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  1. Leo_On_Geo

    Cruise Critic Changing

    The problem for me seems to be Chrome browser on Mac, I can find the role calls fine, but can only access one page and any request to go to more pages is met with the '403 error". In Safari I have no problems accessing the role calls and seeing all the past posts. Hope this will be fixed at some point, but for now I will switch to Safari to access Cruise Critic.
  2. Leo_On_Geo

    Cruise Critic Changing

    In Chrome browser I kept getting a "403 error", but when I switched over to Safari and I can see everything.
  3. Leo_On_Geo

    Cruise Critic Changing

    How can you see old Role call posts?
  4. Leo_On_Geo

    To the experienced travelers: What would you do?

    Depends on how much time you have and how you like carrying luggage. Florence is wonderful and worth several days, but so is Venice. Personally, I like to stay in one place longer than two places shorter, but that is me. Venice is an amusement park, but is really magical AFTER dark when most tourists have left. Another vote for Padua from Venice. Padua is a wonderful city and an easy 45 minute train ride, next visit I want to stay there. See the Scrovegni Chapel. If you can book the "double turn". Most visits are timed 5 minutes climatic acclimation and ~9 minutes in the chapel. The double turn gives you ~20 minutes in the chapel and it goes so quickly. You have to call the box office, but it was easy. Lots to see in Venice, I would avoid St Marks during the day, or get out of town to other islands.
  5. Leo_On_Geo

    End of Cruise Account Bill

    The last emailed statement I received was Feb. 2017, for me about 5 cruises ago. I had to request one after each of those cruises via the LCV email.
  6. Leo_On_Geo

    on board booking question

    I think I need some more info. You have not made a deposit, but have a hold? If the booking "hold" is made through an agent, only that agent can modify.. so could not be changed to an onboard booking, or even modified by the shipboard agent. Any holds I have gotten have been very short term (several days), so not sure why you wouldn't just wait to book on board. If you have no deposit to lose you are free to cancel any booking and rebook on board. Is it the cabin or OBC you are trying to keep? I am still confused. Also any booking on board can be trasfered back to your agent.
  7. Leo_On_Geo

    Computers for passenger use onboard

    That all sounds good, but one final query; where is your cruise? For example forget getting internet in the fiord of Norway. The internet on Azamara is very slow, but at those hours you should be good.
  8. Leo_On_Geo

    Announcing Our New LCV team!

    Wow. Totally missed this announcement. Good news and welcome to the team. If it wasn't for CC and Bonnie, I would have had no idea. Thanks Bonnie
  9. Leo_On_Geo

    Computers for passenger use onboard

    I am no expert, but how do you itend to "work on the proposal". If you can do it remotely you would have to be paying internet (or buy the unlimited package). The Azamara computers function only to access email and the internet, no Word or Excel. Also there are no USB ports, such as I would use to work on a paper, at least I never found them. Frustrating.
  10. Leo_On_Geo

    Sri Lanka and India cruise .

    I have done several versions of this. I would suggest you fly into Delhi first and do a land tour (Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, then back to Delhi ) and then fly to Singapore to start the tour. The overnight to the Taj Mahal from the ship is expensive and does not compare to a 3-4 day land tour. In 2012, I did the land tour then flew to Mumbai and boarded the ship. I used Mumbai Magic and the price was very reasonable. There were so many issues with Indian ports, that Azamara has stopped using them for turn around.
  11. April is cherry-blossom time which will be crowded, but if you seek out special places (of which there are many) you should find the normal amount of fellow tourists. Japan has a lot of tourist at anytime. Plus being on the cruise, you will not be competing for seats on the trains. July-October is worst part of typhoon season, so it is correct that the weather can be wet AND hot. I would pick cherry-blossom time. I am on the April 14, 2019 cruise, and planing to train travel to Kyushu Japan prior to the cruise.
  12. I sailed the Black Sea in 2013 and it remains a wonderful memory. The ports are quite different in 2020 than 2013. I went to Nessebar, Bulgaria, which was a really lovely historical town, so I am surprised that are substituting the more archeological city of Varna. Constanta, Romania was a sad town, nothing in 2013. I opted to travel to the Danube Delta; many people took a long bus ride to Bucharest. The countryside was lovely and the primary occupation appeared to be shepherd. Odessa was a lovely vibrant city. I explored the town, saw opera house, shopped at the markets, and walked the Potemkin steps. The highlight of the cruise was Yalta and Sevastopol, which will sadly be missed. In Sevastopol, I visited with family and we had the Azamazing evening that was the best one I have experienced. In Yalta I arranged a private tour that was very good. Your cruise goes to different ports, but I think any travel in this area will be very special. FYI the cost of our Black Sea cruise in 2013 was higher than other cruises at that time, so possibly the port charges may be a factor.
  13. Leo_On_Geo

    Breaking news! Use your OBC to pre-book shorex!

    I just want to say THANK YOU Azamara. I just logged in to purchase my shorex with my OBC for Sept Cruise and it worked brilliantly. I know we waited a long time for this, but it seems to be a good thing (at least that is my current experience). So Thanks!
  14. Leo_On_Geo

    Azamara Pursuit

    Looks like the stage and dance floor in the Living room are moved aft between the bar and the card room area??
  15. Leo_On_Geo

    Say It Ain’t So! Russ Is Leaving???

    Russ is a great talent and a terrific person. He will be sorely missed by Azamara. I wish him all the best with his new position. I do hope to have the opportunity to sail with him again some day! Good luck Russ!!, Bad luck for Azamara, I can't help thinking the recent changes are not so good. Lisa