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  1. @kazu Good to hear that your BFF's DH is coming home and that there is family to help out. Feeling a little better. I really felt lousy earlier, with chills, and took my temp which was 100.7F. Not terribly high, but I run low, so even 99 feels abnormal to me. I took some tylenol and my temp is down to 99, making me feel better. I think by tomorrow I should be good.
  2. Good morning. Thanks for the Daily. Good days. I have one 95 year old friend that always wears bow ties. The Pony Express was important in its day. Hugs to all those who have had pets cross the rainbow bridge. Red Wine Day! That's for me! Interesting quote. I like the lower sugar meal and drink. I'd prefer red wine over white, but wouldn't turn this down. I haven't been through the Suez canal. Anticipating pictures. I'm feeling a bit under the weather from my vaccine. Sore arm but just tired, a bit of a headache, achy and cold. The AC came on as it's hot here, and I'm wrapped in a throw. I will just relax today. It's of course completely worth getting it. @grapau27 You're looking very dapper there. @Sharon in AZ Bon Voyage! @JAM37 Praying your DH's cough will settle down so he can get some decent sleep. @AncientWanderer Fingers crossed that DSIL is negative. I think I read 5 days is optimal for testing. @smitty34877 I'm glad to hear Tana is a bit better. Hoping the Pulmonary Rehab helps. I shake my head at healthcare workers not wanting to get vaccinated. When you work in a hospital or in healthcare, there are lots of requirements - yearly TB test, flu shot, continuing education, etc. @mamaofami I hope going higher up the chain gets things settled for you. So sorry about the refrigerator issues! @Cruizer Bill Bon Voyage! Have a great cruise. @TiogaCruiser I hope the weather cooperates with your trip. Stay safe! Prayers for the care list and cheers for the celebration list. Also for those in the path of IDA. Stay safe, wear your mask and social distance if needed.
  3. New post from Captain Albert's Blog https://www.captainalbert.com/26-aug-2021-ms-amsterdam-revisited/
  4. Good afternoon. Thanks for the Daily. Interesting days. It is good to forgive your foes, if possible, and then keep them at a distance if necessary. Just because sounds like what Moms say! George Burns was a character. I'll pass on the meal (fish), but like the bread recipe. I might like the drink, not sure. The wine sounds good but $$. I haven't been to today's destination, although I have been to Portugal. Thanks for the pictures. Prayers for those killed and injured in Kabul. Prayers for our troops there and everywhere. It's hot and humid again. Also thunderstorms most days. I'm just back from my Moderna booster shot. Hopefully not many bothersome side effects. Now I need to re-photograph my card. The news said my county has the highest vaccination percentage in PA, but we're still having about 270 new cases a day. @smitty34877 I shake my head at the mask protestors. I hope Tana gets a good report from the Pulmonary specialist. @rafinmd Interesting on the Churrascaria concept on a ship. @Sharon in AZ Safe travels and have a great cruise. @TiogaCruiser Safe travels and have a good trip. @JAM37 So sorry to hear your DH has been suffering from Covid. Prayers for his recovery and for you as his caregiver. Prayers for the care list and cheers for the celebration list. Stay safe and wear your 😷.
  5. Prayers for you and your family on the loss of your BIL.
  6. Good afternoon. Thanks for the Daily. Good days! I'm all for women's equality. I don't have a dog, but will celebrate them. And we often need to make our own luck. Great quote. I'll pass on the carby casserole and the drinks. I think I'll take Roy's meal. I have not been to today's destination. Thanks for the pictures. Also great to see all the dog pictures. We had big thunderstorms yesterday afternoon, with some minor flooding in areas. My water company called for the 2nd day this morning about work in my area and possibly no water. I scheduled my vaccine booster shot for tomorrow; I'm 5 (almost 6) months out from my 2nd shot, but since I'm considered immunocompromised I'm able to get it now. @dfish Exciting to begin your packing! @aliaschief Glad you arrived in time. The Atlanta airport is always very busy. @JAM37 Welcome to CC and the Daily. There is an app, but I've heard it has a lot of issues. Maybe others can chime in about that. @cat shepard Prayers for your friend. @mamaofami Great news that you found a vaccinated aide for Sam! Sorry you're still going through all that with the insurance. Is there any way to fax or email your copies of your checks from a printer or computer? @ger_77 Oh my on the dollar store hair color, lol. @AncientWanderer You can do it! My last cruise in 2019 I didn't gain any weight, but sadly that was because of medication side effects on my stomach such that I couldn't eat much. @StLouisCruisers Yay. Hoping all is fixed now. How is Tyler? Prayers for the care list and cheers for the celebration list. Stay safe everyone. Wear your mask. We have another 266 new cases in the last 24 hours in our county.
