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  1. Great book! Got it from the library a few days ago. Just finished it.
  2. LAnn, I agree with you that it would be helpful. We had our younger son with us on a cruise with us when he was about 19 - 20 (every other cruise we were on with him, our other son was on as well) . It is not necessarily as easy as some people think, particularly if there are not a lot of people in the same age range on the particular cruise. I think a simple scheduled mixer or two would be great.
  3. My husband also does the majority of the cooking. This started because we worked very different hours and he needed to go to bed much earlier and therefore eat on the early side .... so he prepared for both of us. I have a few dishes I occasionally make. If any baking e.g. cupcakes, cookies .... that is me. I do most clean-up. With grown children, we started to eat out on weekends. We had to, of course, stop early-pandemic, but have been able to continue with eating in restaurants since June, following all rules and as allowed. Without incident, thank goodness.
  4. Ugh. Wishing you and your family the best. ☘️ Slainte! Cheers! Kanpai! Salud!
  5. Hey. Just want to say I love pumpernickel bagels. I was born in Manhattan and grew up in Queens. 😉
  6. Thank you. Saratoga Springs is a simple direct North 2.5 hour drive from our home. It is a fun and pretty place and makes for a quick getaway in these crazy times. We had fun. The trucks (pictured below) were from Holland Power Services. The workers were from Ontario and Quebec and quite friendly. I think they were probably making quadruple-overtime. 🙂 3rd pic was a "bog meadow" trail we walked on the 31st.
  7. Interesting. Just returned home from a couple days in Saratoga Springs NY. Late yesterday afternoon more than 25 utility trucks arrived from Canada apparently to help in case needed with approaching ice storm in that area of NY. They parked in our hotel parking lot. PS My husband shares your birthday. I am always struggling to come up with more ideas for gifts right after Christmas. 😉
  8. OK, I went with the good old sugar cookie. I looked for a relatively simple recipe not involving refrigeration, cookie press, etc. I even left a few plain in case of a picky eater. Ha. This recipe was called: THE BEST SOFT AND CHEWY SUGAR COOKIES RECIPE. I can attest that they are quite good.
  9. Just read Patterson's Deadly Cross. Great as usual. Awaiting Baldacci's Daylight from the library. I started reading him more recently and this is the Atlee Pine series. Merry Christmas and happy reading to all. 🎄📚
  10. No cruises scheduled. Hoping our younger son's wedding and reception can happen. Supposed to be in June 2021.
  11. Sounds wonderful!! Have only been there on a cruise excursion. Loved it. Hope it works out for you.
  12. Also now remembering I could not stand when they said "my bad" .... I still don't say that one.
  13. You are right (I love the "we're golden" example - remember it well). The "No worries" one is more recent. One of my sons started saying it when he was in high school and it drove me crazy for some reason. Now I will actually say or text it. Good grief. 😉
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