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  1. Good afternoon. Thanks for the Daily.

    Good days. I like dictionaries and always looked up words while reading or doing crossword puzzles, to broaden my vocabulary. I like cats, although I've never had one.

    Interesting quote.

    I love black bean soup. The drink sounds interesting. The wine sounds good too, for a white, lol.

    I haven't been to Egypt. Thanks for the pictures.


    The day started off rainy and gloomy, but it's brightening up now. It's only 57F, with lows in the 40's overnight. Doing indoor chores today.


    @St. Louis Sal I hope your liver transplant friend is ok. So sorry to hear about your friend Steve. Prayers for you and his family.

    @kazu That's a lot of work maintaining your plants. But your result is your beautiful yard.

    @1ANGELCAT I agree that waiting is hard. I hope you hear something on Monday.

    @smitty34877 Your family dinner sounds like a wonderful time.

    @richwmn Good news indeed!

    @rafinmd Enjoy the concert.

    @cruzn single I hope you get the meds straightened out; one of the realities of being on multiple meds.

    @Horizon chaser 1957 Lovely scarf with the forest spirit.


    Prayers for the care list and cheers for the celebration list.

    Stay safe and wear your mask if needed.



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  2. Good evening. Thanks for the Daily. I'm really late today.

    Good days, including the extras. I don't have a boss any longer, and was often my own boss. I admire those using white canes and how they can get around. I am not a grouchy person.

    Very true quote.

    I'll pass on salmon, as usual. Pass on the drink and wine. I like Roy's meal.

    I haven't been to Sardinia. Thanks for the great pictures.


    It was another pleasant day here (75F), but it's cloudy and we expect storms and high winds overnight. Also a sharp drop in temperature. Time to put the comforter on the bed. I am appreciative that on my PC using Chrome, I have no CC issues (knock wood).


    @VMax1700 I'm glad your back is doing better.

    @Quartzsite Cruiser Safe travels.

    @mamaofami Sorry to hear of your continued bureaucratic issues. Good that the aide tested negative. 

    @JAM37 I'm glad your DH is feeling better.

    @smitty34877 Love the cat Halloween house.

    @ger_77 Welcome home. I'm glad you had a great time with family. 

    @TiogaCruiser Fingers crossed on the landscaper.

    @dfish I had a windows update 2 days ago, and so far no issues 🤞

    @Sharon in AZ Looks like a good time!

    @Lady Hudson Congrats on the negative test! Have a great cruise.

    @grapau27 Nice lunch!


    Prayers for the care list and cheers for the celebration list.

    Stay safe and wear your mask if needed.




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  3. 7 minutes ago, kazu said:


    Thanks.  I actually bought a corded one (hope the cord we have will reach) that will blow, vacuum and mulch.  I’m hoping it will cut back on my bags of leaves.  I’m studying the manual 😉.  


    I once had one that vacuumed and mulched, but the impellor was plastic and I didn't find it did a good job of mulching. I hope yours is better. Here we can blow the leaves to the curb once a week from late October to early December and the city comes along and vacuums them up and mulches them. I think it gets used in the parks. 

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  4. Good afternoon. Thanks for the Daily.

    Interesting days. I'll say no to being bald and free, for us women. Yes to dessert! World standards are important.

    Funny quote.

    I like carbonara, but too many carbs right now. Pass on the drink, but I'll take the wine.

    I have been to Nassau once on the Disney Wonder in 2007.


    Another warm day here, almost 75F and sunny. We have to enjoy it while it lasts. Cold air comes in Saturday. Earlier I was out organizing in the garage, and was dripping sweat.


    @1ANGELCAT Prayers for your upcoming biopsy.

    @JAM37 Sorry to hear that DH is still having issues. Prayers for his recovery. My replacement TV is to be delivered on Halloween. My old one was a 2017 model, so the "equivalent" one I'm getting is a late 2019. I wonder if I had offered to add money on, if I could have gotten a newer model? I hope yours can be fixed.

    @kazu I gave up on battery leaf blowers. I have a large yard and live on a tree lined street. I use a corded one for the staying power.

    @dfish I'm glad you're feeling and walking better. Sounds like a success!

    @Horizon chaser 1957 That print is beautiful.


    Prayers for the care list and cheers for the celebration list.

    Our Covid numbers remain high. The county health department said many are tied to weddings, inside parties, and sporting events, both school and professional. Stay safe and wear your mask.