  7. Good afternoon. Thanks for the Daily. Guess I missed the morning CC issues. Great days! I have no one to kiss and make up with. I like banana splits but haven't had one in a long time. Love our National Parks and the NPS. I spent 2015 and 2016 doing big national park tours by car. Profound quote by Wiesel. Not sure about the meal or drink. I like the Prosecco. I haven't been to Talkeetna. although I think the McKinley Explorer train I took from Anchorage to Denali stopped there for passengers. But I didn't get off the train. Thanks for the pictures. Another hot and humid day here. And we have an air quality alert. Well, my MRI results were surprising, at least to me. I have an L4 bulging disc, severe arthritis, some nerve root stenosis, and some mild spinal canal stenosis. Plus degenerative arthritis in the SI joints and hips, and tendonitis and bursitis in the hips! Reading all that it's a wonder I can walk! I may need some anti-inflammatory meds and PT per Rheumatology, but I'm waiting for the Neurologist to chime in. @StLouisCruisers I hope Tyler is doing well. Thanks for the update on Brenda. @smitty34877 Tana's spirit is a great asset in the ordeal of dealing with illness. @mamaofami You have so much on your plate. All those appointments and worrying about the aide situation. @grapau27 A wonderful looking meal, again. Lovely way to celebrate. @garlictown Oh my on the Ivermectin! The news has had to warn people against this as there are misinformed people out there recommending it. It's for animals only! @CM1984 Welcome to the Daily! @Horizon chaser 1957 It's so good DD is now fully vaccinated. Enjoy the remaining time together. @St. Louis Sal Poor Fritz. @durangoscots Sorry to hear about the melanoma, but shallow sounds good. My BFF was a fair redhead in adulthood, and in recent years has had squamous cell lesions, a melanoma, and now a basal cell right near the lower eyelid that will need an excision. Prayers for the care list and cheers for the celebration list. Stay safe and wear your mask. We have gone back to daily county updates now that our numbers are up; 318 new cases in the last 24 hours.
  8. @StLouisCruisers I'm glad surgery went well for Tyler. Continued prayers for a speedy recovery.
  9. Good afternoon. Thanks for the Daily. Interesting days. A salute to iconic restaurants. I saw Vesuvius on my way to Pompeii. Pass on strange music. Funny quote. I like the meal with mushrooms in with the orzo, it would fit my softer food diet for now, but a bit carb laden for me. I'll pass on the drink, but take the wine. I like Roy's meal. I have not been to Indonesia. Thanks for the pictures. Hot here today - 90F. I went out this morning and got the orthodontic wax. I put some on my tooth, but it won't be very durable. I did set up an appointment, but not until Sept 20; I asked to be put on the cancellation list. I got results on the bone survey (due to abnormal immunoglobulins) and it's fine (yay). Awaiting MRI x 2 results. @kazu Your plants and flowers are beautiful. @mamaofami I hope the aide situation gets settled soon. @StLouisCruisers Continued prayers for DGS. @Himself Belated Happy Birthday! @smitty34877 Prayers for Tana. She is fortunate to have such great family support. @cunnorl Great on not needing a root canal. @grapau27 You two eat well! @dfish Unlike you and others, I've been sleeping 7-8 hour daily. @Overhead Fred When I first moved to Pittsburgh in 1978, there were Isaly restaurants all over. Skyscraper cones! Prayers for the care list and cheers for the celebration list. Stay safe, wear your mask, and social distance. We had 273 new cases in the county since yesterday. Vesuvius behind the Temple of Jupiter in Pompeii, from a 1994 trip to Italy.
  10. @DeeniEncinitas Denise - thanks for the information. It's a ceramic onlay (I think bigger than an inlay). I see GUM orthodontic wax in a local drugstore; would that work? I don't think I could try to glue it back in. I'd probably aspirate it! By the way, love the door and gate.
