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  1. Good afternoon. Thanks for the Daily. Wow, lots of days to celebrate. Great Twain quote. I like the meal and wine. Also Roy's meal. Pass on the drink. I haven't been to today's port. I really haven't seen much of Canada other than Montreal (for the 1967 Expo when I was a kid) and Toronto. Thanks for the pictures. Another nice sunny and coolish day today. Laundry is done and I'm trying to decide if I have the energy to tackle trimming the front shrubs. Last day of solid food, then clear liquids tomorrow. @smitty34877 Hoping DGS is feeling better soon, and Tana as well. @grapau27 Delicious looking meals. @mamaofami So good that Sam is coming home soon. Prayers for the care list and the victims of the train derailment. Cheers for the celebration list. Stay safe, social distance and wear your mask if needed.
  2. Good afternoon. Thanks for the Daily. Interesting days. It's also National Cooking Day! Great quote. The drumsticks sound good and I'll pass on the drink and wine. I'll take Roy's soup though. I haven't been to today's port. Thanks for the pictures. I spent the morning getting the lawn mowed, before possible rain this afternoon. You don't miss things until you can't have them. On this low fiber diet, no nuts, seeds, raw fruits or veggies, whole grains, etc. So it's eggs, plain yogurt, chicken soup, applesauce, rice, and the like. @grapau27 So nice to be close to the beach. I grew up at the shore, 1 mile from the beach, and miss it. @JAM37 I will start early on Monday. The first part says at 5PM but I'm going to move it up to 4PM so I can get a bit of sleep. Unfortunately I will have to get up at 3:30AM to do the 2nd part, as my test is at 8:30AM Tuesday. @mamaofami I'm glad to hear Sam is doing well. @cat shepard You'll have great abs from doing that! @kb4683 I never heard of the Nazca lines and had to google it. How cool! @Cruising-along Enjoy! @ger_77 Congrats to DH and his band! @smitty34877 Terry, sorry to hear about DGS. Hopefully his case is mild and the rest of the family is negative. @Sharon in AZ Good to hear that Jakob has improved enough to not need oxygen. Prayers for the care list and cheers for the celebration list. Stay safe and wear your mask if needed.
  3. Thank you Graham. It was caused by medications used to treat my eye condition (uveitis, not the cataracts). I am slowing getting off those meds, so I hope to have a more robust immune system down the road.
  4. Good afternoon. Thanks for the Daily. Good days. I like cherries jubilee. A salute to Native Americans and cute Koalas. Interesting quote; not sure I agree. I like the meal, drink and wine (although beyond my price range). I've never been to Santa Barbara. Thanks for the pictures. I picked up my new glasses this morning, and they seem good. So no more putting on reading glasses 100 times a day. Brrrr. It was 49 here this morning. I had turned off ceiling fans, and had to put an extra blanket on the bed. It's 70 now but I can't get warm. I just had soup for lunch. I started my low fiber diet today, with clear liquids/prep on Monday, for a colonoscopy on Tuesday. @rafinmd Very nice sunrise. @Sharon in AZ Prayers for Jakob. Our Children's Hospital here has been overflowing, sadly. @grapau27 I'm glad your vision is improving. I got my 3rd shot just shy of 6 months after the 2nd due to being immunocompromised. They (scientific types) are saying in this case it should be called a 3rd shot, not a booster, since the original 2 weren't as effective. @kb4683 Congrats on booking a cruise! @Quartzsite Cruiser Thanks for the recipe. Prayers for the care list and cheers for the celebration list. Stay safe and wear your mask. We had 330 new Covid cases the last 24 hours in my county, but that's down from a peak of over 500/24 hours a few days ago. Still way too many, and hopefully it keeps trending down. A koala at the Ballarat Wildlife Park, Melbourne, Australia
  5. Good afternoon. Thanks for the Daily. Interesting days. I haven't played checkers since I was a kid. Dogs in politics, maybe better than some humans that were elected. We should all work on our fitness. Great quote. The meal sounds interesting. I like the drink and wine. I haven't been to today's port. Thanks for the pictures. It's cold and blustery here, after rain last night. Only 56°F, brrr. But warming up in a day or so I hear. I'm late today. I had my first PT session this morning. Exercises to strengthen the core and legs, to help the back. I can tell I'm a bit sore already. Then I stopped to give my blood sample for the immunocompromised and Covid study, to see what the booster did. Then to the big box store to pick up a few things (most people were masked). @grapau27 I'm glad all went well. @JAM37 I hope your husband makes continued progress on getting his strength and stamina back. @mamaofami So good to hear that Sam's blood thinner is where it needs to be and he is doing well in Rehab. @AncientWanderer Welcome back. I remember doing that on my first cruise! Then I learned to pace myself, lol. @bennybear Sounds like you got a great deal! @Vict0riann Great dog story! @Ichiban Nekko Ouch, sorry to hear about the HVAC system. Congrats on the cruise booking! Prayers for the care list and cheers for the celebration list. Stay safe, and wear your mask if needed.
