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  1. It is well documented.
  2. It really saddens me that Larry's selfless act, is being analyzed, as if there is some hidden ulterior motive. He stepped down to save jobs...period! Yes the shoreside staff was reduced by 26% overall within RCL. However, Azamara only lost 4 total positions companywide. Because of Larry! He took the hit, so the company could survive! And lets stop the nonsense about him selling stock in February. It was at a record high, so it seems like anyone would consider selling at that point. Accusing him of insider trading is disgusting!
  3. Accounting people are not “there”. They are all working from home. Processing a credit card payment is vastly different than overriding penalties manually. The company took out a $2.2 billion loan. It’s not about liquidity. Everyone needs to just calm down, instead of making up all this ridiculous nonsense.
  4. Did anyone stop to think about the fact that between Royal Caribbean, Celebrity, and Azamara their accounting department is processing literally hundreds of thousands of refunds! And since the offices are closed, all of the accounting people are working from home to try to get these refunds out as quickly as possible. Any refund that requires a waiver of any kind is going to take longer than the 7-10 business days we are all accustomed to during normal times. My goodness, Norwegian is saying 90 days for refunds. I respect the fact that people need to get their refunds, but complaining isn
  5. "Among those leaving is Larry Pimentel, CEO of Azamara Club Cruises and a highly respected industry innovator. In a letter that went out Wednesday to employees, Pimentel said he was stepping aside voluntarily to lessen the impact on others, and expressed confidence in the brand’s leadership." It was a selfless act by an amazing leader!
  6. As part of the scheduled dry dock, Squeeze is coming out and a Loco Fresh is going into that area.
  7. Of course they "seem" to support the parent's case. The reenactment was staged by the parents' attorney, not by an independent investigator. The man in the picture is said to be "about the same height" as Anello. If it would be as difficult as they claim for Anello to have held Chloe out the window, then that only seems to confirm that the cruise line had safety measures in place. The attorney said that Anello would have had to have "extremely long arms" to hold her out the window. So again, Royal Caribbean took appropriate precautions to make sure someone wouldn't accidentally drop a chi
  8. My heart goes out to this family, and to the grandfather. I think he really does believe his story that he picked her up so she could "bang on the class." I'm sure his brain has shut down when it comes to remembering the real story. The reality is that she was already AT the glass, when she was standing at his feet! The photo the family released of her at the hockey game, showed her standing by herself at the glass. While we can't see exactly what she's doing in the cruise ship video, I think it's reasonable to think that she walked over to the glass, so she could bang on it.
  9. There will not be Azamazing evenings on Nov 21st or Nov 30th sailings.
  10. Does Azamara have egg crate mattress toppers?
  11. JsMom2

    Internet Credit

    Thank you. That makes much more sense than the info I was given!
  12. JsMom2

    Internet Credit

    The Suites have 240 internet minutes or $150 credit towards the unlimited package. I know on Celebrity, when I use up my free minutes, the wifi app gives me the option to then use my Elite Benefit to purchase an unlimited package at the discounted rate. I've been told that on Azamara you have to go to Guest Services if you wish to use the $150 credit, instead of the 240 minutes? Or is it already loaded into your internet account? TIA!
  13. Pre cruise OBC may only be used for shore excursions. However if you purchase the indug nice package pre cruise you WILL be able to use the $700 obc immediately (for excursions only).
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