  11. Good afternoon. Thanks for the Daily. All good days. We should always remember the victims of Stalin and H itler (just in case). Interesting Asimov quote. I like the meal, drink and wine. Also Roy's meal is appealing. I haven't been to today's destination. Thanks for the outstanding pictures. Makes me want to visit there! It's going to be hot here all week, but I won't complain seeing the damage and floods others are experiencing. Well, things seem to be happening here. Last night I was eating and felt something hard; my onlay on a molar fell out. It had fallen out in April and my dentist reglued it, telling me if it happened again I'd need a new one made. He retired in July due to health issues. He had recommended 2 dentists, neither of whom are in my Dental plan. The offices I called all have 3-4 week waiting lists or aren't taking new patients. I'm on a cancellation list. I don't have pain, but I'd like to not wait so long. Argh! And my left eye is flaring due to the uveitis. My MRI and x-rays aren't until late afternoon. @Vict0riann Happy Birthday! @StLouisCruisers Prayers for Tyler and his surgeons for his surgery tomorrow. Prayers for the care list and cheers for the celebration list. Please stay safe! We had in our county 701 new cases in the past 72 hours. The majority were in the 25-49 year old range. Wear your mask.
  12. Good afternoon. Thanks for the Daily. Interesting days! I'll try to be an angel today 👼, love the tooth fairy, and hadn't heard of the canine Bean before. Good quote. I like the meal, pass on the drink and I like the wine. The original drink I'd pass on - not a bourbon or gin fan. Also like Roy's meal. I haven't been to today's destination. Thanks for the pictures. I'm late today. First, I somehow slept almost 9 hours! I'm not sure how that happened. Then I wanted to get the lawn mowed and edged before it got too hot out. I have 2 MRI's and a bone survey tomorrow. I have some tingling in my legs so they want to rule out spinal stenosis. @grapau27 Happy Anniversary to you and Pauline! Your meal looks scrumptious. @ger_77 I agree about the boorish people who take calls amidst services, movies, etc. @mamaofami Great on Sam's progress. I hope they do have a vaccinated aide. Glad your area didn't flood. @superoma Happy Birthday to your DH! @Vict0riann Happy Birthday! Prayers for the care list and cheers for the celebration list. Also prayers for those in the path of Henri. Stay safe everyone. Wear your mask and social distance if possible.
  13. @1ANGELCAT So sad. Prayers for Norman's family and friends.
  14. Good morning. Thanks for the Daily. Good days! Honey bees are so important, and I'll celebrate Senior Citizens Day although I'm not sure what age is considered to be a Senior. I don't care for Spumoni. Great quote. I like the meal, love Pina Coladas, and the wine is ok. I like Roy's meal too. I have been to Napier, NZ on my first HAL cruise from Auckland to Sydney. I had a nice dinner out. The staff was masked and people entering the restaurant as well. It was pretty empty at the time, although diners filtered in and it was about 2/3 full when we left. Air circulation was good, so hopefully all is good. @dfish Great "honeybee" picture 🙂 @grapau27 Happy Anniversary tomorrow! @smitty34877 I hope you and your MA family stay safe from Henri. Prayers for the care list and cheers for the celebration list. Stay safe everyone! Some pictures from Napier: Logs at the port ready for shipping Black sand beach Napier is the Art Deco capital of NZ Art Deco Church The Twin City Stompers entertaining View of the Statendam from Bluff Hill Outlook Unique trees and man all leaning on Bluff Hill Waterfall in Centennial Gardens
  15. @rafinmd Sorry for the challenging day. Continence issues are a reason prostate cancer surgery has changed in recent years, and is a reason many men choose other treatment options if available.