    Interesting Decor inside Atlantis






    Paradise Lagoon



    Ships in dock in Nassau


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  5. Good afternoon. Thanks for the Daily.

    Good days. A particular kudo for emergency nurses. It's good to be a little skeptical. Fossils are interesting.

    Hmmm on the quote.

    The meal sounds good. Pass on the drink, but the wine sounds good.

    I haven't been to today's port. Thanks for the pictures.


    It's warm again today, but by Sunday the temps will be dropping. I need to get out and spray around the house for stink bugs, which they say will be plentiful this year. They've been not much of a nuisance the last couple of years. BFF wants to go out to eat. We'll go early to avoid a crowded place; better if they have some outside seating.


    @JAM37 Sorry to hear about DH's cough, and hopefully it subsides soon.

    @mamaofami Praying the aide continues to test negative and your family remains well.

    @cruzn single Sorry to hear about the test results, but glad that you're still able to cruise! Take care.


    Prayers for the care list and cheers for the celebration list.

    Stay safe everyone. Our positivity rate here is still at 6.5%; not good.

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  6. Good afternoon. Thanks for the Daily.

    Interesting days. I have a large collection of cookbooks, but use the internet these days for recipes. I have donated some. Farmers are important. We all have moments of frustration, hopefully not too often. True quote.

    No to the salmon (not a fish person other than a fish sandwich). I like the wine, but pass on the drink..

    I haven't been to today's port. Thanks for the pictures.


    I'm just back from the eyeglass place; my glasses weren't fitting right and I was having to move my head up and down to see properly. I'll see how these adjustments help.


    @Vict0riann Thanks for checking in with the Daily.

    @mamaofamiSo sorry to hear of the trouble with the aide. And not masked??? I agree, I thought Matt wanted to lose.

    @dfish I'm glad to hear your family has recovered so quickly. It seems lots of kids are turning positive since they can't get vaccinated yet. Glad your procedure went well.

    @StLouisCruisers All the stylists in my salon are still masking, which I appreciate.

    @rafinmd Great that the furnace installation went smoothly, other than inconvenience.

    @Crazy For Cats That's scary when you're near that kind of police activity; you don't know what's going to happen.

    @TiogaCruiser It's so hard to get any contractors to show up any more or even return calls. Frustrating!

    @atexsix I'm glad your finally starting to feel better.


    Prayers for the care list and cheers for the celebration list.




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  7. Good afternoon. Thanks for the Daily.

    Good days. I used to watch the Boston Marathon when I was in college in Boston; it went right past my apartment. Happy Thanksgiving to Canadian Dailyites. It's also International Day of the Girl.

    Interesting quote.

    I like the meal and have made a similar healthy one. Pass on the drink. The wine sounds good.

    I haven't been to today's port. 


    @mamaofami I hope the new aide works out for you. Strange you haven't heard from the one who went to Ghana.

    @aliaschief It sounds like you're having a grand time!

    @rafinmd Wonderful sunrise.

    @StLouisCruisers Thanks for the pictures. It doesn't sound like an enjoyable stop. I don't like people getting too close. On one cruise someone had their expensive camera taken right off their neck when  group of people did that.

    @Lady Hudson Congrats on the booking! I'm glad your BIL is doing better.

    @durangoscots That is sad about all the animals being turned in at the shelter.

    @Quartzsite Cruiser Thanks for the interesting pictures of the I'Ile de Goree.


    Prayers for the care list and cheers to the celebration list.

    Stay safe!


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  8. Good afternoon. Thanks for the Daily.

    Columbus Day/Indigenous People Day is tomorrow. Also Canadian Thanksgiving. A salute to newspaper carriers, although our local paper only delivers 2 days a week now; other days online.

    Interesting meal, but not diet friendly. I'll pass on the drink and wine.

    I've been to Greece, but not this port. Thanks for the pictures.


    It's nice here today. 75 and sunny. I got the lawn mowed late morning, before it got too warm.


    @rafinmd I hope you enjoyed the symphony.

    @smitty34877 Good news that your family is doing better.

    @mamaofami Such good news that Sam is doing very well. And I'm glad you enjoyed your lunch out.

    @AncientWanderer , @Sharon in AZ Bon Voyage!


    Prayers for the care list and cheers for the celebration list.

    Everyone stay safe!


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  9. Good afternoon. Thanks for the Daily.

    Good days. Curious events are curious. Fire Prevention is a must. A salute to Leif Erikson.

    Great quote.

