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    Just visited Barbados on the AoS June 3 sailing. We were so disappointed! The people were not nice at all - starting from the steel band playing on the dock (pictures not allowed) down to the cab driver that tried to force us to take a tour. My husband and I went downtown and were disappointed. At one store, I asked the price of a rum cake, we decided it was less expensive on the ship - the lady at the store got upset and asked us to leave - her exact words - "why you ask for price if you not going to buy? leave now". On the return cab ride to the dock, the cabbie asked it we'd like to take a quick tour - we said no, explained that we were tired and wanted to get our son back on the ship - he tried to insist and when we insisted otherwise he had to make a u-turn - we were already on the "tour". Just a warning to all future visitors that the cabbies on the island are not nice, the locals are not very nice either (in my experience).