  16. Good morning. Thanks for the Daily. All good days. Medical transporters are important. I like lemonade. I mainly listen to the radio in the car. Great quote. I'll pass on fish, as usual. I'll pass on the drink and take the wine. I haven't been to today's destination. It's partly cloudy and not too warm today. I'm going to dinner with 2 vaccinated friends. I'm a little nervous. I think the servers will be masked, better than the last place where I ate a few weeks ago, where they weren't. We're going early, so it shouldn't be crowded. And this weekend there are festivals going on here; I know they're outside, but they're asking just the non-vaccinated to wear masks and I wouldn't trust people to comply. In the last 48 hours, 620 new cases were reported to the County Health Department. @cat shepard I agree that the school situation is a mess! The news has shown school board meetings here where the parents on either side of the mask issue are screaming at each other! Great that your walking is so much better. @Gail & Marty sailing away Happy Birthday Gail! @mamaofami Enjoy DGS's visit. Sorry your aide lost her DF. I wouldn't let anyone in who wasn't vaccinated. @StLouisCruisers Congrats to DD on her teaching skills. @CruiseMGM Safe travels and Bon Voyage! @grapau27 How fun to visit the castle. @Vict0riann Sorry to hear of the loss of your friend. Prayers for the care list and cheers for the celebration list. Stay safe, social distance and wear your mask.
  17. Good afternoon. Thanks for the Daily. All good days. Cheers to aviation, I love potatoes (such a versatile veggie), and consider photography as my hobby (I used to have a full darkroom in pre-digital days). I like the quote. I like frittatas but not with asparagus. I like the drink and wine, although I prefer reds. I haven't been to Halifax. Thanks to all who posted pictures. We got almost 2.5" of rain yesterday, with some local flooding, but not too bad thankfully. Scattered showers for the next 5 days are forecast. @kazu Congrats on getting the cruise transferred successfully. @St. Louis Sal How wonderful for your teacher friend: she sounds very deserving. @aliaschief Welcome back! @ger_77 Many years ago, as my mother was developing dementia, I sat down with her and went through old pictures, trying to get her to identify people. One of my tasks when I first retired was sorting through all photos I could find, cataloging and organizing them in photo storage boxes. @cat shepard Sorry another 2 weeks in the brace, but you want the best outcome, so it has to be that way. Yay on the 40° bend! @rafinmd Good luck with the PET scan. Prayers for the care list and cheers for the celebration list. Stay safe, social distance and wear your mask if needed.
  18. Good morning. Thanks for the Daily. I dislike bad poetry, like daffodils and enjoy pinot noir. Great quote. I've made the IP Mississippi pot roast; it's low carb and easy. I like the drink and wine (I happen to have a bottle open, although it's been a while since I had any wine). I also like Roy's meal. I've been to Uruguay on the SA/Antarctica cruise, but to Montevideo, not to this port. Thanks for the pictures. It's rainy here today, courtesy of tropical depression Fred. We've gotten almost 1" so far. There are flood warnings. So I'll be indoors. I'm still waiting to hear from the study on immunocompromised people and Covid vaccines, so I can give my blood sample and then get the booster. @Mr. Boston So sorry to hear DSIL is gone. Condolences to you and your family. I know it's hard to celebrate, but Happy Birthday. @rafinmd I'm glad you had a restful night, and hoping you feel much better today. @cat shepard I do hope you get rid of the zombie leg! @aliaschief Safe trip home. @Cruising-along Enjoy your DS's visit after all this time. @St. Louis Sal I'm happy to hear your friend is doing better. @CruiseMGM A nice tradition to have that drink on your Mother's birthday. It's seems so tough getting timely test results for travel. Good luck. Prayers for the care list and cheers for the celebration list. Stay safe, social distance and wear your mask.
  19. @rafinmd Sorry you're having a rough time. I agree with using a straw to try to get some fluids in. And rest. Hopefully this is all resolved by morning.
  20. Good afternoon. Thanks for the Daily. Second time trying to post this! Interesting days. I like to browse thrift shops for kitchen items, plus donate to them. Balloon Air Mail - hadn't heard of that. I am a baby boomer. Hmmm on the quote. The meal sounds good, but too many carbs for me. I will pass on the drink, but take the wine. I'm not familiar with today's destination and had to Google it. I haven't been there. Not doing too much today. I made a run to the pharmacy for some meds already. Showers off and on here. We'll get rain from tropical depression Fred tomorrow. @rafinmd Prayers for your Fire Dept VP and the VBS staff member. Any menus you post are appreciated. Good luck with the root canal. @Sharon in AZ I'm hoping your DM's radiation goes well. @jimgev I am a retired healthcare worker, and agree wholeheartedly. Thank you to your wife. I also fear that people needing non-Covid ICU/ER treatment won't be able to be accommodated. Luckily, we still have 25% of ICU beds open, although other states are trying to send patients here. @ger_77 Wow on that sky from the smoke. I hope your friends stay safe. @lindaler So sorry for the loss of your beloved 4-legged companion. @StLouisCruisers So sorry about Brenda's brother. I am glad to hear that she is doing better. @Norseh2o Definitely I'll pray for your nephew Wil and thank him for his service. I have a friend in Germany who went to Afghanistan twice in the military and I'm hoping he does not have to go again. Prayers for the care list and cheers for the celebration list. Stay safe, social distance, and wear your mask!