    Good meal, drink and wine.

    I've not been to Quebec City. Thanks for the pictures.


    It's kind of a cool, gloomy, sometimes rainy day here. I'll do some inside sorting and organizing I think.


    @cat shepard Glad to hear your friend is doing well, even though the treatment is harsh.

    @Heartgrove Sue is very talented!

    @mamaofami So sweet that Sam misses you. Hope all goes well without an aide.

    @StLouisCruisers Wow, so many animals on your walk. 

    @Sea Viewer Welcome home. Glad you had a good cruise.


    Prayers for the care list and cheers for the celebration list.

    Stay safe everyone.

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  10. Good afternoon. Thanks for the Daily.

    Interesting days. Last tag was eons ago. I love eggs. A salute to Veterinary nurses. It's also National Pierogi day, which is big here (our baseball team has Pierogi-costumed people who race with fans).

    Funny quote.

    I like the meal, drink and wine.

    I haven't been to today's port. Thanks for the pictures.


    It's another warm sunny day, with showers later. I will do a bit of tending to plants, then inside stuff. I find my computer doesn't meet requirements for the coming Windows 11. I hadn't realized it's 7 years old; I'd been thinking about getting a new one, but I have to usually get one from the manufacturer to get just what I want.


    @Heartgrove Lovely pieces by your DW.

    @dfish Continued prayers for your family members.

    @smitty34877 Great that DGD's surgery went well; sorry it was both wrists. Now on to healing!

    @bdrcole Love the scrub tops! Your wife is very talented.

    @mamaofami Terrible that it's so hard to find a good aide. As you mention, I'm sure the low pay has a lot to do with it.

    @Sharon in AZ Hoping you "fail" your tests!

    @TiogaCruiser It's amazing how hard it is to get anything done by contractors these days; the amount of no call backs astounds me.

    @lindaler Safe travels.

    @Overhead Fred Ambitious plans, but they look great.


    Prayers for the care list and cheers for the celebration list.

    Stay safe and wear your mask.

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  11. 4 hours ago, lazey1 said:

    To all of you who were able to get the Moderna booster I have a question. How did you manage to get it. I am 80, my 2nd Moderna jab was in Feb. I have COPD and my pharmacist tells me that he can not yet give the Moderna boosters. Ha has them available but is apparently awaiting clearance from the CDC.


    The Moderna vaccine is not yet approved for a booster shot, but can be given as a "3rd" shot for the immuno-compromised, which is how I got it. I think it will be approved shortly as a booster.


    @dfish Sorry to hear of your nephew's kids with Covid. It's hard in schools with no mask mandate, especially as the delta variant is so easily passed on.



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  12. Good afternoon. Thanks for the Daily.

    Interesting days. Thankfully I'm not bald; many men look great bald. I walked to school from elementary through high school. Forgiveness and happiness are important every day.

    Funny quote.

    I like the meal and drink. The wine sounds good too.

    I've been to France, but haven't been to today's port. Thanks for the pictures.


    Late again today. The Geek Squad was here this morning to look at my TV. The panel can't be replaced, so under my extended protection plan I'm getting a replacement. Then I ran to PT. I'll only need one more session, then just continue the exercises at home. Then once back home, I've been on the phone to get the replacement tv installation scheduled.


    @Tbay Sorry to hear of your husband's back and leg issues and I hope something can be done for it.

    @smitty34877 Oh, I'm sad to hear your news. I hope DS continues to feel well. Poor DGD on breaking her wrists. Prayers for both.

    @ger_77 Safe travels and enjoy the visit with family.

    @bennybear I had a similar reaction to the booster (Moderna) as to my 2nd shot. A sore arm, and a day of fatigue, headache and chills. Then felt fine. I was able to get Moderna under the immunocompromised access. I'm scheduling the high dose flu shot in the next week or so.

    Last year's was fine with no symptoms.


    Prayers for the care list and cheers for the celebration list.

    Stay safe everyone.


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  13. 13 minutes ago, rafinmd said:

    I wonder if the number of cases is the best indicator. I tend to look a little more at the positivity rate and if the rate is low think the number may be due to better identification of new cases, which might be especially relevant in the school setting.

    Talk about vaccine hesitancy.  We just had an arrest of a guy who murdered his mother, brother, and sister in law.  Turns out the reason was he was convinced his brother, a pharmacist, was poisoning people by giving them Covid shots.  Talk about mis-information.  How crazy can you get!




