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  1. Was planning to sail with him next year, once I knew for sure where he’d be. No need now.
  2. If you don’t receive refunds or FCCs call and have them expedited. Many times the FCCs have actually already been issued, but just not sent out. I’d you have a payment date approaching, and are waiting on an FCC they will extend the payment date for you.
  3. I bought a lockable security pouch to use when we go to the water parks at Disney. I haven’t used it yet. But it locks to your deck chair with a cable, and then you use a luggage lock to close the pouch.
  4. The promotional OBC is available pre cruise for cruise planner purchases, and will show on the guest copy of your invoice. The TA credits will show up in your onboard account, usually on day 2.
  5. The $200 fee is a celebrity charge, and is only assessed if you voluntarily cancel after final. When sailings are suspended the cancellation fee is waived. However if you book a non refundable ticket through celebrity then you will need to contact the airline for the flight credit.
  6. Yes when you book online it gives you an option of splitting up the payment between more than one card. Or you can call in and do it.
  7. Usually a refund is to the form of payment used. If you booked with a non refundable FCC, then they would just reinstate the FCC. But things are constantly changing so best to keep checking directly with the cruise line.
  8. I have always waited to purchase onboard, since it's less expensive. But I tentatively booked some discounted internet packages for some upcoming cruises in my Cruise Planner. I want to confirm that the D+ discount is still the same as it was pre-covid!
  9. If the TA is already working for you, then it would be nice of you to give him the booking. Otherwise he is working for free. You can ask him if is able to give you a perk, but it's more important that he knowledgeable, and available to you. He will be your advocate with the cruise line, if any issues come up in the future. Also ask if he has someone who covers for him when he is traveling, or otherwise not available. That is key.
  10. Yes they can, but you do need to provide the justification. That’s why I provided the email.
  11. There is no consequence to you. But the TA needs to release the booking back to you. They can do this by sending an email to agencytransfers@rccl.com. if you are transferring to another TA, they also need to send in an email accepting the new booking. If you can’t get your TA to return your calls, then send in an email yourself letting the cruise line know, and asking them to release the booking to you. Usually new bookings can only be transferred to a TA within 60 days of creation. This prevents a TA from swooping in at the last minute, and collecting commiss
  12. If the FCC isn’t refundable (ie a CWC 100% FCC), you can’t refund it later, even if a future cruise is suspended. If you have an FCC from a suspended sailing (the 125%FCC), then you may be able to refund it for a limited time immediately after the suspension (that has been the case in the past). If you voluntarily cancel, outside of final, then your FCC will be reissued for the original amount. The expiration date doesn’t change. If you cancel inside of final, and your cruise is within the CWC eligibility dates, you will get the full FCC reissued. You could possibly se
  13. Once the flights are paid, you can call and ask them to run the tickets, they will do that for you! As a rule of thumb I assume they will purchase the tickets as soon as I’ve made final payment, and that the change/cancel fees are in effect. But in reality it usually takes them awhile. And as long as the tickets haven’t been run, you can ask them to waive the fees!
  14. When you get your e-docs there will be a small coupon that you can print. Your name will be on a manifest, but I also carry a copy of my Guest invoice which shows I paid for the transfers as well!
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