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  1. Umm, didn't NCL cancel their sailings now out of Jamica? They took the Joy crew and moved them to the Bliss for Alaska. They are not sailing out of Jamica anymore this year with the potential start of US cruising. Look at their website and announcements.
  2. we just made our reservations on Air/Sea choice air on Bahamas Airline for our August cruise on Adverturer. Talked to Choice Air and they have not yet worked out the transfer requirements to the pier from airport. They said to check in a month or so because it wasn't an option when we booked. Also looking on Bahama Air, it looks like you need to have Health Visa. Also Bahama Air says you must have a COVID test 5 days prior from the date of arrival in the Bahamas. The name and address of where the lab test was taken must be on the paperwork. Once you receive the negative result,
  3. Sorry but saw on News the bottom feed this morning that CDC extended no sail order thru November. The newline must have gotten it wrong
  4. I saw this today. I cannot believe the CDC would extend and penalize the cruise industry but let the airlines fly. Southwest is starting traditional boarding again with no social distancing. The CDC is trying to bankrupt the cruise industry it looks like.
  5. Sorry if I confused anyone with the subject. After reading the replies, I didn't know that these sailings were being "revised" and turned into 7 day sailings. NCL said nothing about that. We looked and these sailings haven't shown up yet on NCL website. Will continue to look. Yes, farmersfight, I am a big Red Wing fan, though I hope they can make a comeback some day. We live in Tampa now but are still die hard Wingers. Had to get away from the snow and cold. Don't miss it and we don't have to fly to cruise anymore. Yea..just playing the waiting game to see when cruising will start
  6. We were checking our scheduled cruises yesterday on NCL's website and noticed our cruise February 12, 2021 on NCL Joy (short cruise) was gone from our list. My DH called NCL and they said that cruise was cancelled. The "official" notice hasn't gone out yet and they gave no reason why it was being cancelled. So whoever else is booked on this short cruise, heads up it is cancelled.
  7. November 2020 cruises are not grayed out. It was probably a glitch. I am optimistic November cruises will be going forward.
  8. Nothing on NCL says November cruises are cancelled. This is as of 9/10/20. Where does it say "It looks like November is cancelled Wednesday"? Not from NCL
  9. Going on the Encore March 1, 2020. Doesa nyone know who the Haven Concierge, Asst Concierge is? Thanks Any idea where Bowen Pereira is now? We had him twice on the Breakaway and he was FANTASTIC.. loved him
  10. I can help reply to some of your questions from our experience. Have been in the Haven a few times, just not on the Epic...yet. 1. Elevator wait time. If you are going to a show, the Haven Concierge will escort you in the crew/Haven elevator so you will not be with the masses of people to get to where you need be. If, however, you wander the ship on your own and explore, you will experience the common elevator wait time. 2. We always check into the Pier (Haven area) around 10am no matter what. We like to arrive early and get on the ship as soon as they clear for bo
  11. A non-Haven guest cannot eat in the Haven restaurant. NCL did not implement the non-guest $35 policy because of the backlash of Haven guests. We have sailed in the Haven on numerous ships and some guests have asked the Concierge for this for their guests and the answer has always been - so sorry, unless you are a Haven guest, you cannot eat in the restaurant.
  12. yes you can. I have done it on every cruise.
  13. Thanks..I like yours too. Time for them to start stepping it up again though.
  14. Just got off the Breakaway. NCL docks at Punta Langosta, the pier that is right downton.
  15. Norwegian Breakaway – September 1, 2019 SailingDue to Hurricane Dorian in the Caribbean, the departure schedule for the September 1, 2019 voyage on Norwegian Breakaway has been revised to accommodate an earlier check-in beginning at 9 a.m. All guests must be at the port by 11 a.m. or sooner, as the United States Coast Guard will be taking all necessary precautions to prepare the port for closure later that day, in advance of the storm. The ship will sail her original Western Caribbean itinerary.
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