  21. Lots of problems. I try to see new posts and get an error message.
  22. I'm getting all kinds of strange things trying to read on this board, including site not available. I just cleared my cache and it seems to be working. I'm hoping this doesn't post multiple times! @St. Louis Sal Sorry to hear about your friend with the liver transplant. So sad to not be able to have visitors.
  23. Good morning. Thanks for the Daily. Good days. I'm not a joke teller, I love roller coasters (Kennywood Park has some vintage ones), and true love forever is great if you can find it. Interesting quote. I'll skip the meal due to the peas and raisins. Love Mai Tai's and most any Chateau Ste Michelle wine. I haven't been to today's destination. Thanks to those posting pictures. It's kind of gloomy here. Rain off and on all week. @kazu Hoping your friend's DH improves and strengthens enough to get out of the hospital by the end of the month. It sounds like she may need some home aides to help out when he gets home. @grapau27 Lovely picture of you two, then and now. @dfish Safe travel home. @smitty34877 Glad to hear Tana is making some progress. @aliaschief It sounds like you're enjoying Seattle. Prayers for the care list and cheers for the celebration list. Stay safe, social distance and wear your mask.
  24. Ugh. My post just went poof! Trying again. Good afternoon. Thanks for the Daily. Good days. I will relax now that the lawn is mowed. I admire good leathercraft and picked up a belt at a local art fest. The quote is sometimes true. Not sure about the meal or drink, but I'll take the wine. I have been to today's destination on my SA & Antarctica cruise on the Zaandam in 2018. Today is my weigh in day for WW online. Down 15 lbs since I started on June 6th! Yay! @StLouisCruisers Wow, long power outage. Mine was 30 hours and I had to toss most of the fridge contents. Luckily the freezer and chest freezer were ok. So sorry to hear about Copeland; my condolences. And oh no about Brenda's brother. I can't understand the people who think Covid isn't more than the flu, when people are dying! @Horizon chaser 1957 I'm glad to hear the air quality is so much better. Prayers for the care list and the people of Haiti after the earthquake. Cheers for the celebration list. Stay safe, social distance and wear your mask. Cruising the Chilean fjords. Ship Captain Leonidas, grounded 1963, Messier Channel Cruising to El Brujo glacier El Brujo glacier Hulk of SS Santa Leonor, wrecked 1968, Smyth Channel Sarniento Channel
  25. Good afternoon. Thanks for the Daily. Wow, lots of days being celebrated. I like the quote. I'll have to file away the meal for the future when more carbs are allowed. I like the drink and wine also. I haven't been to today's destination. Appreciate pictures from those who have. We've finally cooled down with less humidity. I may make some blueberry muffins, now that it's not too hot to turn on the oven! I'll have to mow the lawn tomorrow, before we get rain next week from Fred. I heard from the study on Covid vaccinations in immunocompromised people, asking if I'd give another blood sample. They said they'd understand if someone wanted to get a booster first rather than participate. They only asked 15 people, and since I'm not sure how to get or if I'd qualify for a booster, I said yes. I'll get particulars next week. @dfish Enjoy the picnic. SMH on the nephew. @grapau27 Wonderful pictures, making us want to visit there too. @smitty34877 Thanks for sharing a picture of lovely Miss Camilla! Prayers for Tana. @msmayor I have an Instant Pot and I think it's worth having. Stay safe on your trip! @Heartgrove Kudos for adopting rescues. @highscar I have the 6qt IP and it's just me. But I like to make soups/stews, etc and freeze some. @Mr. Boston Prayers for DSIL for a pain free journey. @Cruising-along Enjoy the time with family. @aliaschief I'm glad you had a great cruise. Enjoy Seattle. Prayers for the care list and cheers for the celebration list. Stay safe everyone. Social distance and wear your mask if needed.
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