  6. I didn't know about facing an outside door, although I think mine face the front door. I do always get ones with the trunk up, which is supposed to be good luck.
  7. Oops. You're right. That's Punta Arenas, Chile, not Costa Rico. I'd better learn to read! Just got a Tornado watch alert. Let's hope not, and that we just get a bad thunderstorm.
  8. Good afternoon. Thanks for the Daily. Happy Fall! I appreciate businesswomen and elephants. I collect elephant statues (small ones) on my travels. I'll have to think about the quote. I like lamb but have never cooked it; growing up my mother made lamb with a lot of garlic that was very good. I like the wine. I'll pass on the drink. I have been to Puerto Arenas on my SA/Antarctica cruise on the Zaandam. Not much going on today. Storms are expected this afternoon, and it's already windy. I'm still waiting on my new glasses ordered Sept 2. They were supposed to take 10 days. @dfish Welcome home. @mamaofami I'm glad the insurance plan is settled, but it seems there are still other coverage issues. I hope it gets straightened out. @Seasick Sailor I'm glad you're finally feeling better. @grapau27 Prayers for your cataract surgery tomorrow. I'm about 8 weeks out from mine and oh my how much better I can see now. @msmayor Lovely flowers. Prayers for the care list and cheers for the celebration list. Stay safe, wear your mask. The Zaandam in Punta Arenas A trip to the Nao Victoria Museum with replicas of Magellan's ship and the HMS Beagle Strait of Magellan and replica of Shackleton's James Caird ship View of Punta Arenas, Strait of Magellan and Tierra del Fuego in the distance Monument to Magellan in downtown Punta Arenas and interesting building It was Christmas Eve, so Santa was in Punta Arenas Christmas Eve dessert on the Zaandam
  9. I'm like you in the vein department. I jokingly say the only thing small about me is my veins! They usually use a butterfly in my hand, although sometimes get it from my arm. One time I let them stick me 4 times because I wanted to get it done.
  10. For the gardeners, some pictures of my cereus cactus. It can have a flower, which only blooms at night, for one night. It didn't bloom last year. Aug 30 - I just noticed the bud Sept 16 Yesterday 4PM Yesterday 10PM This morning, closed. The whole flower stem will turn black and fall off in 2-3 days.
  11. Good afternoon. Thanks for the Daily. Good days. A salute to Chinese Moon Day. Every day should be Peace Day. I like miniature golf but haven't played in ages. Nice quote. The meal and wine sound good. I'll pass on the drink. I've been to Australia, but not to Fremantle/Perth. Thanks to all for the pictures. It's nice here today, but storms tomorrow and then a temperature drop. I got my hair cut today. I'm happy my salon is enforcing mask wearing for employees and guests. My night blooming cactus had it's one bloom of the year last night. I'll post some pics separately. @cat shepard Yay on the knee full ROM! @GeorgeCharlie Yes, I'd like to see your Perth pictures. @Quartzsite Cruiser Congrats on the booster shots. @mamaofami So sorry for all your insurance issues! But so glad to hear that Sam will be home soon and you have an aide lined up. Prayers for the care list and cheers for the celebration list. Stay safe and wear your mask.
