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    Choosing 2008 Caribbean

    Ocho Rios. I went to Montego Bay and it was scary, people asking for money, and following you around and bothering you.
  2. I went on the rhapsody last month and Montego Bay was the first port we went to. We got the beach, cruise, and fun excursion and it only last like 3-4 hours so we had about half of the day left to wander around. We walked around and every single taxi driver would ask if we needed a ride, one eventually took us to a shopping area and we walked around from there. People would follow us and then ask for a "tip". My friends were taking a picture of me and a Jamaican lady jumped in the picture, then afterwards she asked for a tip for taking a picture of her. The smallest denomination we had was a $5 and we asked her for change and she gives us back $2. We are not cheap when it comes to tipping and gratuities but she jumped in the picture out of nowhere. One of the guys following us was kinda helpful he was leading our group around showing us some things and another guy was following me and pestering me. We tipped the guy who was showing us around and where to get some Jamaican meat patties $20. The guy who was bothering me didn't even help us in anyway and asked me for a tip. So be prepared for beggars who do nothing. That was kinda long but I was very disappointed in Montego Bay. I hope that helped.