    That data isn't in the daily text report I get, but I just went online to the county health department. The week of July 4th the positivity rate was 1.3%, and started rising afterwards to the current 7 day average of 6.5%.

    I hadn't heard about that incident but that guy was obviously delusional.

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  14. Good evening. Thanks for the Daily.

    Interesting days. I'm not a kale fan, although kale chips aren't too bad.

    I like the quote.

    I like the meal and wine. I'll pass on the cocktail. I'll be having a big salad with grilled chicken tonight.

    I haven't been to today's port.


    I started out today with another doctor's appointment. Then stopped at the grocery store on the way home. Half the day was gone with all that. It's warm here, with occasional showers.

    We had 471 new Covid cases in the last 24 hours, just when I thought numbers were trending down. Sigh. Our county health department director was just on TV talking about misinformation being a big cause of vaccine hesitancy.


    @Sea Viewer That looks relaxing!

    @ger_77 Have a safe trip and enjoy the time with family.

    @mamaofami Sorry about the issues with the aides.

    @aliaschief It sounds like you're having a grand time.

    @NextOne Bon Voyage!

    @jimgev Oh, I love new appliances! 🙂

    @lindaler Of course you're excited! I would be too.


    Prayers for the care list and cheers for the celebration list.

    Stay safe and wear your mask.


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  15. Good afternoon. Thanks for the Daily.

    Good days. Every day should be do something nice day. I salute teachers; my Mother was a 3rd grade teacher. Good storytelling is an art!

    Funny quote.

    My mother used to make chicken fricassee; I never have. I like the drink, and the wine sounds good. Roy's meal is maybe more to my liking. Tonight is leftover schnitzel and potato pancakes.

    I haven't been to today's port. Thanks for the pictures.


    I'm late here today. I had PT mid-morning. I stopped to see about getting a repair person out for my TV, but they said I needed to call the 800 number. So most of the afternoon I've been on the phone and someone will come out Thursday morning. I ordered an exercise mat, so if I'm MIA I'm on the floor and can't get up!

    It's sunny and 77 here, following heavy morning fog. The last gasps of summer.


    @cat shepard Congrats on the new dishwasher.

    @mamaofami That was such a nice thing to do for your daughter.

    @VMax1700 Nice view and gelato is my favorite. Sorry to hear about your back. Take it easy and be careful not to aggravate it as it improves.

    @Seasick Sailor I'm glad Allen is feeling good.

    @ger_77 That air looks scary and no doubt is bad to breathe. I'm glad it's somewhat better now.

    @superoma That's scary about the explosives. Thank goodness for inspections.


    @bennybear Gorgeous garden photos.

    @lazey1 I'm glad to hear Kakalena is home. Yes, the bed situation due to Covid is bad; many wait in the ER for days.


    Prayers for the care list and cheers for the celebration list.

    Stay safe and wear your mask.



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  16. 6 hours ago, VMax1700 said:

    Well I had a bit of a disaster last night and have either pulled a muscle in my back or damaged a nerve.  It is almost impossible to move from sitting or lying down.  I am kinda ok when walking as long as I don't stop.  

    This morning after breakfast we took a taxi into Mestre centre to go to a Farmacia to purchase Voltarol gel for my back.  Ellen suggested that embalming fluid may be a better choice 😭

    As the pain eases as I walk, we walked around the town centre for a while and then had a light lunch of pizza slice, macron and latte macchiatos. 


    I hope you are feeling better. It's no fun traveling with back pain!

  17. Good morning. Thanks for the Daily.

    Good days. I like watching golf, like frappes, and child health is important. Also it's my birthday!

    Interesting quote.

    I like  Manhattan clam chowder more than New England. I'll pass on the drink and wine.

    I've been to Greece, but not Mykonos. Thanks for the pictures.


    I have a routine Cardiology appointment this afternoon. Then out to dinner in the early evening. Hopefully the restaurant won't be too full. It's raining, so not sure about any outside seating. They predict rain through Friday.


    @Seasick Sailor Thinking of Allen and you today. Prayers for a successful surgery.

    @grapau27 That pizza looks great.

    @dfish Good luck with the x-rays; mine sure showed stuff I wasn't expecting, but I think PT is helping.

    @mamaofami It sounds like you all had a wonderful day yesterday. 

    @smitty34877 I'm glad to hear the DGC and DDIL are feeling better, also Tana and Miss Camilla.