  12. Lenda, the dentist's office website says they can do a crown in a single appointment, so I'll see. Our county report just came out for the weekend and in the last 72 hours there were 1350 cases! Testing is pretty readily available with the county having a lot of community testing, including mobile vans that visit different areas daily (and it's free). I think our hospitals are pretty full and even regular beds are a bit scarce, and we have lots of hospitals.
  13. Good afternoon. Thanks for the Daily. Interesting days. Pepperoni pizza is my usual go to. I like some punch and try not to talk gibberish. Profound quote. I make pork and sauerkraut a good bit; it's big here due to the German background of a lot of people in the area. And it's good luck to eat on New Year's Day. Pass on the drink. I like the wine but too $$$ for me. I haven't been to today's port. Thanks for the pictures. I'm back from the dentist, with a temporary fix. I'll need a crown, which I suspected. The onlay had fractured and part is still attached. I don't go back until November for the crown process. I did like the dentist and his staff, so that's a plus. @cat shepard I'm glad to hear your friend is responding so well to chemo. @mamaofami Good to hear that you had a nice day with Sam yesterday. I hope the conference goes well. I can't see the picture for some reason. @Seasick Sailor So sorry to hear you're still not feeling well and about the thrush. Are you using the antifungal Rx for that? Take care. @NextOne Safe travels. @kazu Thanks for reposting mamaofami's picture! @Cruising-along Safe travels and Bon Voyage! @Crazy For Cats Here in my part of PA it's just champagne and hard liquors that are limited for now. Not wine. Restaurants and bars are frustrated as it applies to them also. @Quartzsite Cruiser It's scary. I have a friend who thinks I'm too careful, but with my issues I don't think so and won't change my current habits. I only see 1 friend who is vaccinated without a mask, and still kind of keep my distance. Prayers for the care list and cheers for the celebration list. Stay safe, wear your 😷, and social distance.
  14. Good afternoon. Thanks for the Daily. Fun days. Arrrr! I don't care for butterscotch pudding. Dancing is fun and burns calories! Great quote. I'll pass on the meal. I tried tofu, and no. The drink I'll pass on and I like the wine. I haven't been to Norway. Thanks for the pictures. Thanks for the kind comments on my pictures yesterday. I'm just relaxing today. It's sunny and less humid. I need to redo my TV setup, as it keeps rebooting. Sony claims a factory reset should fix it, but then you lose all settings. I will put this off a bit I think. Finally getting into the new dentist tomorrow morning. I'm tired of chewing on one side for the past month! @KirkNC You confused me, lol. @cat shepard Glad the bread turned out. I'll have to try it. @rafinmd Safe travels. @mamaofami HAPPY 62nd ANNIVERSARY! @Lady Hudson I hope BIL continues to make progress. Sad about the Covid case there. @St. Louis Sal Enjoy the theater. @smitty34877 Sorry you two had to go through that; people can be so mean and stupid. @VMax1700 Glad to hear Mrs VMax is feeling well again. @garlictown Love the pirate photos. Prayers for the care list and cheers for the celebration list. Stay safe and wear your mask. Our children's hospital had to open a tent in the parking lot because they're so busy!
