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  1. There’s a new link today on the USA website to fill out a form for the cruise assurance program. Entered the ship and booking details of the cruise I wanted to cancel for March 29. Got an email immediately with a reference number. Says I will get a FCC # by email within 2 weeks. I figure that still gives me time before the sail date to call if necessary. let’s hope this really works! It was much easier than I expected.
  2. The walk from the train station to the port entrance is a nice mile. Plenty of shops, cafes. Pull it up on google maps if you can, because we still managed to take a couple of wrong turns the first time we did it. We did try walking to our ship once inside the port that first time. After all, we could see it and it was just. Right. There. But there turned out to be a lot of detours and security fences. Thankfully a bus driver from a different cruise line felt sorry for the group that had accumulated and drove us all to our ships. After that, we have waited at the port entrance and now take the free cruise shop bus to the ship.
  3. We did this in May 2019. You have to take the ships shuttle to the port entrance. In our case that was free. From there it is a mile walk to the train station. We pulled it up on google maps. Once at the train station you will need to buy tickets unless you booked online. I would recommend doing that. We didn’t, and couldn’t figure out the ticket machine so we had to wait for the relaxed teller at the ticket window to finally get our tickets. A sprint to the train, we waited maybe 5 minutes before it left for Rome. Our ship docked at 8am, we made the 0935 train. We stayed on until the second stop, then took the metro to the colosseum. Coming back from Rome, we took the last train back -430pm, I think. Just made sure we got to the train station early enough. There were many places to eat or drink at that station. And clean bathrooms!
  4. Where do I go to find the new policy? We still have 2 weeks, so I’m not rushing to wait on hold, but I want to tell the group so we can make plans. Thanks! nevermind! I see it now on the home page😆
  5. Curious. What is the benefit to prepayment of gratuities?
  6. Hey Morepunk, what did you end up doing on your Sunday in Ajaccio? We will be there next June on a Sunday and I’m trying to figure our day out. Msc Seaview from 12-7 pm if anyone else has any recommendations 😉 I’m hoping to figure out how to go on a hike into the hills... thanks! Kathy
  7. We’re back! Had a great time and would go again anytime! Ship was very clean, people were so nice and friendly, food and included drinks were good... there was never a problem communicating in English. We were in an inside cabin on deck 3. Comfortable in a camping cabin sort of way. It was functional if you used your under bed suitcase for extra storage. But honestly, we truly were too busy to hang out there much. The bars and outside decks called to us😉 If anyone has questions let me know. I took some pictures of the ship and food, none of the menus. I have the dailies. We did Zumba and bingo in Spanish! What an experience!😁
  8. Anyone out there going on this cruise? We are 4 sisters and daughters celebrating university graduations with a girls only cruise. Or if you aren’t going, but have been on the Sovereign, I would love to hear from you about your trip...any tips. Thanks! ( fun picture of my pilot graduate 😁)
  9. Thank you for posting, especially the planners. I haven’t seen any of those posted before!
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