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  1. Last year I paid for the ferry with US dollars. Has that changed? Will I need to pay in coins this year?
  2. rcoaster809

    Sailing from Cape Liberty/Bayonne

    The new terminal is very nice. It's like sailing out of any port with separate areas for boarding and disembarking passengers. It's an escalator ride and a walk across the gangway now, no bus ride. You pull up right in front of the building to drop your bags and then park. There is a short 2 min bus shuttle from the parking area to the terminal. I sailed once with the old terminal and once with the new one and it is a nice difference. Since I was there in June they opened a parking garage, so parking should be closer to the terminal now too.
  3. rcoaster809

    Luminae Meal Length

    Thanks for the replies everyone!
  4. rcoaster809

    Luminae Meal Length

    How long does the dinner service take in Luminae? I am looking at a 7:30 PM excursion and I am wondering if a 6:00 PM reservation would get us out in enough time.
  5. rcoaster809

    Private Taxi Questions

    Thank you for the info!
  6. rcoaster809

    Private Taxi Questions

    I read up on the thread dedicated to this topic, but I have a few other questions. I want to hire a private driver for a day for 4 people. 1. Can someone recommend a good blue flag taxi driver with a vehicle that comfortably holds 4 passengers. We don't want 3 people stuck in the back seat! 2. Does anyone know the 2016 rates for the blue flag taxis? Thanks!
  7. rcoaster809

    Summit to Bermuda - low oceanview or balcony?

    It's difficult to predict whether the port or starboard side will face with the dock. The view is fine either way though. If facing the dock, you will see the dockyard with the fort, old jail, shops and transportation. If you are facing the other direction you will have a nice view of some of Bermuda across the sound.
  8. rcoaster809

    Platinum vs Suite Embarkation for Breeze

    Thanks for the responses! They answer my question.
  9. We have two cabins sailing on the Breeze out of Miami. I am Platinum and the other cabin is an Ocean Suite. Will we go through the same embarkation process (same security line, same lounge, board at same time)?
  10. rcoaster809

    Combining Cabins Onboard

    Thanks for the replies! I did not think about it from the "paying for the perks" of the haven point of view. That makes sense to me, so I will not do it. Some of the cruises are priced where 3rd and 4th dont add much cost, but this one does.
  11. rcoaster809

    Combining Cabins Onboard

    Hi, I can't find the answer to this question anywhere. I would like to book 4 people in a Haven 2-Bedroom, but the 3rd and 4th person rate is very high. Is it possible to book 2 in the 2-Bedroom and 2 in a cheaper cabin, then move those 2 into the 2-Bedroom once onboard?
  12. rcoaster809

    Ferry Tickets

    Thank you! That was the exact information I was looking for.
  13. rcoaster809

    Ferry Tickets

    Can someone please tell me the cost of ferry tickets and the latest I can buy them on a Wednesday night in Hamilton? My plan is to use token to get to Hamilton then buy tickets to get back to the Dockyard and have for the rest of the stay.
  14. rcoaster809

    Bermuda private guide

    Can anyone recommend a good taxi tour driver that holds 7 people? Thanks!
  15. Excellent! I hope you have a great time! I agree with the others that the sleeping arrangements and the bathroom are the two biggest concerns. They turned out to be non-issues for us though. The roll away made the sleeping arrangements more comfortable and good use of the vanity area in the bedroom helped people move through the bathroom faster.