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  1. Yes thanks for resurrecting this topic. We are planning to ask some of our relations on board in Brisbane in around 18 months time, we had never one this before, so I thought I get in touch with Regent UK, to see firstly if we could and secondly what the procedure is. They replied immediately, with not surprisingly bad news that they are not allowing guest on board, but they hope to resume this in the future, but obviously they couldn’t say when, they also sent us the form to fill, so that sort of confirms they will in the future be allowing guests. We got a lovely suite (I know they all are)
  2. We live in the UK and are on this cruise (assuming it sails) at the moment Britain is just opening up after an extremely successful vaccination effort which is still progressing at a fantastic rate. So pubs are now open as are restaurants, theatres are starting up. There’s still social distancing and face masks are worn within confined spaces and most wear them in open air as well. But travel is still virtually banned, there’s only a very limited numbers of countries we can travel to or back from without having to isolate for 10 or 14 days and this is the problem, at the moment if you fly into
  3. https://www.timesofisrael.com/life-saving-nose-spray-that-kills-99-9-of-viruses-begins-production-in-israel/?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter This might be the solution for both cruise and plane travel, only draw back I can see is the reliance on people to take it twice a day.
  4. We have decided to cancel our late July 21 cruise tomorrow and are rebooking for August next year, it was 18 days around the Mediterranean, great shame as this about the 5th cruise we have had or have been cancelled. The reason is simple we have no confidence in the EU vaccination roll out program, in our opinion it’s in utter chaos and I don’t think it’s worth the risk, the % of those inoculated is very low especially in France where the cruise was passing through. I also believe that for us British then if we are allowed to travel to the EU (which we are not at the moment apart from exceptio
  5. UK announce domestic cruising can restart 17th May, not certain what restriction will be recommended ]https://travelweekly.co.uk/news/cruise/uk-domestic-cruises-given-may-17-green-light?fbclid=IwAR0RThlKq1M5rjdAYZGB9jnMInPbwMUtiOrl7qmYQkKc-n4VwCdkwMFn0iA
  6. Thank you, that’s great, just got to hope that covid allows us to cruise, oh send pay for it 😀. It’s a fabulous cruise Istanbul to Auckland, I will be able to pop in to see my brother for the first time in years, it’s both our retirement present, my 70th birthday, and our 45th wedding anniversary present, so it’s a very special trip.
  7. Going slightly of topic, we will change levels within the seven seas society (from gold to diamond and if Covid permits) just after half way through a grand cruise and was wondering when the additional benefits kicks in, is it the start of the cruise, after you reached 200 night or the section of the cruise after you reached the milestone. Really only worried about the additional phone time as it will be around Christmas period and we will want to speak to the kids / grandkids so the additional time will be handy.
  8. Sorry tried to add this to the above quote, but I couldn’t work out to edit it. Hopefully explain the position a bit better than I can AstraZenica site suggesting they will supply up to 3 billion doses globally next year. 30 December 2020 07:00 GMT Working with the UK government, first vaccinations to begin early in the New Year Regulatory interactions continue around the world for next approvals AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 vaccine has been approved for emergency supply in the UK, with the first doses being released today so that
  9. Firstly, I’m not of a medical background, so I’m can only comment upon what we are being told. All protocols have now been passed in the UK only. There were two cases during the trial which meant that the recipient went back to hospital both had caught covid, the first was two days after the injection so it’s been concluded that they had caught it prior to the injection, the second also caught covid but 10 days after the injection, this they believe that they already had the virus but it’s still being investigated. I believe there are some very minor side affects, but nothing serious, I think
  10. A great bit of news from the UK, the Oxford vaccine is now approved, this is the vaccine that can be stored at 2c and is relatively cheap. UK got enough doses on order to vaccinate the whole population. They will start the vaccination program from Monday coming. So really it’s now just how quick can 60 million people be jabbed twice. Look like us oldies (around 65) will need to wait another 8 weeks or so before we are vaccinated. https://apple.news/AbXp40qb_SmKYjhlkjdPdIg
  11. Think I might have a slightly worse problem I’m on a London to Barcelona cruise (hopefully) in September, I was informed on the 23rd that our take off time for the return to London is 10:05 am. Going to fun, but hopefully we won’t be the only only ones catching this early flight. The good thing is we are overnighting in Barcelona so in my mind these should make it easier, but still a very early start.
  12. I was chatting to someone on regent, and they didn’t even know England produced wine, let along very fine wines and sparkling wines with a quality equal to most foreign producers. They didn’t even know that the English invented the process of making champagne and the pesky french nicked it, funny enough the French don’t seem to accept the written evidence. If the BBC said it, it must be true, mustn’t it? (No it wasn’t written on April the 1st either), this caused quiet a stir when it was first published, with much wailing and knashing of teeth being heard in Kent from 22 miles acro
  13. Funny enough we had champagne with our take away fish and chips last night, heard about but never tried it, really enjoyed it.
  14. Oh no it not, oh yes it is 😀 sorry couldn’t resist it. For the first time in years we won’t be going to a pantomime, great shame as we normally take the grandkids for a great afternoon entertainment at our local theatre. Sorry to our American friends who if they haven’t seen a pantomime won’t know what the first part of my post is on about,
  15. Just a little chink of light in the British press, re vaccination becoming more likely to combat Covid https://apple.news/AAkaABGd_TzGCR-XVe8a0Ig
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