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  1. Thanks everyone for your opinions. I still have time to think about it. NCL is the only cruise line that has an itinerary for June 2022. As I said before, I do not have an allegiance to any particular cruise line. My dad, made the comment that with this type of port heavy itinerary, ship isn't all important. I have even looked into MSC Grandiosa. I may ask my cruise specialist through NC about making sure the room that I choose has the set up with the bed by the balcony. It might give us a little moore distance when I am showering.
  2. Based on these pictures, I have only been on the Breakaway, I like the Epic the best
  3. Yes, this is the first cruise that has so many ports. I have never sailed an itinerary like this. I normally like some sea days.
  4. How do you know which stateroom has which setup?
  5. I booked a balcony room for a seven day cruise out of Rome in June 2022. I figure by that time, things shall hopefully be back to normal. However, I am traveling with my (will be) 21 year old son. I did not know that the Epic had such a strange bathroom setup. What have been others experiences with that bathroom setup? I am not really loyal to any particular cruise line. We have been on eight or so cruises and I still haven't sailed on the same ship more than once. So far, NCL has been the only cruise line that has fares out for Europe for 2022. With the low deposit, I figure I have time to c
  6. I looked at the cruise that I have currently booked. If you go through the "promotion" the cruise is $1239 but you just price the cruise alone it starts at $859.
  7. We booked our first European cruise June 2022. I am hoping by then things will have gone back to normal.
  8. Does anyone know when Royal Caribbean will come out with their 2022 itineraries? We booked the Epic for Europe but after looking at the layout of the balcony rooms, I am having second thoughts. I am traveling with my son and their bathroom setup just seems strange. Looking at other options.
  9. How was it traveling in June/ July? I am a teacher so traveling during the school year is difficult. I am looking to travel June/ July 2022. What was it like traveling there during this time of year? I realize it is colder during this time of the year. Are you able to swim or is the water too cold? Any help or feedback would be greatly appreciated.
  10. Okay, I am asking for my brother. He normally sails in as a solo. However, he is also realizing that it seems to limit the amount of cruises to choose from. My sister is trying to convince him to share a room with her son (21) He is considering doing this. Unfortunately, my nephew has been known to change his mind and decide not to cruise. My son benefited from his last cancellation by being able to go in his place. However, the question my brother has is: "If for some reason my nephew cancels prior to cancellation penalty phase, does the rate now change to a single supplement?"
  11. Figured I would post the review from our cruise. We cruised July 12-20. We were celebrating my son's high school graduation, my birthday, and my cousin's birthday. There were twelve of us. Three of us had balconies and my sister and her family had a junior suite. I really have no allegiance to any particular cruise line. This was my eighth cruise and I have not been on the same ship more than once. I tend to cruise every other year. I am a school teacher so my time to cruise is normally in the summer. I originally had plans of flying into Islip Thursday, spend
  12. I found it. I clicked just Royal Caribbean forum and it popped up
  13. I had seen this post a while ago but when I tried searching for it today, I had no luck. Maybe I used the incorrect search parameters. It would be greatly appreciated if you could post a link. When I tried, all I found was various roll calls.
  14. Thanks. I see some cruise lines already have their 2021 summer itineraries out.
  15. Do you know when the itineraries for Summer 2021 for the Caribbean will be coming out?
  16. I am wondering if someone who has recently been off the Adventure how the beds were. I have read that beds there are very firm.
  17. I agree with both of your posts. Not the same anymore.
  18. Thanks, I will try this and bring on our cruise on the Adventure July 12th
  19. Would you mind sharing? I went on Amazon and it seems expensive.
  20. Wow I am jealous. It is way over $4.99 here in Raleigh area. At least double if not triple
  21. Thanks, I thought that I had saw that somewhere on their site but I could not find it again. I am hoping they have a 4th of July sale. It will be nice if I can get things at a lower discount. I booked some items at prices that I am happy with but any savings is always good
  22. We are sailing on July 12 aboard the Adventure of the Seas. When would be the latest that we can access drink packages, etc.. on Cruise Planner? I am thinking that they will most likely have a sale July 4 but am wondering if that is too close to sailing for me to do anything. I already have a refreshment and soda package booked. I have been cancelling and rebooking packages as prices change. Thanks.
  23. I haven't seen lobster for $4.99 for years. Double that price is what I see around here
  24. Thanks, I am guessing they have no problem taking USD?
  25. Do you happen to know how much the trip tends to cost? Just trying to budget
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