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  1. If it's chilly, there are plenty of blankets too!
  2. I have an adversion to ship tours (overpriced and over promised). I have used Mumbai Magic twice in Mumbai, and used their other partners in several other Indian cities. The first time was all the usual sights mentioned (Gahndi house, gates, Taj Mahal hotel etc), the second time a more personalized tour (Sasoon docks, flea market, girls school etc). Prices will be much and the tour guides are very good. Plus it's a woman owned firm. Contact them you will not be sorry. https://www.mumbaimagic.com/ Lisa
  3. State room vanity/desk is higher. I asked for an extra pillow (or two) and it was fine.
  4. How about doing a private tour? with a drop off at the airport after a dinner. I used Kuodo travel for my 11 nights in Lima, Cusco, Sacred Valley, and they were great. I'm sure Mery (the owner) could organize a day tour for you. Perhaps there are some others from your role call who might be in a similar situation and would want to join. mery@kuodatravel.com Lisa
  5. I used Patti Staikov for the tour of Mycenae in 2017. She was great. Found her through Rick Steves and she gave 5 of us a private tour. She arranged for the taxi and we met her at the site, where she works most days. e-mail address is staipatt@yahoo.gr and mobile phone number 0030 697 77 8 33 15.
  6. I found the opposite (less seating) on the Pursuit. They have intalled larger loungers that took up more space than the old loungers. Also they were very unconfortable. They did not fully recline so I saw passengers sprawled over them like at the pillory to get sun on their backs! The time I went all loungers were being used, but there were 8 of the old style loungers tied up and also taking space. I asked if they could be untied, but was told to come back in two hours. Also the new key system on the Pursuit failed to work on several ocessions.
  7. I've done this twice as well. In Thailand (2016) the market was very fun, and the tour (lunch, rum distillery, and cashew nut facility) was extensive followed by a special dinner in Prime C (not with shared plates). In Kotor Montenegro (2018) the market was very small and not as fun, but the winery tour was very good, and dinner was in Prime C again (not with shared plates). I guess there was room in Prime C those nights. I considered both tours "worth it". I imagine the Rialto market would be quite lively and fun. Enjoy!
  8. Thanks!!!!! I called we'll see if they arrive.
  9. Just checked local libray color copies at $1 each Fed Ex is $.52. Don't have grandchildren.
  10. Thanks, that answers the question? No more luggage tags will be mailed. This is a change for the worse. I really liked having multiple tags on my luggage, on more than one ocassion luggage tags were ripped off, so it is always safer to have two on each bag. I also like the color luggage tags. I do not have a color printer, so it will cost me $ plus a trip to Fed ex to get them printed. Not good.
  11. Bonnie, I can't seem to find where to order luggage tags on the new system. Yes I know I don't really need them, but I feel better having multiple luggage tags on my cases. Where is that option on the new check in pages? (cruise in 3 weeks) Thanks for your help.
  12. That worked! I am totally incompetent in computers. THANKS!
  13. I have the same issue with Chrome, can not access CC. Let me know if you find an answer. THANKS
  14. The problem for me seems to be Chrome browser on Mac, I can find the role calls fine, but can only access one page and any request to go to more pages is met with the '403 error". In Safari I have no problems accessing the role calls and seeing all the past posts. Hope this will be fixed at some point, but for now I will switch to Safari to access Cruise Critic.
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