    @HAL4NOW I went to school in Boston and was shocked when I first ordered a milkshake and there was no ice cream in it. I found out if I wanted ice cream I needed to order a frappe.


    Prayers for the care list and cheers for the celebration list.

    Stay safe and wear your mask.



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  18. Good afternoon. Thanks for the Daily.

    An interesting collection of days. Funny quote.

    I like the meal, love mudslides, and the red wine sounds good too.

    I have been to St. Lucia on a Princess cruise (my first ever cruise) but I don't know where we docked.


    It's a rainy day here. I'm just doing some inside tidying up. It's supposed to rain on and off through Thursday.


    @dfish I make a German equivalent of ravioli (maultaschen) and I use wonton wrappers.

    @grapau27 The meal looks great. I feel like I gain weight just looking at your food pictures, lol.

    @JAM37 Safe travels.

    @mamaofami Enjoy the time with your family.

    @Seasick Sailor Prayers for DH's surgery tomorrow.

    @St. Louis Sal Happy to hear your friend went home and I hope he continues to do well.


    Prayers for the care list and cheers for the celebration list.

    Stay safe and wear your mask.


    The Pitons from a catamaran





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  19. 2 hours ago, lazey1 said:

    Our friend Kakalena could use our prayers again. She had some kind of a medical problem and is currently in the hospital for observation and testing.




    Prayers for Kakalena. She's been through so much.


    51 minutes ago, aliaschief said:

    On board, unpacked and welcomed graciously. First thing we noticed since August is no self service in Neptune Lounge. Whether that’s permanent or temporary not sure. Been busy learning how to operate all the switches in Pinnacle.


    Beautiful bouquet to welcome us. Very pretty day in Seattle. 


    Nice flowers, and have a fabulous cruise!

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  20. Good afternoon. Thanks for the Daily.

    Good days. I will try to have some frugal fun. Custodial workers are far too unrecognized for what they do. I have never named my car, although I have friends who do.

    Interesting quote.

    I like the meal, but too many carbs for now. Pass on the drink. Yes to the Australian Red Wine!

    I haven't been to today's port. Thanks for all the pictures.


    Another cold start here, in the mid 40's. It's warmed up to 65, so I will go outside shortly to mow the lawn and do a few other yard chores. It's supposed to rain tomorrow through Wednesday. I think I got the TV rebooting issue fixed, but now I see a burn-in on the screen; I have an extended warranty that might cover it, so I'll look into that next week.


    @rafinmd You've been busy. Congrats on graduating from rehab. I had my garage lights changed to LED and they were flashing. I didn't know until someone told me they saw it through my garage door windows. I have a motion sensor that turns them on and it was old and not compatible with LED, so I had to install a new one. You can't mix types of lights in fixtures either, as you found out.

    @Mr. Boston Safe travels.

    @grapau27 You two look great; and the meal too!

    @dfish Thanks for the recipes. I like Cajun/Creole. I got to eat once at Prudhomme's restaurant while at a convention in NOLA.

    @mamaofami I'm glad things are going well. I'm a devoted Jeopardy watcher.

    @kplady Happy Birthday to DH.

    @Crazy For Cats Yikes on the mice!

    @aliaschief Bon Voyage!

    @cruzn single So sad about your former neighbor. 


    Prayers for the care list and cheers for the celebration list.

    Stay safe, wear your mask and social distance when needed.



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  21. Good morning. Thanks for the Daily. Happy October (my birth month). Rabbit, White Rabbit.

    Good days. Love coffee and drink it daily. A salute to us older folks, although I don't like the term elderly (at what age is that?). Homemade cookies are great, but not making them while trying to lose weight.

    Great quote.

    I'll pass on catfish and wine.  The drink sounds interesting.

    I have not been to today's destination. Hoping to see some pictures.


    Brrrr. It was 46 this AM, but it's warming up nicely. I'm going to relax a bit after lots of appointments this week. Next week it's 4 out of 5 days, then I can slow down a bit.


    @AncientWanderer Prayers for your friend. She is lucky to have your support.

    @aliaschief Safe travels!

    @dfish Great news that your procedure has helped.

    @smitty34877 Sorry to hear DDIL has Covid. I hope her case remains mild.

    @mamaofami I'm glad Sam is settled at home. It will take a while for him to get his endurance back. Oh no on the furnace, but that's stellar service you got.

    @garlictown Sorry your cruise was cancelled.


    Prayers for the care list and cheers to the celebration list. 

    Stay safe and wear your mask.


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