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  1. We’re back! Had a great time and would go again anytime! Ship was very clean, people were so nice and friendly, food and included drinks were good... there was never a problem communicating in English. We were in an inside cabin on deck 3. Comfortable in a camping cabin sort of way. It was functional if you used your under bed suitcase for extra storage. But honestly, we truly were too busy to hang out there much. The bars and outside decks called to us😉 If anyone has questions let me know. I took some pictures of the ship and food, none of the menus. I have the dailies. We did Zumba and bingo in Spanish! What an experience!😁
  2. Anyone out there going on this cruise? We are 4 sisters and daughters celebrating university graduations with a girls only cruise. Or if you aren’t going, but have been on the Sovereign, I would love to hear from you about your trip...any tips. Thanks! ( fun picture of my pilot graduate 😁)
  3. Thank you for posting, especially the planners. I haven’t seen any of those posted before!
  4. We will be leaving out of Barcelona, spending the night before the cruise and site seeing the day of embarkation. The ship leaves at 1800. Travel agent recommends being at dock at 1600. I would love to time it so we spend as little time as possible in line waiting to board. (Wouldn’t everyone! 😁) I’m thinking 1400 might be a sweet spot. Any opinions? If it matters, we are on the Sovereign in May. Thanks!
  5. Littlenige - Thanks for coming back to post this! I just got approval for the time off from work to book this cruise for next May. 😁 l really love to be able to walk or jog the whole way around the ship, so that is a definite plus. Everything else we can deal with. I like wine more than mixed drinks, and I’m not too much of a wine snob either :') Did you find the ship to be crowded? Any other places you would recommend if we were seeking out an area outside for conversation with our glass of wine?
  6. Thank you for the response. We are changing our plans and will probably end up in an outside room on the Sovereign. However your response is helping me plan the next cruise, which will be with my husband. I think the Waves benefits are definitely something we will be doing. Thanks!
  7. My sister and daughter are looking at a Mediterranean cruise on the Horizon next spring. I have a few questions for anyone that has been on this ship. - Is there a jogging deck? - What is the gym like? - Junior suite - opinions on 3 people in the room, preferred room location or deck, difference from a grand suite and if that is worth the increased cost. Thank you!
  8. We are looking to cruise the Caribbean in April or May and are very interested in a Pullmantur itenerary out of Colon. Does anyone know if the end of April will still be spring break time? We would like to avoid those crowds. Also, if we book junior suites on the Monarch does that get us into the Waves area? (and therefore it wouldn’t matter if the ship was crowded maybe?)
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