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  1. In Nov. 2019, we had both dinner and brunch at Le Mer. Really enjoyed the brunch and recommend that as opposed to dinner. It was only offered the last sea day of the cruise so watch the Patter for announcement.
  2. We were on the Sky last November. Had dinner in La Mer. I thought the food and service were good but the noise was an issue for me. We were in the midst of our main course when the show let out in Princess Theater. It was very loud and unpleasant. They served brunch in there on the last sea day and we went. If I remember correctly, it was $19.00 a person. Good food, good service and noise was not an issue. I recommend brunch over dinner.
  3. I got my email today but my sister, whom I always travel with didn't get one. Don't know why, we both have the same number of Princess cruises under our belt and we both made selection1 for our cancelled 4/11/20 cruise.
  4. We did it on a recent cruise and thought it was great fun. It was spread out over a few days. You'd get a clue one day and then had to complete that clue to get another clue the next day. One day I was scheduled to be off the ship at the time the clue was to be delivered and they sent it to my room. Finally all participants gathered on the last day to turn in their guesses. It was a fairly large crowd and only two people got it right. Those two people got a bottle of champagne. Not only did I find the game fun, there was another benefit. Each participant was given a manila envelope with backgr
  5. I, too, loved the Sky. My biggest complaint was La Mer. It's located out in the open of Deck 7 and is quite noisy. So while I wouldn't recommend dinner at La Mer, I enjoyed every other aspect of the Sky. I suggest you go for it!
  6. When it comes to shoes for formal night, I wear black flats. I don't do well with heels. I wear dressy clothes but fairly plain shoes. I've never gotten any negative comments and I've always been comfortable!
  7. I'll be cruising on the Royal Princess in April and we're considering trying the Sanctuary. We've taken several cruises on princess but have never tried the Sanctuary. Is it worth the extra cost? Would you recommend it? Thanks.
  8. I spent 3 days in Barcelona last November before our Spanish Passage TA cruise on the Sky Princess. After reading one favorable review, I contacted Barcelona Day Tours. I found them very easy to work with via email and felt their prices were reasonable. I ended up booking a full day tour for the four of us to Montserrat and cava tasting one day and a half-day tour of Barcelona city highlights the second day. We were very pleased. We had the same driver/tour guide both days and he was excellent. We used this company to get us "skip the line" tickets for Park Guell and La Sagrada Familia. We al
  9. Just sailed on the Sky Princess in November. I'm not gluten free but I was traveling with my cousin who is. We ate in the main dining room and the staff was very accommodating to my cousin's dietary needs. Each evening at dinner the head waiter would bring my cousin a menu for the next evening. They would go over the menu together, exploring what would be OK for my cousin to order. If he requested a special order not on the menu, it was not a problem. The head waiter would then write up his order and it was always there and correct the following evening. One evening when we didn't go to the ma
  10. We're taking a Princess cruise out of San Pedro in April. Since we live in a state where anything can happen weather-wise that time of the year, we'll be flying in a day early. Any suggestions as to a hotel in the San Pedro area? Preferably one that offers transportation to the pier. All responses appreciated.
  11. We'll also be on the TA on the Sky starting in Barcelona on Nov. 17th. We have excursions booked in Valencia and Seville, so I haven't done much homework on those two ports. As for Malaga, it does appear that you can walk into town. There is however a shuttle into the town center. It is not run by Princess and the cost is 5 Euros. What I read said when you walk out of the terminal, you will spot where to catch it. So we're going to try that. I have read about a couple of restaurants but am reluctant to list them here as I have no first hand experience.
  12. I've only eaten barbeque at a Trident Grill once but really enjoyed it. Not only was the food good, it was served up quicker than burgers usually are at lunch. We checked the menu a few times on the cruise and found that the menu does change from night to night. We just wanted a break from the dining room and decided to do that instead of the buffet, I'm glad we did.
  13. We've always had pub lunch on the Princess cruises we've been on. It's been quite a while since we were on the Emerald but we have had it on that ship in the past. I always make a point to look in the patter for it on sea days. It has sometimes been scheduled in bars other than Wheelhouse but it's always been offered in our experience. I'll be pretty upset too if it has been cancelled on all sailings.
  14. Whenever I open the Ocean Ready app on my android, I always find the battery near zero the next morning. I try to ensure that I turn it off after I use it. My tech skills are pretty limited but I think I installed it OK as I just received my Ocean Medallion for cruise I'm taking later this month. Any suggestions on how I can prevent this in the future? All responses are appreciated.
  15. We took the Ultimate Ship Tour a few years ago on the Island. It did seem pricey when we signed up for it but, in the end, I really enjoyed it and was glad we did it. As for the goodies, we didn't get a chef's coat or apron but we did get the cookbook the Princess chefs published, robes and some other items I've forgotten by now. One of the things I liked the most about the tour was that we were accompanied by a ship's photographer. I don't remember exactly how many photos we ended up getting, most were group shots but some were of just the 2 of us, but there were lots and I've enjoyed having
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