, we are CAS guests and are therefore comped for at least 1 and usually two dinners. But the price was very good for 9 days -- we like Cagneys the best, so at 149. per person even if we eat there only 5 nights we break even. I wonder if this is promotional pricing or whether it will stay at this leval? tERRY[/QUOTE] many threads on this do a search using UDP or unlimited dining and you will see the many threads. bg
  2. big green

    back from epic what a diaster

    [quote name='kjwbmw']as a cruise veteran of 18 cruises ncl rccl princess premier carnival etc Epic is the biggest joke at sea. from the ridiculous stateroom design to charging extra for everything AVOID this ship like the plague Happy to answer any questions [email]bmw1951@gmail.com[/email][/QUOTE] !8 cruises and your first post slaming NCL without specifics--kind of fishy. BG
  3. big green

    Jewel Concierge/butler Problems

    [quote name='kcwingwalker']It would be nice if you would be more specific. I too have read the recent reviews on the Jewels and have had some questions myself. Also, I have noted that the review ratings went rather high to low for the Alaskan cruises. Perhaps a staffing problem or perhaps passengers who were more vocal or difficult to please. Who knows? After looking at the reviews again, I find that the majority of reviewers were very happy. A frequent contributor to the board just returned from the Jewel and seemed quite happy. This couple had an aft suite and I haven't heard them complaining.[/QUOTE] Since we will be on there Friday in a aft penthouse suite I was concerned about the comments since we quite often use the butlers for different things. The only time we had a bad experience with a butler ON NCL was a 19 day cruise to South America--so I hope it turns out ok --but I have noticed that for August and September the general reviews for the Jewel that have been posted are overall not above average, bg
  4. big green

    Jewel Concierge/butler Problems

    [quote name='B6ConMe']I also doubt it's the concierge / butler problem since I've found only the 1 or 2 negative reviews specifically to do with the Jewel. And yes, I read the reviews, not because we're in a PH suite next year but because I love hearing how nice things are done and how pampered ppl feel while enjoying the suite life. We, as well as the Butler / Concierge / Steward / Wait Staff... etc. etc. are all human...mistakes can be made.. it's what you do after you've made the mistake that's really important...[/QUOTE] thanks for comments but really looking for someone to comment who has recently cruised on the Jewel in an aft penthouse suite. BG
  5. big green

    Jewel Concierge/butler Problems

    [quote name='Beaver1975']I doubt the Concierge is the problem since it is John D'Souza. Care to expand on what info you are looking for, Bud? Your question is quite generic.[/QUOTE] Check the recent reviews posted for the Jewel--you will see. BG
  6. read some recent reviews on problems with the concierge and butlers not providing very good service to aft end penthouse suites---can anyone comment on very recent experience on the Jewel. Thanks BG
  7. big green

    Suite OBC

    call NCL--9 months our over 5r days should be $300--I just booked a 2015 cruise and got the $300 in a SF penthouse. BG
  8. Your review and title do not really match--what was awesome and what was wrong with the dinner at Moderno??? BG
  9. big green

    Specialty restaurants

    [quote name='Novastar']The charge for Cagney's is now $30 and that does include your meal. If you order lobster there is an additional charge.[/QUOTE] I believe this is incorrect--on the new menu Lobster is not an extra charge at the $30 price. Link to new $30 menu which proves this: [url]http://www.ncl.com/sites/default/files/19626_STEAKHOUSE_Web_Jewel_051613.pdf[/url] BG
  10. big green

    Luggage tags, timing

    [quote name='confused123']I got the tags but no pillow menu, etc. do you think that the Jade doesn't have one? Sent using the Cruise Critic forums app[/QUOTE] Did you get a tetter with the concierge phone number with the tags--call the number--they will take care of you. BG
  11. big green

    booking perks?

    [quote name='realtorlady42']We are sailing on the Jewel In January. When we booked they had the promotion that included choc covered strawberries, champaingn and complimentary specialty restraunt..I think itialian. (for our level cabin Balcony) I am not seeing any where in my reservation these included perks We did not have to pay deposit as we had future cruise credit...and final payment is not due until Nov so I don't have all the paperwork. Can anyone tell me where and when these perks show up so I can make sure we get them. Thank you![/QUOTE] they will not show up on your online NCL account --call your travel agent or NCL and ask for an amenities confirmation-- you receipt for the booking should say something. BG
  12. big green

    Luggage tags, timing

    Just got mine two days ago and we sail on 27 Sept. If you are 40 days out and have not got them call NCL and/or the travel agent you booked with. Big Green
  13. big green

    Repo. cruise enrichment lectures

    I have been on quite a few long NCL cruises--they do not do enrichment lectures--On my Holland 30 day they did enrichment lectures which were in my opinion boring and they had hardly any night entertainment--so we do not cruise on them often. On a 14 day Holland cruise to hawaii they had no enrichment lectures but had Hawaii sessions. I suggest you do your repos on Holland and quit cutting down NCL which you seem unhappy with. BG
  14. big green

    suite luggage tags

    got mine today for a sept 27 sailing on the Jewel. Big Green
  15. big green

    San Diego Birth Certificate on NCL Dawn

    This link tells how to get it: http://www.cdph.ca.gov/certlic/birthdeathmar/pages/certifiedcopiesofbirthdeathrecords.aspx