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  1. That's good news. Thanks Azamara
  2. I understand that Azamara is doing the best thay can with the Covid restrictions in so many countries, so may thing are out of their control. I AM upset with their lift and shift options. The option given for my Nov 2, 21 and Nov 18, 21 B-2-B are two 2022 cruises with a 11 day break between them. Really I am supposed to spend 11 days in Dubai between the cruises. That is UNACCEPTABLE and that is somthing Azamara can control. Frustrating.
  3. Unfortunately, The lift and shift cruises are considered equal. No refund for the days "lost". If you are unhappy with their offer, you might propose another option or take the FCC if you have paid. I assume you haven't paid as I am on that cruise. I shifted to 16 night Lisbon to Rio 2022 instead. My original 2020 Lisbon to Rio cruise was shifted to the Dubai Nov 2021 cruise, and now shifted back to my original cruise for 2022 again. Fingers still crossed.
  4. I will only travel if everyone (passenger and crew) is vaccinated. Non vaccinated passengers might not be allowed in many international ports, as well.
  5. Hello, looks like the price of the tour is about $2000 a person. That seems pretty reasonable for two night hotel stay in Tokyo, the transfers, plus all of the other stuff. On your own you can easily get Hakone On the bullet train, (it’s called the romance train?) And take the trail via small gauge railroad, incline, Skyway, and finally the pirate ship. I’ve done it several times independently and everybody’s doing the same thing and it’s very easy just to follow along. Your trip will be very dependent on the weather, which is not a guarantee. You may not see mt Fuji. Also the temple in Asakusa and the shopping street are very easily accessible to do on your own.. So it kind of depends on how adventurous you are. I do not have any experience with Azamara land excursions. All of them are operated by local tour providers who do this thing day in and day out so they are often very good. I’m sure it would be slightly cheaper to do this on your own but it does involve a lot of planning and hassle, which you may not want. lisa
  6. Yes, and I guarantee that skorkeling will much less strenuous than the walk back from Petra I did seven years ago. No age restrictions there!
  7. In the past was a takwonko demonstration and dance performance in Seoul South Korea
  8. Sorry for your dissappointment but again that may be out of Azamara's control. Tour operators may have limited options on Sunday. I know the dissappointment, but I have found that Sundays and even Saturdays are slow in many countries. On a Saturday in Thursday Island Australia, I got into town around 10 AM to explore only to learn the entire the town shut down at 1 PM. That said excursions are often added or dropped up until the port arrival. If you contact Azamara ShoreEX perhaps they might be able to offer another suggestion. Also when you board you certainly would be able to get help arranging other options.
  9. I was curious, so I checked the "Red Sea Snorkel Adventure" on my Nov. cruise. There are no age restrictions listed. I do see the age restrictions in the St. Bart's tour as you describe. This suggest to me that it is the tour provider that determines the age restriction for their liability, and NOT Azamara.
  10. Without knowing specific ports it is difficult to answer. Northern Australia is brutally hot and humid in February, but is very pleasant in southern NZ. February is peak cyclone season along the Australian eastern coast, but ships go out of their way to avoid sailing into them. Besides Australia may still be closed in February 2022.
  11. More than just Trojan War. Source material is from Homer (Iliad and Odyssey) as well as many other greek playwrights.
  12. If your child is a reader I suggest a great new book "A Thousand Ships". Really brings to life the people and gods/godesses of Ancient Greece. Lisa
  13. They do. It was only certain excursions (snorkeling etc) that are restricted to under 70. I agree with others ...if your over 70 and want to participate in more strenous excursions then arrange for a private tour.
  14. I went to Cairo, solo, in 2017...for one day! I was on a Uniworld tour and I arrived two days before. I was greeted at the airport by Uniworld and I told them that I intended to take a taxi to the museum (on Tahrir square), to spend the next day. They were insistant that I should NOT do that. They took me to the museum and picked me up at an appointed tiime, but I did spend four hours wandering the museum alone. I think that was safe, but if you want to travel alone, arrange for a guide and driver. They are really inexpensive and it will be more safe.
  15. Two adult cruise charters. http://www.rightconnectionstravel.com/cruises/desire-lisbon-cruise-2022.php http://www.blisscruise.com/Our_Cruises/Spain_Morocco_Jun_2022#theme-nights
  16. This Oct 25-Nov 2 Journey cruise was always missing, but good to know the charter is not to the nudists. But makes it harder to get a B2B for my Nov 2 cruise. http://www.etstours.com/tour-locations/tj21102421h28600/#.YIg-2n1KgTE
  17. Port cabins will allow views of land. Hint: check the starboard side the first morning for possible Mt Fuji sightings.
  18. Sorry, but I am trying to plan some long term travel plans. Pursuit and Journey have both published cruising plans up to March 2023. Does anyone know where Quest is after Nov. 26, 2022. Is there a dry dock schedued? Do you think it will head to Asia? Thanks, Lisa
  19. 8070 has a four top and two two tops, plus it also has a bus station where waiters are coming and going constantly. Definitely you would have more foot traffic above that cabin
  20. I have stayed in this cabin and it's one of my favorites, with very little noise. Above you is a just a corner of the Windows Cafe. Only 3 two tops above you (few in terms of feet scuffles), and since its in a corner the late night vacuuming is reduced, as opposed to more wide open areas of Windows that get more pases of the vacuum. Also there is a bulkhead to the aft so no noise there. I think that the wall of the balcony may be partially closed. I mean that instead of two rails, there is a wall and then a rail (but someone else might remember this). I would pick this cabin.
  21. Hi, If your iterested in Machu Pichu, I highly recommend www.kuodatravel.com. This is a local Cusco woman-owned company. The owner Mery Calderon organized a 10 night tour (Lima-Cusco-Sacred Valley- Machu Pichu- LIma) for me (solo traveler) for the price of the Azamara 4 night tour. It was wonderful. I felt so looked after and enjoyed the freedom to add places along the way. Best tour ever. Lisa
  22. Hi, i am a solo traveler as well. You got me inspired to write a review of my cruise last year, that may give some helpful info. Usually I organize private tours, but Japan is very easy to navigate without a tour. Everyone is super helpful. Kyoto should be done as a several day/ night trip. I stayed at the Keoko Plaza hotel in Shinjuku, they held my large luggage while I took a small overnight bag on train trip to Kyoto. Other hotels would do this as well, which makes it easy to do a small land trip Pre or post cruise. I recommend staying at a traditional Ryokan at least one night. Restaurants are easy too as they usually have plastic food that you can see and order just by pointing. Fun! Lisa http://click.email.cruisecritic.com/?qs=bdb07bc5f1f1ec6863aa89808751c8de7e7c87c80c0e2fb9c6ce7c3defcad760b513366f0c96aef80dbe10ba93bc2a6d9c6e0ee5e71af593
  23. I am usually very sceptical as well about these promotions. However, in my case (19 night Nov. 2021) the price droped $1624, from a booking just made on Aug 31 (using 125% solo promo) to today with the new promotion. I miss cruising so much I am willing to risk the deposit.
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