  15. Good to hear you're home and that you have a diagnosis and are being treated. Take it easy!
  16. Good afternoon. Thanks for the Daily. Good days. Red Pandas are cute. I love cheeseburgers. I will celebrate Oktoberfest. We have several German restaurants here. I have been to Germany several times but not during Oktoberfest. The original Oktoberfest did start in October to celebrate the marriage of the crown prince of Bavaria (1810), but now runs from mid-September until the first Sunday in October. Funny Carlin quote. I like the meal (but too carby), drink and wine. I still have my hurricane glass from NOLA. I have been to today's port, on my Panama Canal cruise on the NCL Bliss. It's another warm and muggy day here. I did manage to get the lawn mowed this morning before it got too hot. The St. Patrick's Day parade was downtown today, postponed from March due to Covid. It's usually one of the largest in the country. @HAL4NOW Bon Voyage! @mamaofami So nice that this rehab facility is so much nicer. Early Happy Anniversary! @ger_77 Wow on frost already. I'm glad you had a nice day yesterday. @grapau27 Thanks for the pictures on the ship of you and your lovely wife. It looks so roomy with less passengers. @rafinmd Thanks for taking us along. Enjoy the event this afternoon. @smitty34877 I hope things start being less hard. @dfish Safe trip home! @bennybear Yikes on the iguana stew! 🤢 Rainbow as we were approaching Willemstad The color of the water was stunning Pastel color of buildings, seen from a boat as we went to the Aquarium Some pictures from the Aquarium Beach resort Old fortress wall NCL Bliss and Mein Schiff2 in port Gorgeous sunset. Ship patrolling between Curacao and Venezuela The sun was down but there was this great lightshow.
  17. Prayers that all goes well. Take care.
  18. Good news that you are home now. Rest and take care of yourself.
  19. It looks like you two are having a grand time!
  20. Good afternoon. Thanks for the Daily. Good days. I salute good citizens and the Constitution. Mmmm, apple dumplings. Interesting quote. I'll pass on the fish meal and drink, but the wine sound good. I have been to San Diego on a land trip. Lots of talk about shortages and supply chain issues due to the pandemic. Our state run liquor stores are now starting to ration! 😲 Fortunately it's a ration of 2 bottles of certain champagnes, cognac, tequila, whiskey. So I'm safe. Also a local news reporter developed an issue and was kept in the ER for 3 days due to lack of beds at one of our big hospitals (the one I use). Scary! @rafinmd Enjoy the reunion. @St. Louis Sal Sorry to hear about your friend's injury. @aliaschief Wow, that's a lot of rain. Is there flooding? @StLouisCruisers I can empathize. I set my alarm in away mode at night, as there are no motion detectors upstairs. It is set up to beep if the phone line goes out, and it seems to happen occasionally. The trouble light will be on as well. It does wake you up quickly when it happens during the night. @Cruising-along Glad the tests were ok. It's getting close to your departure; exciting! @dfish I'm glad you're enjoying the cruise! @Horizon chaser 1957 I'm jealous of the Safari excursion. That's a bucket list item for me. Prayers for the care list and cheers for the celebration list. Stay safe and wear your mask.
  21. Allegheny County's population is about 1.2 million people.
  22. Good afternoon. Thanks for the Daily. I salute the American Legion. I've collected a few rocks in my travels. Step families are great; lots of blended families these days. Love the quote. I'll pass on the meal (fish), drink and wine today. I'll take Roy's meal instead. I have been to Australia, but not Cairns. Thanks for the pictures. After rain most of yesterday, it's nice here today. Sadly our Covid numbers keep going up; 574 new cases in the county in the last 24 hours. There may be a mask mandate coming soon. @rafinmd Safe travels. Enjoy the reunion. @mamaofami Hoping Sam is released today. Good luck with the podiatry issue. @cat shepard It sounds like the knee is coming along. One of my issues from steroids for the eye is muscle tone loss; it's hard to get up without using my arms. PT starting next week should help. Cool pictures! @kazu Good news about your BF's DH. And I hope Jose is feeling better today. @St. Louis Sal Sorry to hear of DH's fall; thankfully nothing broken. @lcand1923 Safe travels and enjoy the cruise! @VMax1700 Praying your DW's side effects from the medication are gone soon. And you have your upcoming cruise to look forward to. @atexsix Prayers for a swift recovery. Prayers for the care list and cheers for the celebration list. Stay safe and wear your mask.
  23. Wishing you a speedy recovery, Bruno.
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